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10 places must visit in Seoul, Korea

10 Places Must-Visit in Seoul, South Korea

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Friday, August 19, 2011

10 Korea Festivals must-visit in Fall Session

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After a hot steaming summer, autumn is on its way. The floras started to shrink back to its buds, some of the flowers may start to wilt and fall drop to prepare the coming of cold season. The tree of the leaves will start to turn into maple leaves where various attractive colours such yellow, orange, red maple leaves can be seen everywhere in Korea. So, what can you do if you want to visit Korea in this refreshing fall season? Here I will suggest " 10 Traditional Korea Festivals must-visit in Fall Session " that you should not miss before winter. 

1. Icheon Ceramic Festival
Estimated period: 24 Sept ~ 23Oct
Ceramic Festival
Are you trying to find a place where you could boast your hand-made skill? At Icheon Ceramic Festival, you can make either a pot or a ceramic stuff under the guild of ceramic maker’s teachers and be able to understand the traditional process on making a pottery. In Korea, there are around or more than 100 different kinds of ceramic ‘makkeolli’ (rice wine) cups. Many of them are available for purchase during the festival. For Korean, different types of cups are used for different type of drinks since every kind of drinks has its own unique taste as the cups’ feature has its own shape. Besides knowing how to do a ceramic, there are also numerous traditional Korean dance performances will be held during the period of the festival. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Look at those simple and elegant ceramics! Don’t you believe you can also make one for yourself?

2. Yangyang Songi Festival (Korea Mushroom Festival)
Estimated period: 29 Sept ~ 03 Oct

Do you like mushroom? If you say yes, then you should not miss Yangyang Songi Mushroom Festival. This is a quite well-known mushroom festival where you can see those luxury pine mushroom in Korea. Pine mushroom in Korea is also known as a golden mushroom or diamond in the woods as they are indeed expensive. One kilogram of Songi mushroom costs around 200,000 Korean won. Wow, the price is amazing! But during this traditional festival, you are given the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature while picking up some expensive mushroom. When you walk along the forest, you could simply pick up the Songi pine mushroom as much as you wish. But with a condition, you must know the method of how to pick up those pricey mushrooms. Moreover, you can satisfy your appetite with several mushroom dishes prepared, just especially for you!

3. Andong Mask Dance Festival
Estimated period: 30 Sept ~ 09 Oct
Mask Dance Festival
Trying to run from the big city? Hanok Village should be one of your destinations. Besides watching Korea’s traditional mask dance, there are also traditional mask dance competitions for those who are confident to bet other peers. In addition, people who interested in Korea’s traditional mask dances, you can enrol yourself in mask dance lessons and learn the dance easily. Of course, the scenery of Hanok Village is awesome. You can see lush green yellowish rice paddies and mountains while strolling along the paths in the Hanok Village. Hanok Village also a wonderful place you can view the spectacular sunset while enjoying the melody of flowing stream. At night, you will have the chance to watch the Traditional Korean fireworks and you will be able to see people “dancing below the fire”. Tourists usually won’t miss the fireworks since the darkness will be lightening up by the sparkling firework. Don’t worry where you will stay as Hanok Village provides severe guest houses or you can just simply ask the house’s owner to stay there. Feel the spark and feel the dynamic of Korea by visiting Hanok Village, the Andong Mask Dance Festival.

4. Jinju Namgang Yudeung (Lantern) Festival 
Estimated period: 01 ~ 12 October

The celebration of Jinju Namgang Yudeung Lantern Festival is the remembrance for those soldiers who’ve sacrificed themselves in Jinjuseong Battle against Japanese forces and to stimulate the growing of tourism attractions in the Jinju city. After sunset, the landscape is the most attracting and stunning as there are countless of lanterns either Korean traditional lanterns or lanterns from other countries can be seen along the river. The colourful lanterns flowing along the river lighten up the monotonous night. Namgang River during the festival, your dream can be realized easily. So, don’t miss a chance to make your dream comes true by writing a wish on the lantern and let it flow away freely. Enjoy the peace and make every of your dream comes true!

