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10 Places Must-Visit in Seoul, South Korea

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There are many types of travel, Business Travel, Vacation Travel, Honeymoon Travel, Conference Travel, world travel and Full time Travel. Somehow, not all types of travel have very much time to visit every single corner of the city or town. So, today I am going to share with you that " 10 Places Must-Visit in Seoul, South Korea " where you can to pack this 10 places to your desired time as you wish. 10 places that you must-visit in the ‘Soul of Asia’ with limited period. These 10 places cover sightseeing, shopping, enjoy nightlife, learn the cultures and history of Korean and try different kinds of delectable dishes and drinks. Make out of this information and plan a short trip to Korea!

1. Seoul Tower
Seoul tower / Namsan Tower
Seoul Tower is the best place to enjoy night view. You can either take bus, cable car or by walking to get to the bottom of Seoul Tower. Among three of them, I recommend the cable car since you can take a lot of cool photos while sitting in the cable car and enjoy the night scene of Seoul city. There are usually a lot of couples who visit Seoul Tower during night time to enjoy a romantic and peaceful night. In order to avoid the crowd of people, you can visit at daytime, but the night view at the Seoul Tower is the best. At the top of the tower, there is a Digital Observatory, a high-powered telescope, which provide you a 360° of view of Seoul by just putting 500won one time. Besides, you can take a glance of mesmerizing Seoul city by looking out through the windows.
Love Lockers
Have you heard “Locks of Love”?  Locks of love in Seoul Tower symbolize the everlasting love between the lover’s promise that they will never separate. Besides locks, there is another attraction for couples at Seoul Tower are “Love Message Tile” corner for you to write the message or stick a photo with your lover on the tile and then stick it in the provided corner which located on the first floor of the tower. 

Recommended stay near Seoul Tower: Agrina Guesthouse & Vestin Residence

2. Hongdae
The Street of Art, Hongdae, Seoul
The streets of Hongik University are the place where you can experience the energy of the Korea youthful nightlife. It’s a perfect place for those who love dancing and the arts. At there, you can watch rock concerts, drink in the live music bars, and immerse yourself in jazz and dance clubs until dawn. This area is also full of arty boutiques, galleries, studios, craft shops and accessories shops.

HongDae Clubs, Seoul
Every last Friday of each month is “Club Day”. So, high-spirited clubbers can visit many different clubs in the area with just a single purchased ticket. Hongik streets not only the places for young people to express their passion in the rhythm of music and dance, but it also famous for its artwork. They call this area as “Streets of Art” and this has made the Hongdae area as Seoul’s No.1 art district. Moreover, you must not miss Hongdae shopping, hunting for the latest trend of Korean style if you love Korean fashion.

Recommended stay near Hongdae: Closest Hostel & Family and Friends House

3. Gyeongbok Palace
GyeongBok Palace, Seoul, Korea
There are five main palaces mainly located in Seoul: Gyeongbok Palace, Changgyeong Palace, Changdeok Palace, Doksu Palace, and Kyonghi Palace. These palaces are also known as “Five Grand Palaces” built by the Joseon Dynasty. Among Five Grand Palaces in Seoul, Gyeongbok Palace is the largest and the most well-known royal palace which have been undergoing reconstructed to return to its original number of the palaces due to the destruction by the Japanese government in the early 20th century. The name of the Gyeongbok palace is believed to have the meaning “Palace of Shining Happiness.” in English.

Hexagonal Pavilion, Gyeongbok palace, Seoul
In the northern part of the Gyeongbok Palace, you can see Hyangwonjeong, an attractive hexagonal pavilion surrounded by a lotus pond, trees, and flowers. The name of the Hyangwonjeong has the meaning the Pavilion of Far-Reaching Fragrance” while the bridge across the pond was named as Chwihyanggyo, means "Bridge intoxicated with the fragrance." It’s a stunning place where you can enjoy the serene and the beauty of nature at the same time.

