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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dream Concert Ticket will official release on 22th April 2010, Korea Time Zone 19:00 !!

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Girl Generation, Dream Concert Korea
Wow !! Dream Concert 2010 ticket will be release soon on 22th April 2010, 7pm Korea time ( 1 hour advance compare to my blog time ) and the concert will be held on 22th May 2010, only one month period for fans to grab their ticket !! You can grab it in " Gmarket " It will be in Seoul World Cup Stadium!! Below is the layout of the stadium. 
The Dream Concert stage will be at North Wing and all the Spectator Seat will be at E, S and W wing. So, Standby on time to get the right seat for the best view ! 

Then, who will be on the stage? 
This 2010 the most amazing year!! 

Rain, Lee Hyo-ri, Wonder Girls, SNSD, SS501, Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, Kara, yukijeu, Children of the Empire, Tiara, pominit, after-school, F (x), Da Vinci, ssien blue, pokeojeu, They're curious, Rainbow and Beast. 

All of them will be on 2010 Dream Concert Festival !! 

Please visit here official Dream Concert Homepage Here or you can take a look on Dream Concert 2009

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Stay tune for the instruction how to purchase the Dream Concert ticket through Gmarket !! 


Monday, April 19, 2010

Coming up event in Korea !! 11th Jeonju International Film Festival 2010!!

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Jeonju International Film Festival
The 11th Jeonju International Film Festival will be held from 29th April to 7th May, 2010 in Jeonju, the most beautiful and traditional city of Korea. 

Not just an ordinary event, but features with a press conference after each movie screening and probably you will meet the Actors, Actress and Director of the movie! Hopefully All movie screening provided the press conference. 

Grab the ticket now! 
Is easy to grab, just register an account on its homepage and purchase through online. 
Don't wait more, click here to register.

Price list of the Screening movies: 
Opening Ceremony / Closing Ceremony 10,000Won
Midnight Obsession (All-night screenings)
Master Class
General Screening 5,000Won
Special Screening: Youth Voice Free Admission
Outdoor Screening

- With the exception of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, 15% of the total number of seats for all  screenings are sold at the on-site box office.

-Special Screening: Youth Voice is free, and tickets can be obtained online or on-site as with regular screenings.

International and Korean Film screening list can be find here .

Besides Movies, there are many activities going to happen there. So, when you are waiting for the movie, you can take a walk around and enjoy some concert, street activities and much more. Below are the event timetable, please take a look:

30 April(Fri) 19:00
Crossover Music Troupe MASIL
Kanin Bong Bong
Cosmos Hippie, 10cm
1 May
Egypt Ahmed Belly Dance
ROYA-fi, Chook Chook Band
Cryim & Lazy Afternoon
Blue an aiR
2 May(Sun) 19:00
Bubble Show
Total Art
Siwa & Dalmoon
Blue an aiR
3 May(Mon) 19:00
lice in Neverland
MaryJane , Dawn Clover
4 May(Tue) 19:00
Dry Flower
5 May(Wed) 19:00
Kang Huh Dallim Band
IRIS Flute Ensemble
6 May(Thu) 19:00
La Ventana
Egypt Ahmed Belly Dance

Again please grab the ticket here ^_^

As for more information please log to JIFF homepage here

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PM: please skip the AD. 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coming up event !! Gyeongju Liquor and Rice Cake Festival 2010 !!

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This year marks the 13th anniversary of the ever-popular ‘Gyeongju Liquor and Rice Cake Festival,’ held in the Gyeongju region at Hwangseong Park and the nearby region in Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do. 

The festival (held this year from April 17th to 22nd) draws large numbers of tourists each year with its diversity of high quality programs. It has been so popular in previous years, that this year the ‘Gyeongju Liquor and Rice Cake Festival 2010’ earned a spot on the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s official list of ‘2010 Culture &Tour Festivals.’ 

During the festival period, the exhibition centers will present displays on the production method of traditional liquors, traditional rice cake vs. rice cake variations, and the liquors of the 

Three Kingdoms – Goguryeo (37 BC - 668 AD), Baekje (18 BC - 660 AD) and Silla (57 BC - 935 AD). Visitors can even make their own rice cakes, pound large slabs of rice cake with a mallet, or grill Garae Tteok (가래떡, a white, long plain rice cake). 

There are endless programs available for visitors while they are exploring the area’s exciting culinary traditions, including: a liquor car shaped like a huge traditional liquor bottle, a photo festival, OX Quiz Show based on the narrative legends of the Gyeongju region, and more. Throughout the festival period, visitors can also stop by open-run events such as Gilnori (street performances), and other stage performances. 

This year, the list of scheduled events has been expanded to include the Queen Seondeok Beauty Pageant and an even bigger showcase of Korean traditional liquor, including those from other regions in addition to Gyeongju’s specialties. There will even be a ‘sampling corner,’ where visitors can taste some of the side dishes/snacks (for example, Korean beef) that are traditionally served alongside these famous liquors. While you’re sipping your drink, take a look at the traditional market and its amazing array of quality folk items. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the pamphlet titled ‘Liquor and Rice Cakes: 100 Times the Fun,’ handed out free to visitors of the festival.

