Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dream Concert Ticket will official release on 22th April 2010, Korea Time Zone 19:00 !!

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Girl Generation, Dream Concert Korea
Wow !! Dream Concert 2010 ticket will be release soon on 22th April 2010, 7pm Korea time ( 1 hour advance compare to my blog time ) and the concert will be held on 22th May 2010, only one month period for fans to grab their ticket !! You can grab it in " Gmarket " It will be in Seoul World Cup Stadium!! Below is the layout of the stadium. 
The Dream Concert stage will be at North Wing and all the Spectator Seat will be at E, S and W wing. So, Standby on time to get the right seat for the best view ! 

Then, who will be on the stage? 
This 2010 the most amazing year!! 

Rain, Lee Hyo-ri, Wonder Girls, SNSD, SS501, Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, Kara, yukijeu, Children of the Empire, Tiara, pominit, after-school, F (x), Da Vinci, ssien blue, pokeojeu, They're curious, Rainbow and Beast. 

All of them will be on 2010 Dream Concert Festival !! 

Please visit here official Dream Concert Homepage Here or you can take a look on Dream Concert 2009

Please leave some comments and I will answer it within 24 Hour ^_^

Stay tune for the instruction how to purchase the Dream Concert ticket through Gmarket !! 


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  1. hi

    i'm interested in attending dream concert 2010. but i can't get tickets!

    i emailed gmarket about it but they said that foreigners are only allowed to buy form 5th may onwards. you need a korean address for the 22nd april sale date.

    i'm don't really want to wait until may 5th because gmarket also said that they won't be reserving any tickets for foreigners so it'll only be the leftover tickets on may 5th.

    will you be organising any purchase of tickets? or is it possible for you to do me a HUGE favour and buy it on my behalf first? i know it's a lot to ask of a stranger...but i don't know what else to do!

    my email address is zzzzz_38@hotmail.com

  2. Well....

    Alright... Let see what can I do...

    Thanks for your information again ^_^

    I will get you back when I sort things out.. ; )

  3. hi,
    i tried to purchase my tickets just now..
    just i could only select 2 seats. and after selecting, i could not proceed to payment.
    could it be that i really need a korea address to purchase the tickets?
    most of the tickets are sold out by now. will there be a second round of ticket sales?

  4. Hi Ky,

    I am not quite sure about it.. I will get you back when i sort things out.. ; )

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