Places to stay in Korea

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  1. Very interesting and informative website. Thank you Lex Paradise for answering my queries quick and arranging my accommodation booking in Seoul efficiently! :D

  2. Hi Lex, thanks for all your suggestions and advice.. It really helps a lot in our planning especially first time to Korea. Very detail info and you really knows Korea well, great job!
    Solve most of our puzzle... Big thanks and keep up the goob job!

  3. Just dropping by to say that LeX has made my life easier by providing very helpful information regarding my upcoming vacation to Korea. Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Lex, sorry for posting this quite late.
    I had a good time in Seoul thanks to your guidance and tips along the way. Loving the foliage, the people and the city. Thank you thank you thank you for always be prompt and providing all the infos I needed even it sounds bimbotic sometimes.
    Keep up the good work. :)

  5. We really2 enjoy staying in the guesthouse that you recommended! We love it. We are missing Korea already!

    Thanks to LeX paradise!

  6. Lex has made my planning so much easier as he gives adequate information on places to visit and places to stay. Thank you so much for your prompt reply and helping me through every issue that I have! Lex is really knowledgeable about Korea and not forgetting that he is extremely friendly so feel free to e-mail him if you have any inquiry! Looking forward to my upcoming trip!
    Thank you very much! Really appreciate your help :)

  7. Hi Lex,

    Thank you so very much for clearing my doubts in preparation for my travel to Busan in June. You're very prompt with your reply and detailed too.

    I had a great time there and spent a few days in Gyeongju too. I LOVE Gyeongju and the hikes that come with it.

    I'm already thinking of the next trip there again to cover Jeju as well. :)

    And I sure know who I can trust to source for info. D

    Keep up your excellent work and a BIG THANK YOU for all the help!



  8. Hi Lex,

    My sister and I have a great time while in Busan and Seoul. Thanks to your prompt reply, we able to explore and enjoy the trip without much hassle.

    Glad that i found your excellent and informative blog before our trip and will look forward for next trip, next year.

    So, will look forward for more update from you soon!!