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Friday, January 14, 2011

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Korea winter will end soon and spring is coming soon! let's enjoy the winter and anticipating the spring! Since last month LeX Paradise is feature in Buzz Korea, "For the Tired and Weary traveller: The South Korean Jim-jil-bang" is selected as the one of the best post in the Buzz Korea site. If you yet to read the post, please kindly take a look and vote for it in Buzz Korea site. In the mean time, LeX Paradise also supporting Buzz Korea Campaign.

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Hope you enjoy! Happy 2011!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For the Tired and Weary traveller: The South Korean Jim-jil-bang

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Is selected as one of the best content in Buzz Korea website, please kindly vote for LeX Paradise.

When travelling anywhere abroad, many travellers look to stuff their itinerary with as many sightseeing activities as possible.  Events, festivals, attractions, and local food stands out as a focus among many travellers, with relaxation often overlooked entirely.  While it is easy to adhere to a schedule and get quite a bit done, when things don’t go as planned, tensions run high, and bodies get tired, it can be difficult to adhere to this schedule comfortably.  For the tired and weary traveller, the South Korean Jim-jil-bang is an excellent stop to relax before heading to sleep.

What is a Jim-jil-bang?

Jim-jil bang
First and foremost, it is important to understand that Jim-jil-bang refers to a specific type of facility, rather than a single attraction.  A Jim-jil-bang is a large, gender-segregated South Korean public bathhouse.  These locations come complete with showers, hot tubs, Finnish-style saunas, as well as massage tables in certain locations.  In most locations, the Jim-jil-bang refers to this specific room (or “bang” in Korean), with several other rooms attached.  These areas typically have snack bars, ondol-heated floor, lounges for relaxation or sleeping, as well as other rooms for either viewing movies, playing games (known as a PC Bang or PC room), and karaoke rooms called Noraebang.  These locations are typically open 24 hours, and offer a relaxing experience, as well an inexpensive alternative to traditional hotel rooms.

Selecting a Jim-jil-bang

While many of these facilities offer similar services, they are not entirely alike.  Many focus on similar aspects, but offer different food and drink menus, different bathing facilities, and may have other rooms omitted entirely.  When selecting a Jim-jil-bang, it’s important for travellers to consider which features are most important to them, as well as what locations are close to the next day’s destination.

The Key to a Relaxing Stay :) 

Jim-jil bang
While it is safe to say that few travellers visit South Korea specifically to spend time at a Jim-jil-bang, along with excellent planning, a Jim-jil-bang can make any trip much more enjoyable and relaxing.  While there’s no need to book a stay at a Jim-jil-bang in advance, it’s still an excellent idea to plan your other travel activities well in advance.

Those interested in a more complete, more customized trip to South Korea, such as travellers searching for Asia honeymoons, should make sure that they research the area carefully and choose well known travel agents specialising in Asia Tours.  Be sure to specifically mention Jim-jil-bangs as your preferred lodging method, and their agents will be sure to find a good match.

All in all, picking your flight and planning your trip well may be frustrating at first, but preparation truly is the key to a relaxing trip for those who fly to South Korea.  Combine planning with a relaxing evening at a Jim-jil-bang, and no traveller can go wrong. So, do not miss Jim-jil-bang in your South Korea trip and include it in your travel list.

Please feel free to leave any your thought here! Thanks! :)