Recommended stay near Gyeongbok Palace: Insa Hostel

4. CoeX Mall
CoeX Mall, Seoul
COEX Mall is known as the biggest underground shopping mall in Asia. COEX Mall not only offers you various local brands of Korean fashion, but also includes national brands such as ZARA and NIKE as well. COEX itself is also renowned for its restaurants, Megabox, Aquarium, Kimchi Museum, Millennium Plaza, Event Court and so forth. Besides shopping, you can watch movies in the Megabox, which consists of the 16 movie theatres with the outstanding interior designs.
CoeX Aquarium, Seoul
And for those people who like marine life, you can visit the “Ocean Theme Park” in the COEX Mall with 40,000 creatures of marine wildlife. You can spend your peaceful time with your friends or families at the aquarium after a rush shopping.  

Recommended stay near CoeX Mall: 24 Guesthouse

5. Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, Insadong
NamDaemun Market, Seoul
Are you looking for some souvenirs for your families, friends and cousins? You are on the right place! At Namdaemun market, a Korean style traditional market where you can shop for your favorite fashion items from head to toe with low prices.  Namdaemum market is always crowded with tourists and regular customers who follow the latest trend of Korean fashion.
Dongdaemun Market,Seoul
Most of the tourists come to Dongdaemun to find some Korean food to bring back to their home countries or as a present for elder such as Kimchi, different tastes of Korean seaweeds, ginseng and Soju.
Insadong Complex, Seoul
At Insadong, you can find everything related to the culture of Korean such as Hanbok (Korean Traditional Wear), hand-made ceramics, and antique shops. And for tea-lovers, you can visit a Korean traditional tea houses along the streets of Insadong and enjoy the taste of different Korean teas as much as you wish.

Recommended stay near Insadong: Fortune Jongno

6. Daehangno- Seoul's Lively Theater District
Daehangno, The Theater District, Seoul
Daehangno is a street for youths and theatres. In this area, there are medium-small theaters like Hakjeon Blue Theater, Dongsoong Art Center, Comedy Art Hall, Batangol Art Center, and large theaters like Munye Theatre.  Besides, it is also an exciting place where you can enjoy exclusive performances all year round. Many people call this area ‘College Street’ since many universities are located in this area that includes Korea National Open University, Sungkyunkwan University, Catholic University of Korea, and Seoul National University College of Medicine. And later, Seoul National University moved its campus to other area in 1975. Nevertheless, you can still see many young college students hang out in this area after their classes or during their spare time. There are also many stunning restaurants for you to savor the taste of yummy food throughout the Daehangno area (Marronier). You can choose any kind dishes such as Korean, Chinese, Western or even fusion-style food as you wish. For those who would like to try American food, TGI Fridays and Bennigan's are just the prefect famous restaurants for you. 

Recommended stay near Daehangno: Fully Guesthouse & Backparker Mr. Sea

7. Cheonggyecheon
Cheonggyecheon River
Cheonggyecheon is a small stream which flowing through the downtown of Seoul and then connecting to the Hangang River. A series of unique bridges, stepping stone crossings, and waterfalls have been built which made the whole stream looks spectacular at night. It’s an ideal place for you to have a walk to forget everything about work and completely relax yourself after a tiring work day. You can sit by the stream and enjoy the melody of waterfalls with your feet inside the water. The water of the stream is clean and sparkling under the shinning of sunlight and you could see many fishes in the water in the daytime. At night, many couples choose this place as their dating venue because of its beautiful scenery. 

Recommended stay near Cheonggyecheon RiverMmmio House 

Entrance of Dragon Hill Spa
Tired of finding a hotel or motel when travel? Instead of luxurious 5 star hotels, there is an ideal place for you to stay overnight with a more affordable price that is called Jjimjilbang (Korean Spa). You may wonder where and which Jjimjilbang should you go. I would like to recommend the Dragon Hill Spa. This Jjimjilbang also been recommended by CNN Go, The New York Times, as the best place to experience full Korean style spa. It’s a seven floor building consists of various facilities such as restaurants, hot tubes and internet room, cinema and so on. The fee is around 10,000won to 12,000won.
Best Jimjilbang in Seoul, Dragon hill spa
Foreigners might find it hard to communicate with Korean native speaker, but if you go to Dragon Hill Spa, you may have chances to receive a warm greeting by the manager who likes to speak English with foreigners. Don’t feel shy as you have to be naked as its Korean style spa. Try to enjoy the feeling of being naked. There are different temperatures of heated rooms where you can feel the steaming hot air surrounded you and make friends with Koreans while you are unwinding yourself.

