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Sunday, November 23, 2014

6 Facts to Stay in Korean Guesthouse at Sinchon, Seoul

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Travel is not complete without a snug accommodation. My favorite accommodation or stay in Sinchon, Seoul is Cozybox guesthouse! It is a perfect spot to unwind yourself while watching Korean dramas in the room after a whole day of traveling. Around the guesthouse, you could easily fall in love with endless amazing coffee shops or cafes, mouth-watering Korean barbeque restaurants, vibrant clubs or bars, karaoke singing rooms and a shopping Sinchon street which is always crowded with people. Let me tell you why Cozybox guesthouse is my favorite choice of stay in Sinchon, Seoul? 
Cozybox Guesthouse, Sinchon

Language Barrier Free

The guesthouse is installed with a direct translation screen connected to a desktop as to enhance communication for the guests who cannot speak English and provide some useful information such as weather, Sinchon Seoul travel tips, Korean food and restaurant recommendations. If you have problem to convey a message, do not hesitate to use the translation screen!
The Cozybox Guesthouse, Sinchon

Strategic Location

It is only a 5~10 minutes’ walk from the subway station, and the subway is connected to almost every corner of Seoul. Along the way to guesthouse, you could catch a sight of various Korean restaurants and Korean cafes that will make you hungry and thirsty for a drink! 

Competitive Price

Competitive price with extra comfort and additional services such as free Korean snacks and drinks, basic Korean language flashcard, international calls, laptop usage, and Korean breakfast are available.
Happy guest with snacks & gifts

Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast box is provided to every guest from 7am to 11am. If you wake up late or do not feel motivated to cook, you definitely do not want to miss this! 

Free Printing

Don’t be panic if you forget to print or fax documents. You can complete your job and print your essential documents or flight itinerary with the help of friendly guesthouse staff. 

Clean & Well Equipped

The guesthouse is brand-new that equipped with simple but harmonic interior, which allows you to enjoy the moment with your beloved ones. Fluffy soft bed and pillow will promise you a sound sleep and feel regenerate for the next day. The presence of spacious closet for guest to hang their shopping clothes or place their hand-carry luggage in the cupboard will be helpful. LED TV allows guests to listen to their favorite K-pop (Korean Pop) songs and watch movies through the channels after coming back from a long walk. It is an ideal Korean vacation that every guest deserves to enjoy! The type of rooms ranges from a single room to 4 persons room, including the sofa-type bed.

The Cozy Room, Sinchon
Room amenities include LED TV, room storage, shoe cupboard, slipper, shower supplies, towels, air con, flood heater, fridge, hair dryer, and so on. 

Cozybox Guesthouse stay in Sinchon, Seoul will make sure that you will have a wonderful stay. “Guest’s comfort is the priority of guesthouse”. If you have inquiries or are interested to make a reservation, we are happy to help and make your Korean trip comfortable.  

The Cozybox Guesthouse Building, Sinchon
Start to plan for this vacation now! If you are planning to visit Seoul, Korea, please do not miss 10 places must-visit in Seoul. If it is for winter vacation, you may consider giving winter sports a try! Do miss one of the 5 places must-go for ski and winter sports in South Korea