Friday, October 2, 2009

Geumsan Insam Festival !!

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The Geumsan Insam(Ginseng) Festival is Geumsan County’s leading festival. Geumsan County, which is located in Chungcheongnam-do province, is the largest producer of ginseng in Korea and home to a ginseng and medicinal herb market. The festival, which has been running for 29 years, is held to promote the beneficial effects of Geumsan ginseng.

This is the 1st Ginseng festival that i ever been, it was a nice experienced!!

You can see, all of the ginseng are really cheap, far more cheaper than Malaysia..

Try something there... fun!!

Took some Picture with all my ASEAN and China friends in the cultural booth.

He is my Filipino Friend that sing Filipino Song with Korean, and Dance too!!

Ha! this one are alcohol drinks, that call it Ginseng Soju!! a health wine i can say.

There do have some traditional performance, most of the older generation Korean they love that so much!!

Giant Ginseng!!

High quality of Ginseng been exhibited there.. they preserve it really well.

Ginseng Massages, special massages with ginseng Cream!!

Make your feet health, there are ginseng medicine put in the sand, so just put your feet into the sand.. ^_^

Also some motion video games provided, we all can try!! play it with your every move!!

The Small concert in the festival!!

All these are the ginseng plants.

We all learn how to get the ginseng from the ground by using some tools, need to be skillful in order to get the un-scratch ginseng from the ground.! then we take a pic with happy smile!! ^_^
Feel free to leave some comments!!
for more information you can visit here The Festival!!

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  1. yo ginseng can keep hong long???got buy for ur parents ma??haha..if reali cheap then buy for coursemate la..haha..jk..os du u try the massage???it seem great...hahha...
    dis month(Oct) was crazy month for us....vry bz..
    1st week,tele photo session(i thk u saw the photo in fb...hehe)
    2nd week mon kaha test, tue kaha assignment presentation..(kaha oni told us abt the test n presentation on 1st wek oct...haha..crazy isnt??)...wekend me myself going to my col cc trip...
    3rd week but i hv to pass up my thesis progress report on monday..the day after i came bec fro the trip...damn tired...
    4th week(dis wek)..tmr hv cco assignmen presentaion..dis assignmen is MCC boon and ah chai+sandra get into semifinal....but oni ah chai+sandra get into final...their chance to win either prize is quite waiting for him to treat big lunch lol..haha..k la..wan to cont assignmen liao...btw dis wek oso our study wek for dis sem...nex wek ll hv our 1st paper lol...
    bye..good luck n take care...^^

  2. Good luck man!! haha.. thx for updated me everything!!
    I really appreciated it!! ^_^

    You all seem so busy!! too way of busy!!

    Must take care your health too!! ^_^

  3. thanks for sharing this. =)

    and hey, thanks for following my blog. =)

    btw, you're invited.

  4. wow,i wish i can go there.^^.nice weekend 4u.