9. Theme Park
Everland T-Express
If your kids feel monotonous or disobedient during the travel, you can bring them to Everland and Lotte World. Both Everland and Lotte World are well-known theme parks which can be found in South Korea. Your kids would definitely be amazed by the Four Seasons Garden of Everland and fabulous fairy-tale castle in Lotte World. The night view of Lottle World’s castle is extremely beautiful as all the buildings are decorated with colorful lights. When you go inside the castle, you feel yourself like a princess or prince living in the luxurious castle. Besides the stunning view of both theme parks, it also offers varieties of heart-pounding rides include Everland T-Express with 360-degree rotations and Gyro Drop in Lotte World are able to make you feel like flying in the sky without any limitation. It is worth to give a try! Moreover, the landscape of both Everland and Lotte World become more eye-catching as many festival themes such as the Halloween festival with scary or funny pumpkin appearance’s designs can be seen here.
Lotte World, Seoul
Due to different seasons and events available in Lotte World, there are people who claim “Even you go to Lotte World for more than 10 times, you won’t feel bored!” since there are numerous exciting performances are being held around the year. During winter season, you usually see many families and couples enjoy their lovely time by skating together in the indoor Lotte World and outdoor Everland. So, you must not miss the chances to skate with the ones you love. Don’t forget that you can also buy some souvenirs in both theme parks as a memorable memory or presents for your friends before leaving.  You can easily express your love by simply bringing them to Seoul theme parks! Let’s have fun together!    

Recommended stay near Lotte WorldPhil Guesthouse

10. Itaewon Street- Shopping & Food Paradise
Shopping street in Itaewon
Itaewon Street gains most popularity among the foreigners. Most foreigners choose Itaewon Street as their shopping location, hunting for high-quality goods and super large sizes of items which hardly find in anywhere else in Korea. You not only can shop, but also can go to the bars, clubs, and restaurants for relaxing located along the street after shopping for hours.
Korea Foreign Restaurant
Don’t you think that living without eating delicious food is meaningless? Feel headache and hesitate about what to eat? Don’t worry. By going to Itaewon Street, you will be able to satisfy your appetite wholly but trying any kind of food you like from all around the world. From Korean food to international restaurants such as Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, and Pakistani restaurants can be found on this street. There are also a few restaurants which prepare ‘Halal’ dishes for Muslims as well. Even though you don’t know how to speak Korean, that’s alright since many workers of the restaurants are English speaking. Therefore, you are carefree to order anything you want and they are happy to serve you too!

Recommended stay near ItaewonJin's Paradise & IS@K Guesthouse

The Map of the 10 places must-visit in Seoul, South Korea

 10 Places Must-Visit In Seoul 

Feel excited about travelling now? Go ahead and visit Seoul now. You have my 10 places must-visit in Seoul on your hands now. Make out of this 10 places with on schedule and make our life more memorable by visiting Seoul, the Soul of Asia. If you have any question, don’t feel hesitate to leave a comment.

Thank you!

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  1. This is by far the best review I have ever read. Thanks for the wonderful work. By the way, CoEx by Samsung Subway Station (Subway Line #2) is really a fun place to be.

    Albert Kim

  2. Lex, thx so much for your brilliant information..good job, keep it up! did help us a lot!! can't wait for our trip next year..i wish i can forward the time!! hahahha..^_^

  3. Hi Aisya and Albert Kim,

    Thank you so much!

    I suppose, Albert Kim is a korean! :)

    I will keep it up :)

  4. Hey Lex, greetings from Bangladesh :) Your articles really enlightened me about places I would never have discovered myself. This will surely boost up my anticipation of travelling to South Korea. All thanks to you :) Cheers

  5. Hi Mirza,

    Thanks you so much!