5. Yeongdong Nan-Gye Korean Traditional Music Festival 
Estimated period: 07 ~ 10 October
Korean Traditional Dance
Koreans are being famous for preserving their cultures and traditional music very well. So, they celebrate this festival in September every year as the honour of the great achievements of the musician Nangye. Beside that, Yeongdong is the birthplace of one of the three fathers’ traditional Korean music, Park Yeon. Nangye is another name for Park Yeon. This is why the festival is named as ‘Yeongdong Nan-Gye Korean Traditional Music Festival’. At there, you can enjoy different Korean traditional music performances and learn how to make a Korean traditional instrument by using ceramic or wood. After you made the instrument, there are musicians or instrumentalists teach you how to play with the Korean traditional instrument you have made. Other activities such as Nangye traditional music orchestra, Korean traditional three-verse poem contest, music parade, fusion percussion performance will be held throughout the festival. Let’s feel the rhythms of Korean traditional music with your heart.

6. Gyeongju Traditional Drink & Rice Cake Festival
Estimated period: 08 ~ 13 October
Rice Cake Festival
In Korea, traditional drink and rice cake are traditionally used to deliver happiness to guest or neighbours when the happy events such as first birthday of their child or a wedding. Korean family usually distribute a small bowl of rice cake to their neighbours to share their happiness as their child grows up healthy. By joining Gyeongju Traditional Drink & Rice Cake Festival, you have the opportunities to make your own rice cakes with different ingredients as you wish. You can make it for your family after learning the methods to make a delectable Korean traditional rice cakes. Besides making the Korean traditional rice cakes, this festival also offers you to taste many kinds of Korean drinks such as wine and liquors. Please control your eagerness to try everything, because you might get drunk if you drink too much.

7. Gwangju World Kimchi Culture Festival
Estimated period: 15~ 19 October
World Kimchi Festival
For visitors who were been in Korea for a few times, you should know ‘Kimchi’. Kimchi is a healthy and delicious side dish for in Korea. It is done by fermenting the Korean cabbage for a long period of time. Kimchi tastes more scrumptious and strong if being fermented for a longer time. During the festival, many international visitors are enthusiastic to learn the method to make a delicious Kimchi. Thus, started from 2009, Gwangju World Kimchi Culture Festival also offers variety of fascinating activities such as Kimchi making experience. Moreover, you can also visit the Kimchi Exhibition Hall and Kimchi Industry Fair where you can take a look on how the other kinds of Kimchi and the process of making Kimchi as well. Furthermore, several traditional dance or traditional music performances may be held during the festival. If you know how to make Kimchi, does your Kimchi taste better than any other Kimchi have you tried before?

8. Asia Song Festival
Estimated period: October
2011 Asia Song Festival
Don’t you want to meet the eminent artists from Korea and Japan like Rain, KARA and AKB48? Can you resist Rain’s sexy body with 6 packs muscles, beauty of KARA team members, and the charms given by cutie Japanese girls, AKB48? Are you sure that you want to miss those singers’ concert? Besides Rain, KARA and AKB48 for 2011 Asia Song Festival, they are able to invite other special guests such as 2AM (Korea), Jane Zhang (China), Joe Cheng (Taiwan), FILM (Thailand) and Michael Wong (Malaysia). Their angel-like voice and dances will cause the fire to burn wildly. At the Festival, you can find some crazy fans whose love the same singers with you and you can scream along with other fans or sing along with your favourite artists. I promise you can’t sleep on that night and keep on shouting “Don’t stop the Music”!

