Friday, July 31, 2009

Ceramic Village In Korea!!

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Hi all of my friends there,
Ceramic Village is a place that you must visit if you come to Korea. A place that you shouldn't miss!!

The name of the place is Gyeryeongsan Ceramics Village
The village is located in a narrow valley between Yuseong in Daejeon and Gongju. The valley is heavy with trees and has a small creek that runs from the mountains to the highway. The mountain towers over the valley with craggy walls rising steeply toward the sky.

Turn left off provincial highway 32 at the set first set of traffic lights coming from Daejeon after the turn off to Donghaksa, about 1km. Look for a sign that points toward Sangsin-ri and head 3km into the valley. As you come to the end of the valley, keep to the right and follow the stream past Seong-bul Hermitage (성불암).
This is the way go to the Ceramic village.

In the ceramic village, there are a lot of flowers and trees make us feel so relax.
I like the country side environment.

We really in the country side.. really nice to look around..

All of the pictures that show above are the products that they have made.. all of it so beautiful and also artistic!!

And these are the rings that made from ceramic.. amazing, right? haha

Here are some of my ASEAN friends, we took pictures together.. ^^

Do you see the bicycle on the roof of the building? This is the building that we going to enter and to make and design our own pottery inside.. Interesting!!

And we took some pictures inside the building.. we all are photoholic!! ^^

This is the place that we going to shape our pottery with two of the spinning tools.

Before we start, two of the teachers in the ceramic village do some demostration before we start to do by our-self!! haha exciting!!

Then again took a picture with others ASEAN and chinese firends.. ; )

My Loas friend, Tick made a bird.. really nice.

This is my pottery making video, haha, not skillful enough to make a good one..
But Nice experienced!! ; )

The pottery that i pointing is mine product, and got my name on the surface of the pottery!! The pottery Looking good!! ; )

The entrance of the building, me and indonesian Chinese friend..

He is the manager of this Ceramic Village!! Nice looking guy!! ; )

Me with pottery maker, they look like brother. Maybe they are brother. ; )

Actually this visit participated by 20 ASEAN students, Chinese students and Japanese students. All of us make and design a pottery our-self. Really a nice experienced for all of us!! This is the picture with all of the students, officers and the pottery makers.. ; )

I took this from the bus, they waving to us when we leave the Ceramic village..

Hope able i come here to make it again for SOMEONE THAT SO SPECIAL!! ; )

As for more information regarding the ceramic village in Korea, you all can make some comments to ask me.
Feel free to leave some comments. ; ) ^_^ ; )

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  1. hohoho~i tot it wil b hard to produce...who know urs 1 look so nice, make me feel that isn't too hard..XD
    by the way that is such a good experience...hoho~found that 1 "SPECIAL" d???kekeke~congratulation~^^

  2. vryhong~~...yo the ring so cool...wah ur 1 vry nice la...act hard o easy to do oh? make potteries for each 1 of us la..hehe..jk la...cnt ask u do so. cuz u oni make for ur SPECIAL 1..our thesis title finally cum out dis monday lol.i m under faisal rafiq de.ah boon kseng yew yew same lec wif me..
    alan ps cdlim n bchuan sandra under chow chee onn.
    ck liong hy cch n ah chai under 1 new lec--andy low..but heard he is going to leave edu field..
    ploong shihan qian mting under faisal ismail(teach us electronic physic de ah).
    weiyun under wasiif n pw under dr wan. i thk u duno dem.i oso noe den wen the thesis presentation by lec.
    n yausen couple wif sze chuan under rosli omar(peranti elec).
    my 1 is abt face recognition.mean i hv to develop a software dat ppl can search some1's photo by their name.den the softwawre ll find the photo wic it recognite dat correspon to the name n extrax out.i duno i can do it anot la..but i l try..cuz i quite interested..i hv to use c# to program.
    the coming monday ll b the tele 1st der plan at mcd but duno y yesterday sudden change to new paris..haha..but not big deal la cuz we no need to pay oso ma..haha..
    btw dis coming sunday n monday are sandra n cdlim bday respectivly..haih we stil not sure how to cele wif dem gor..hehe..
    hey we here many ppl get sick.. n some of the Uni lik UUM n USM engine campus d shut down temp due to h1n1..u der got affected ma?i oso get sore throat few day ago..the weather is vry hot...
    anyway take care oh...bye

  3. 欣:
    It is a little bit hard to make a simple one, but it is hard to make a quality and best one!! hehe ; )

    I'm still wondering when i can find my special one..?? hehe

  4. WOW!! really thx for updated me, keep me update always!! ; )

    look like you all really on to the serious things. And your thesis really interesting!! I learning C# now... keep it up man!! you can do it.. as long as you interested in it.. everything will be fine.

    Wish them Happy birthday!! Muazzzz!! Maybe just celebrate in house and make them wet!! so, they wouldnt forgot that moment!! eheh!!
    sorry CDlim and sandra!! hehe
    Am i need to pay for next tele party? ? hehe

    Yeah!! i heard about it, it is quite serious in Malaysia, H1N1!!
    But in Korea rarely hear about It.

    Really glad to hear from you! Hope to hear from you more soon!! hehe ; )

  5. hey! looks like that was lots of fun!
    but... you didn't really make that one well, pottery maker helped you a lot... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^^, but now I want to try too! I bet it's not easy.
    btw, you didn't say, where is ceramic village? like, what city or what province?

  6. Hi F-Luc,
    I just update this post.
    The place name and the way to go there updated, it is in 공주.

    Ya, you must go there.. it is really interesting to make and design your own pottery.. ; )

  7. wow yih liang, ur pottery skill sure not bad huh?look so define with the shape n everything..can sell d la..haha..looks like vryhong's comments were always the longest..haha.

  8. hha wy except comment i oso updated him ours thg ma..haha...~~vryhong

  9. Hhahaha...
    Wei yun next time you write more than very hong... haha..

  10. errrkkk.... yihliang ur pottery meh?? hahaha~~

  11. Hi Cdlim..

    wakakaka!! Thats mine... now is in my hometown!! ; D if you take a visit, I show you ; )