As for more information please check here or about previous year summary here .

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coming Up Event!! 2010 Lotus Lantern Making Festival in Korea !!

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"Please attain Buddha-hood in your next lifetime by lighting a lantern in this life"

The lantern has the meaning of brightening and praying for the world. You can experience the making of a eight-sided lantern and pray for your wishes. Lotus lantern making will be held right next to the Buddhist Street Festival that will offer many, many more cultural experiences.

Please take the lantern you made with you and join the Grand Lantern Parade in that evening which starts at 7pm. at Tapgol Park in Jongro 3-ga. It will be a wonderful experience of Korea's essential spiritual tradition.

The Event will start on 12:00pm. Sunday, 16 May 2010 In front of Jo-Gye Temple (Jo-Gye Temple Street).

You locate the event easily by Subway No.3 (Orange Line) > An-guk station > Exit #6 > Way to Jo-Gye Temple
No.1 (Blue Line) > Jong-gak station > Exit #2 > Way to Jo-Gye Temple or click here for the map.

So, what are you waiting for? please apply now by send attached application form until Wed. 5 May via E-mail to us ( the application form can be obtain from the link below ).

Ask your friends and Come along and Enjoy the Festival, everything that You need is prepared and is Free of Charge!

For more information please visit the homepage or here or email to ipogyo@buddhism.or.kr

May You Be Enlightened!

Feel free to leave some comments and I will answer it within 24 hour... 

Thank you ^_^ 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

International Balloon Festival in Daejeon, South Korea !!

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Did you all watched the 3D movie that entitle "UP"? Want to have the feeling of flying high in the sky wiht a hot air balloon? If the answer is yes then the festival of "International Balloon festival in Daejeon" is the event that you don't want to miss.

Daejeon is one of the wonderful city in South Korea with abundance of natural beauty and a cultural background to match perfectly. International Balloon Festival in Daejeon is one of the grand festival that can fulfill your experience. It features a number of hot air balloon rides and aeronautical programs.

The event take place at Yuseong-gu, Daejeon which is just beside the Expo Science. You can easily locate the place by take subway to Daejeon Government Complex following by Bus that to Expo Science to the venue. 

The Event is managed by the Daejeon City Council and supported by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, The Ministry of Science and technology, The Air Force Headquarters and The Ministry of foreign Affair and Trade.

Features of International Balloon Festival in Daejeon: 
•  The International Balloon Festival is a grand event in Daejeon and is immensely popular among the common people. Active participation is greatly valued and the many associated events and competitions related with the Balloon Fiesta attract large crowds both local and foreign visitors.
•  The Balloon Festival is inaugurated by a power packed performance by the ultra light airplanes and power parachutes and a smoke screen flight. The Balloon festival then is carried forward by a rock band performance too.
•  The sky fills up with colorful balloons in different shapes. The Balloon flying competitions are great crowd pullers and respective teams are cheered highly by the people. Other official competitions consist of the National Para Gliding championship and the International Power Parachute Competitions. However, all these competitions are only open to the professionals in the field. But the crowd can have some great time enjoying the spectacle.
•  Events related to general importance involves aeronautical stunts, an aeronautical magic science show, quiz competitions and a photography contest. Visitors can take part in the air rocket competition and win some exciting prizes.
•  The outstanding feature of the Daejeon International Balloon Fiesta however takes place in the night with the spectacular Night Glow Show. The night sky dazzles with the numerous Hot air balloons and makes for a perfect photo opportunity. Good times are guaranteed with a live musical concert.

But then my ASEAN friends and me went to the event quite late and was about 6 evening but we still able to see very huge and cute hot air balloon which you can see it in the background of my picture.  

Honestly that was my 1st time to see cartoon turtle hot air balloon.  You can also see the light aeroplane just to take off.

We were looking at the westerner to do some demonstration on preparing to take off the balloon over the river. It was so nice to know how they prepare to take off the balloon.  

Well, this is one of the Korea online shopping site balloon. Simple and nice, rite? 

It was a late evening and we manage to enjoy the evening scene at there. ; ) 

I believe you can imagine how huge is the turtle balloon with this picture. It is really really big ! 

Wow!! we were going up... up... the feeling was so exciting and special!! ; ) If you come and join the event, you will have the chance to experience it by your-self! 

Ha! We were up and managed to take a picture. YeS!!  ;  )

This was what I talk about the light aeroplane. It was so many planes that I ever seen... really nice... They were fly around the river and all of them are professional pilot, I wish I can try it.. ; ) 

After some time, we end up the day with a very impressive feeling. Before we go back, we managed to see the night glow Hot Air Balloon. It was Amazing!! AH! so beautiful! ;  )

So, Please stay tune with this grand festival, it usually will held on Autumn session and please don't miss this precious chance!! 

You can get more information with "visit korea site", it will be very useful for you. ; ) 

Feel free to leave some comments and questions, I will answer in with in 24 hour ;  )