9. Jeonju Bibimbap Festival
Estimated period: 20 ~ 23 October
BiBimBap Mix Rice
Have you heard about Jeonju Bibimbap? When everyone thinks about Jeonju, everyone think about BiBimbap. Bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish which contains rice, egg and different sorts of vegetables mix together with Korean spicy sauce. Just even by looking on the picture, I think your mouth already started drooling! Korean people indeed care about the appearance of themselves but also the food! You can see many people feel sad if their Bibimbap doesn’t look as attractive as the picture above. Alright, this is not the problem! Anyway, I can say that the Bibimbap is really delicious and has its unique taste. During Jeonju Bibimbap Festival, you are given a chance to make your own BiBimbap with the traditional ingredients provided. Perhaps you are not satisfying with the Bibimbap you’ve made, you can go to the restaurants nearby to taste the real vegetable mix rice. Delicious traditional Bibimbap is waiting for your arrival. So, what are you waiting for?

10. Geumsan Insam (Ginseng) Festival
Estimated period: 21 ~ 30 October
Korean Ginseng
Everyone knows Korea is well-known for its Ginseng since Korea produces abundant of Ginseng and it is much cheaper to buy in Korea as well. Through the Geumsan Insam Festival, you can learn how to harvest and cut the ginseng by using the proper ways. Besides, there are also other fascinating activities such as herb exhibition, Geumsan folk performances, Ginseng cooking contest, and so on. It’s said that Geumsan region has the best ginseng quality in the whole Korea. Tourists always remember to purchase some ginseng for their parents or grandparents as a gift as ginseng itself is good for health and body. Looking for a high quality of ginseng? Then, you should come to Geumsan Insam Festival!

Location of  10 Korea festivals Must-Visit in Fall Session

You want to have fun, get some amusing experience and understand the traditional cultures of Korea? Take part in several traditional festivals is the fastest and the most interesting way compared to other ways in order to know about Korea. Please remember to bring your camera with full battery charged to get it enough to retain all those beautiful pictures and let the pictures remain as memories in your soul. So, let’s eat, play and experience by joining 10 traditional Korea Festivals must-visit in Fall Session!

Feel free to leave comments.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Koreans Living in Canada Travelling Back Home

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I have many Korean friends around me. I remember one of my Korean friends actually went to Ontario, in Canada to learn English and spend some good times there. Suddenly, this incident drives some of my interest on how many Koreans are actually living in Canada. I started wondering about Koreans living in Canada and whether or not many of them travel home back to Korea. So, now I am going to share a little about Koreans in Canada.

In fact, Canada has the 4th largest population of Koreans in a Foreign Country in the world. China is in the 1st followed by US and Japan then Canada. Almost 300,000 Koreans currently live in Canada. I think this is a very interesting fact. For China, it is so true because China own the largest population in the world, while US are the most Foreign nation in the world, and Japan is nearest to Korea. However, how about Canada? 

Well actually, the largest number of Koreans in Canada is mainly due to the period when the weakness of the Canadian dollar relative to the US dollar helped Koreans migrant and save more in exchange rate. South Korea supplies the largest number of international students to Canada as well as Canada government granted VISA waiver for Korean Visitor. Since then the population of Korean in Canada boosted up. These are some pretty interesting facts.

I have another question! Do they really miss Korea? Do they ever miss their parent or friends in Korea? OH YES, they like anyone else that will think about their parents, friends and homeland. Even my Korean friends that live in Canada will back to Korea once or two annually. They often book flights or vacation packages back to Korea as they miss their parents, friends, Seoul, Traditional Culture, Korean Entertainment, festivals, Jim-Jil-Bang, Korean food and for family reunions as well! Koreans are really patriotic and love coming back to visit their country!

What I really wish is that all the Koreans living in Canada, China, US or any other countries, they could have chance to go back to their homeland. I believe most of their parents and friends really miss them!

This is the sharing of my thoughts; I hope you get to know about it.

