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Hi, I am Lex. Since the relaunch of LeX Paradise in March 2010, my travel contents spread all over the world with the power of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. With the active involvement in the communities of Lonely Planet Featured Bloggers and Global Blogger Network, it boost the readership of my travel contents as well as improvement of creating travel content.

Please kindly browsing through the stats and facts of LeX Paradise.

Stats and facts of LeX Paradise (2013)
  • Google Page rank: 3
  • Monthly Pageviews: 16,000+
  • Audience: The LeX Paradise content is read in more than 160 countries. 80% of LeX Paradise audience are from USA, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, The Philippines, Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and Indonesia.
  • LeX Paradise won the top 30 Visit Korea Blog Award organized by Korea Tourism Organization
  • LeX Paradise featured in Lonely Planet BlogSherpa program
  • LeX Paradise featured in the E-Book of "Around the world 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers"
  • LeX Paradise has collaborated with the world best low-cost airline, AirAsia.
Social Media Channels
  • Twitter Follower: 1100+
  • Facebook Fans: 2300+
  • Google+ Followers: 500+
Readership and online influence continue to grow, making LeX Paradise a great advertising opportunity for travel-related businesses. A variety of advertising options are offered:  
  • Banners - various sizes are accepted
  • Sponsorship - become a sponsor of any upcoming posts
  • Guest posts - sponsored guest posts are accepted subject to editorial guidelines
  • Product Review - sponsored product reviews are accepted subject to editorial conditions
  • Features - place your brand on regular LeX Paradise posts
Plan to travel to one of the LeX Paradise destination and need help? LeX Paradise also offered:

  • Tour Package - fun and memorable tour itinerary 
  • Tour Guide - a convenient way to travel without worry 

Should you be interested in any of the services, if you have a business or sponsorship proposal, or if you are interested in advertising possibilities, please get in touch with me via email alextyl[@]gmail[dot]com .


  1. Hi! I'm yanti! Lex has been a big help to me especially on my 1st trip to seoul! You can trust him from A to Z ��
    And my trip was a splendid!

  2. Hi, I'm going Busan in mid September. May I know what weather around that time? It is still summer or autumn?

    1. It will be at the beginning of Autumn and it can be cold as it will be in the transition of season from summer to Autumn. At least jumpers could keep you warm.