    I am glad that my articles benefit you!

    I am sure you will enjoy very much in your coming trip :)


  6. Thanks for sharing this information. My friends and I are planning to visit Seoul next year.

    I assume that most of the people there can understand English, right?

  7. Hi Joanne,

    I am really glad that you get the information. :)

    In Seoul, not all of them know about english, but mostly they can understand :)

    Wish you have a nice trip in Korea!

    If you need some help, just drop me an email :)


  8. Hi Lex,

    You did a great review! :)
    I will go to Korea on March. Could you tell me if there is still snow by that month? And I assume that the 5 palaces are near to each other, can we visit those palaces within one day? We'll just stay for 3 days and we want to make the most of it.


  9. Hi Mackie,

    Thanks! and I am glad the review help you :)

    Talking about the snow in march, it might happen but not usually happen.

    If you like winter session, i suggest you can visit Korea on the end of Jan or beginning of Feb, at that time you will see all the streets is fill with snow! :D

    There are 3 Famous Palaces in Seoul. Deoksugung Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Changdeokgung Palace. Three of this palace is quite near.

    If talking about visiting all the palaces in a day might be a little tedious. I spent almost half day in Gyeongbokgung Palace, still I miss some section of the palace.

    3 days in Korea might be a little short but beside Palace, I think you can spend sometime in the places I suggest :)

    Let me know if you still need any advice :)

    Good luck and enjoy your trip!

  10. Greetings from Malaysia!
    Am planning a trip (5 days) mid Nov. Is it a good idea to spend a night in Everland since there are so much to do and see ? If so, what are the hotels available and are they inside or outside of the Everland Resort ? I have 2 kids (8 & 10) and thus, it might be better to spend the night there after the late night watching fireworks and stuff.....

    Also need suggestion on accomodation in Seoul ... or at least tell me which part of the city is convenient for us to get around.... Thanks heaps

  11. Hi there,

    I am glad to hear that you are heading to South Korea soon!

    Spending a whole day in Everland will be enough to get most out of stuff in Everland. However, if you also plan to visit the water theme park, I would recommend for you to stay for a night in Everland and next day go for the caribbean bay where it only next to Everland.

    If you planed only for Everland, I suggest you stay in Seoul. There are buses on night time and be sure to take the last bus.

    The recommended accommodation in Seoul,

    - Astoria Hotel
    - Uljiro Co-op Residence
    - Doulos Hotel
    - Hotel Ibis Seoul
    - Hotel SunShine
    - Best Western Premier Gangnam
    - Best Western Premier Gangnam

    Hope you and your family enjoy the trip to South Korea!

  12. Hi Lex
    Great sharing. Am planning to leave for Seoul early Dec with hubby & 2 teenagers. Will be doing free & easy. Considering it's winter & we only speak English & Mandarin, any tips to offer & must visit for teens? Would it be difficult to get to a nearby ski resort? Thanks!

  13. Hi ET,

    No need to be so worry about the language :) In Seoul you wouldn't get much trouble with language, most of them can speak basic English :)

    Must Visit for Teen is going to be Lottle World which near by within the City or Seoul Land or Everland but a little bit farther :)

    As for the Ski Resort, the nearest is located Gyeonggi-do. You can easily get there by Bus Express :)


    1. In front of Hyundai Core at Seoul Cheongnyangni Train Station - Take City Express Bus No.9205, No.9201, No.330-1, No.1330, No.1330-1 or City Bus No.2227, No.167-2, No.165 then get off at Seoul Ski Resort Station.

    2. Gangbyeon Station - Take the Intercity Bus No.1119, No.115-2 then get off at Seoul Ski Resort Station

    3. Jamsil Station - take the City Express Bus No.1115, No.9202 then get off at Seoul Ski Resort too.

    Please Enjoy your family trip to Seoul! I bet it is going to be memorable!

  14. hello lex,

    i am visiting korea in about 2 weeks and i would really like to thank you for this wonderful blog..will definitely make time to see the places you recommended and be back to comment!

    one thing though..what about the DMZ? is it not worthwhile to make a trip there?