Thank you. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

10 Places Must-Visit in Seoul, South Korea

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There are many types of travel, Business Travel, Vacation Travel, Honeymoon Travel, Conference Travel, world travel and Full time Travel. Somehow, not all types of travel have very much time to visit every single corner of the city or town. So, today I am going to share with you that " 10 Places Must-Visit in Seoul, South Korea " where you can to pack this 10 places to your desired time as you wish. 10 places that you must-visit in the ‘Soul of Asia’ with limited period. These 10 places cover sightseeing, shopping, enjoy nightlife, learn the cultures and history of Korean and try different kinds of delectable dishes and drinks. Make out of this information and plan a short trip to Korea!

1. Seoul Tower
Seoul tower / Namsan Tower
Seoul Tower is the best place to enjoy night view. You can either take bus, cable car or by walking to get to the bottom of Seoul Tower. Among three of them, I recommend the cable car since you can take a lot of cool photos while sitting in the cable car and enjoy the night scene of Seoul city. There are usually a lot of couples who visit Seoul Tower during night time to enjoy a romantic and peaceful night. In order to avoid the crowd of people, you can visit at daytime, but the night view at the Seoul Tower is the best. At the top of the tower, there is a Digital Observatory, a high-powered telescope, which provide you a 360° of view of Seoul by just putting 500won one time. Besides, you can take a glance of mesmerizing Seoul city by looking out through the windows.
Love Lockers
Have you heard “Locks of Love”?  Locks of love in Seoul Tower symbolize the everlasting love between the lover’s promise that they will never separate. Besides locks, there is another attraction for couples at Seoul Tower are “Love Message Tile” corner for you to write the message or stick a photo with your lover on the tile and then stick it in the provided corner which located on the first floor of the tower. 

Recommended stay near Seoul Tower: Agrina Guesthouse & Vestin Residence

2. Hongdae
The Street of Art, Hongdae, Seoul
The streets of Hongik University are the place where you can experience the energy of the Korea youthful nightlife. It’s a perfect place for those who love dancing and the arts. At there, you can watch rock concerts, drink in the live music bars, and immerse yourself in jazz and dance clubs until dawn. This area is also full of arty boutiques, galleries, studios, craft shops and accessories shops.

HongDae Clubs, Seoul
Every last Friday of each month is “Club Day”. So, high-spirited clubbers can visit many different clubs in the area with just a single purchased ticket. Hongik streets not only the places for young people to express their passion in the rhythm of music and dance, but it also famous for its artwork. They call this area as “Streets of Art” and this has made the Hongdae area as Seoul’s No.1 art district. Moreover, you must not miss Hongdae shopping, hunting for the latest trend of Korean style if you love Korean fashion.

Recommended stay near Hongdae: Closest Hostel & Family and Friends House

3. Gyeongbok Palace
GyeongBok Palace, Seoul, Korea
There are five main palaces mainly located in Seoul: Gyeongbok Palace, Changgyeong Palace, Changdeok Palace, Doksu Palace, and Kyonghi Palace. These palaces are also known as “Five Grand Palaces” built by the Joseon Dynasty. Among Five Grand Palaces in Seoul, Gyeongbok Palace is the largest and the most well-known royal palace which have been undergoing reconstructed to return to its original number of the palaces due to the destruction by the Japanese government in the early 20th century. The name of the Gyeongbok palace is believed to have the meaning “Palace of Shining Happiness.” in English.

Hexagonal Pavilion, Gyeongbok palace, Seoul
In the northern part of the Gyeongbok Palace, you can see Hyangwonjeong, an attractive hexagonal pavilion surrounded by a lotus pond, trees, and flowers. The name of the Hyangwonjeong has the meaning the Pavilion of Far-Reaching Fragrance” while the bridge across the pond was named as Chwihyanggyo, means "Bridge intoxicated with the fragrance." It’s a stunning place where you can enjoy the serene and the beauty of nature at the same time.

