Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coming up event !! Gyeongju Liquor and Rice Cake Festival 2010 !!

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This year marks the 13th anniversary of the ever-popular ‘Gyeongju Liquor and Rice Cake Festival,’ held in the Gyeongju region at Hwangseong Park and the nearby region in Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do. 

The festival (held this year from April 17th to 22nd) draws large numbers of tourists each year with its diversity of high quality programs. It has been so popular in previous years, that this year the ‘Gyeongju Liquor and Rice Cake Festival 2010’ earned a spot on the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s official list of ‘2010 Culture &Tour Festivals.’ 

During the festival period, the exhibition centers will present displays on the production method of traditional liquors, traditional rice cake vs. rice cake variations, and the liquors of the 

Three Kingdoms – Goguryeo (37 BC - 668 AD), Baekje (18 BC - 660 AD) and Silla (57 BC - 935 AD). Visitors can even make their own rice cakes, pound large slabs of rice cake with a mallet, or grill Garae Tteok (가래떡, a white, long plain rice cake). 

There are endless programs available for visitors while they are exploring the area’s exciting culinary traditions, including: a liquor car shaped like a huge traditional liquor bottle, a photo festival, OX Quiz Show based on the narrative legends of the Gyeongju region, and more. Throughout the festival period, visitors can also stop by open-run events such as Gilnori (street performances), and other stage performances. 

This year, the list of scheduled events has been expanded to include the Queen Seondeok Beauty Pageant and an even bigger showcase of Korean traditional liquor, including those from other regions in addition to Gyeongju’s specialties. There will even be a ‘sampling corner,’ where visitors can taste some of the side dishes/snacks (for example, Korean beef) that are traditionally served alongside these famous liquors. While you’re sipping your drink, take a look at the traditional market and its amazing array of quality folk items. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of the pamphlet titled ‘Liquor and Rice Cakes: 100 Times the Fun,’ handed out free to visitors of the festival.

As for more information please check here or about previous year summary here .

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