Recommended stay near Gyeongbok Palace: Insa Hostel

4. CoeX Mall
CoeX Mall, Seoul
COEX Mall is known as the biggest underground shopping mall in Asia. COEX Mall not only offers you various local brands of Korean fashion, but also includes national brands such as ZARA and NIKE as well. COEX itself is also renowned for its restaurants, Megabox, Aquarium, Kimchi Museum, Millennium Plaza, Event Court and so forth. Besides shopping, you can watch movies in the Megabox, which consists of the 16 movie theatres with the outstanding interior designs.
CoeX Aquarium, Seoul
And for those people who like marine life, you can visit the “Ocean Theme Park” in the COEX Mall with 40,000 creatures of marine wildlife. You can spend your peaceful time with your friends or families at the aquarium after a rush shopping.  

Recommended stay near CoeX Mall: 24 Guesthouse

5. Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, Insadong
NamDaemun Market, Seoul
Are you looking for some souvenirs for your families, friends and cousins? You are on the right place! At Namdaemun market, a Korean style traditional market where you can shop for your favorite fashion items from head to toe with low prices.  Namdaemum market is always crowded with tourists and regular customers who follow the latest trend of Korean fashion.
Dongdaemun Market,Seoul
Most of the tourists come to Dongdaemun to find some Korean food to bring back to their home countries or as a present for elder such as Kimchi, different tastes of Korean seaweeds, ginseng and Soju.
Insadong Complex, Seoul
At Insadong, you can find everything related to the culture of Korean such as Hanbok (Korean Traditional Wear), hand-made ceramics, and antique shops. And for tea-lovers, you can visit a Korean traditional tea houses along the streets of Insadong and enjoy the taste of different Korean teas as much as you wish.

Recommended stay near Insadong: Fortune Jongno

6. Daehangno- Seoul's Lively Theater District
Daehangno, The Theater District, Seoul
Daehangno is a street for youths and theatres. In this area, there are medium-small theaters like Hakjeon Blue Theater, Dongsoong Art Center, Comedy Art Hall, Batangol Art Center, and large theaters like Munye Theatre.  Besides, it is also an exciting place where you can enjoy exclusive performances all year round. Many people call this area ‘College Street’ since many universities are located in this area that includes Korea National Open University, Sungkyunkwan University, Catholic University of Korea, and Seoul National University College of Medicine. And later, Seoul National University moved its campus to other area in 1975. Nevertheless, you can still see many young college students hang out in this area after their classes or during their spare time. There are also many stunning restaurants for you to savor the taste of yummy food throughout the Daehangno area (Marronier). You can choose any kind dishes such as Korean, Chinese, Western or even fusion-style food as you wish. For those who would like to try American food, TGI Fridays and Bennigan's are just the prefect famous restaurants for you. 

Recommended stay near Daehangno: Fully Guesthouse & Backparker Mr. Sea

7. Cheonggyecheon
Cheonggyecheon River
Cheonggyecheon is a small stream which flowing through the downtown of Seoul and then connecting to the Hangang River. A series of unique bridges, stepping stone crossings, and waterfalls have been built which made the whole stream looks spectacular at night. It’s an ideal place for you to have a walk to forget everything about work and completely relax yourself after a tiring work day. You can sit by the stream and enjoy the melody of waterfalls with your feet inside the water. The water of the stream is clean and sparkling under the shinning of sunlight and you could see many fishes in the water in the daytime. At night, many couples choose this place as their dating venue because of its beautiful scenery. 

Recommended stay near Cheonggyecheon RiverMmmio House 

Entrance of Dragon Hill Spa
Tired of finding a hotel or motel when travel? Instead of luxurious 5 star hotels, there is an ideal place for you to stay overnight with a more affordable price that is called Jjimjilbang (Korean Spa). You may wonder where and which Jjimjilbang should you go. I would like to recommend the Dragon Hill Spa. This Jjimjilbang also been recommended by CNN Go, The New York Times, as the best place to experience full Korean style spa. It’s a seven floor building consists of various facilities such as restaurants, hot tubes and internet room, cinema and so on. The fee is around 10,000won to 12,000won.
Best Jimjilbang in Seoul, Dragon hill spa
Foreigners might find it hard to communicate with Korean native speaker, but if you go to Dragon Hill Spa, you may have chances to receive a warm greeting by the manager who likes to speak English with foreigners. Don’t feel shy as you have to be naked as its Korean style spa. Try to enjoy the feeling of being naked. There are different temperatures of heated rooms where you can feel the steaming hot air surrounded you and make friends with Koreans while you are unwinding yourself.

9. Theme Park
Everland T-Express
If your kids feel monotonous or disobedient during the travel, you can bring them to Everland and Lotte World. Both Everland and Lotte World are well-known theme parks which can be found in South Korea. Your kids would definitely be amazed by the Four Seasons Garden of Everland and fabulous fairy-tale castle in Lotte World. The night view of Lottle World’s castle is extremely beautiful as all the buildings are decorated with colorful lights. When you go inside the castle, you feel yourself like a princess or prince living in the luxurious castle. Besides the stunning view of both theme parks, it also offers varieties of heart-pounding rides include Everland T-Express with 360-degree rotations and Gyro Drop in Lotte World are able to make you feel like flying in the sky without any limitation. It is worth to give a try! Moreover, the landscape of both Everland and Lotte World become more eye-catching as many festival themes such as the Halloween festival with scary or funny pumpkin appearance’s designs can be seen here.
Lotte World, Seoul
Due to different seasons and events available in Lotte World, there are people who claim “Even you go to Lotte World for more than 10 times, you won’t feel bored!” since there are numerous exciting performances are being held around the year. During winter season, you usually see many families and couples enjoy their lovely time by skating together in the indoor Lotte World and outdoor Everland. So, you must not miss the chances to skate with the ones you love. Don’t forget that you can also buy some souvenirs in both theme parks as a memorable memory or presents for your friends before leaving.  You can easily express your love by simply bringing them to Seoul theme parks! Let’s have fun together!    

Recommended stay near Lotte WorldPhil Guesthouse

10. Itaewon Street- Shopping & Food Paradise
Shopping street in Itaewon
Itaewon Street gains most popularity among the foreigners. Most foreigners choose Itaewon Street as their shopping location, hunting for high-quality goods and super large sizes of items which hardly find in anywhere else in Korea. You not only can shop, but also can go to the bars, clubs, and restaurants for relaxing located along the street after shopping for hours.
Korea Foreign Restaurant
Don’t you think that living without eating delicious food is meaningless? Feel headache and hesitate about what to eat? Don’t worry. By going to Itaewon Street, you will be able to satisfy your appetite wholly but trying any kind of food you like from all around the world. From Korean food to international restaurants such as Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and Pakistani restaurants can be found on this street. There are also a few restaurants which prepare ‘Halal’ dishes for Muslims as well. Even though you don’t know how to speak Korean, that’s alright since many workers of the restaurants are English speaking. Therefore, you are carefree to order anything you want and they are happy to serve you too!

Recommended stay near ItaewonJin's Paradise & IS@K Guesthouse

The Map of the 10 places must-visit in Seoul, South Korea

 10 Places Must-Visit In Seoul 

Feel excited about travelling now? Go ahead and visit Seoul now. You have my 10 places must-visit in Seoul on your hands now. Make out of this 10 places with on schedule and make our life more memorable by visiting Seoul, the Soul of Asia. If you have any question, don’t feel hesitate to leave a comment.

Thank you!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

14 Round Trip Tickets to Korea to Win with KTO

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Hi Guys! 

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is organizing a travel contest for anyone that plan to take a trip to Korea within July 2011 and October 2011. This contest is special for people from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, The Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Kazakhstan, and Saudi Arabia. 

Contest Instruction , 

Firstly, register yourself in KTO then choose 3 places that you most wanted to visit in Korea and tell them why! 

This contest have 8 days leave to go from the date this article posted! 

Do not wait and participate this contest to win flight tickets to South Korea now! 

Do not hesitate to ask, if you have any questions. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Muslim Traveler to South Korea

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Any travelers no matter who’s the traveler is, Chinese Traveler, American Traveler, European Traveler or African Traveler somehow they might worry about the foods, place of worship, cultural different in those countries that they intended to visit especially for 1st time travelers. How about Muslim Traveler?

South Korea is a non-Islamic country somehow Muslim Traveler might have some concern about especially for the 1st time Muslim Traveler to South Korea. So, today I am going to end the worries for Muslim Traveler to Visit Korea. ^_^

But why they so worry about it?

In Islam, pork, meat of carnivorous animals, the blood of dead animals, and meat not properly slaughtered or slaughtered in any name other than Allah are prohibited for them to consume. Even among herbivorous animals and birds, only halal meat is allowed. A part from that, every Muslim Male is recommended to do worship in mosque on Friday weekly. Yeah! That’s why ^_^  

Muslim Food in South Korea
Beside, in South Korea, many dishes are made with pork and it is very common in Korea to drink alcohol during or after a meal and this may be offensive to Muslim Traveler. So, Muslim Traveler usually brought packaged instant food with them on their trip to Korea, it is kind of inconvenience for them to do this if they come for more than 3 days.  

In fact, actually there are about 100,000 of local Muslim community in Korea and also Islamic countries and Korea have had ties for more than a thousand years through cultural exchange! Believe it or not? So, this is why I said there will be no worry for Muslim Traveler to South Korea! Alright! Below are the list of Halal Restaurants and mosque in South Korea, You can check it out!

IF, you need some halal instant foods in your trip, you still can easily get it in Muslim Grocery shops near any Masjids or the Islamic centers.  

Well, that's all from me! If you have something to add, some suggestions or correction, please do not hesitate to leave comments! 

Thanks and always stay tune with LeX Paradise! Muslim Traveler to South Korea!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LeX Paradise in Lonely Planet Travel Bloggers Ebook

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Lonely Planet Travel Blogger Photo EBook
Proudly present "Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers" Press Release

Today, 40 Lonely Planet travel bloggers come together as a group to release their first free photo ebook. "Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers" takes readers on a world tour featuring almost 70 countries, and introduces the world of professional travel blogging. Within it, each blogger, hand picked by Lonely Planet, shares a collection of stunning photos that capture the essence of their travel.  

The gathering of this eclectic group of travel experts was born out of Lonely Planet’s effort to broaden content for their audience. 

“The concept was simple – get the best 10% of travel bloggers out there to share their thoughts and ideas…shining a light on the very best travel writing and photography on the planet,” tells Matthew Cashmore, former Innovation Ecosystem Manager at Lonely Planet on the creation of the BlogSherpa Program.
Uniting from across the globe, the BlogSherpas, as they are called, share their adventures and travel lifestyles through the photo ebook. 

“Managing 40 bloggers perpetually traveling in and out of jungles, cafes, monuments and ruins, and internet free zones (gasp!) was not an easy task” says Todd Wassel, the blogger who headed up the project. 

In addition to an eye-popping collection of photographs, the book is a rich resource for anyone with a passion for travel who wants to learn from the experts. 

“The 40 BlogSherpas showcased in the ebook specialize in travel modes ranging from solo to couples to family travel, road trips, budget travel, expat living, voluntourism and even perpetually traveling digital nomads,” explains Karen Catchpole, one of the featured bloggers. 

An accomplished group, the BlogSherpas have reached beyond their own blogs, having been published in the likes of National Geographic Traveler, Huffington Post, Travel + Leisure, AFAR and more.

Lonely Planet BlogSherpas

Myself, as one of the Lonely Planet Travel Blogger in this community! I am proud and excited about it! After a long year of Effort by 40 of them especially Todd Wassel! Our effort finally pay off with this tremendous Photo Ebook! I believe this is the good motivation for all of the World travelers. There will be more to come from Lonely Planet Travel Bloggers. 

Front Cover of " Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers "
  Subscribe here  and get " Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers " free Ebook now!