  15. Hi Kai,

    Glad you benefit from my sharing.


    About DMZ, it is worthwhile to make a trip there. half or a day might be enough and it depend on what's your interest since there are many different area of DMZ.

    Hope you enjoying your trip in Korea!


  16. Hallo Lex,

    I am planning to visit Korea end this year 2012, we want to see snow there.
    Do you stay in Seoul ? I need more
    information about accomodation, because we are planning without tour, just wanna buy airticket and looking for good budget accomodation in central city.

    Is it easy to get local tour with English tour guide ?

    Best rgds,

  17. why would anyone want to visit a mall or theme park over the many rich cultural institutions in seoul like Bongeunsa or Jogyesa??!!

  18. Hi Rina,

    Snow in Korea! Yes Rina, Snow fall in Korea from Dec - Feb.

    For recommended hotel, you can check this out:

    - Astoria Hotel
    - Uljiro Co-op Residence
    - Doulos Hotel
    - Hotel Ibis Seoul
    - Hotel SunShine
    - Best Western Premier Gangnam

    For English local guide, I could recommended my friends to you if you really need one :)

    For previous comment about why cultural institutions like Bongeunsa or Jogyesa are not recommended in the list.
    I totally agree with he/she those cultural institutions should have included in. However, for different traveller they have different purpose like for family, teenagers and kids. My recommendations is toward more common traveller. If for cultural traveller! I would strongly recommend Bongeunsa and Jogyesa =)

    Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciated it :)

  19. Wow mate,this is great. I am coming to Korea this month and hope it will be fun.I'll have around 8 free days so i think that will be enough to visit everything.Thanks man. Keep up the good work.

  20. Hi Lex,

    Im thinking of going to Seoul from 26th June till 01st July, how's the weather, will it be raining?

  21. Hi Reenzmi,

    Really nice to hear you going to Seoul soon!

    It going to be end of spring and beginning of Summer... is going to be a good time to come to Seoul..

    It might not rain.

    Let's us know what is your plan :)

    Cheer for 2012!

  22. Hi Lex,

    I'll be arriving in Seoul on the 14th June(Thursday) and leaving on Monday 18th June (Friday) (just purchase ticket yesterday). Still searching for hotel. I'm not sure where to go for 3 days in seoul.

  23. Hi Reenzmi,

    I could suggest some places for you,
    Night time:
    - Seoul Tower
    - Hongdae
    - Jim-jil-bang

    Day time:
    - Gyeongbok Palace
    - Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, Insadong
    - Theme Park
    - Itaewon Street- Shopping & Food Paradise

    - Cheonggyecheon
    - Daehangno- Seoul's Lively Theater District

    I hope you enjoy your trip :)

    Just let me know if you have anything :)


  24. Hi Lex,

    My hubby and I are travelling to Seoul from Singapore for the first time in early April. I am so glad I came across your blog!

    We are thinking of taking a domestic flight over the weekend to Jeju Island, would you recommend going on the weekdays instead or is there another island for sightseeing? As we will be in Seoul for 6 days, I guess there will be enough time to palace/museum-hop/shop and check out your other recommendations in the city.

    Thanks in advance. :)

  25. Hi Sisterpoppy,

    Really glad you are on the way to Seoul soon!

    Weekend to Jeju is going to be great, more activities in the island :) for another options you could try Ulleungdo with amazing views and good reviews too.

    6 days probably could enjoy the most but remember to take a good rest in Jim-jil-bang =)

  26. can i know how much do u spend there...for how many days? iwant to calculate my budget

  27. Hi,

    I think a week in Seoul will be the best period to visit all the places recommended.

    As for the limited budget, averagely +-50usd per night (average place to stay)

    Meals per day about +-25usd

    Entrance fees and transportation +-250usd

    Total about less than 700usd without plane tickets and shopping.

    This is a very rough estimation.

    I hope this will be a good guide for you.

    Wish you plan your trip well and enjoy the trip!

  28. Hi lex we are planning to visit south Korea in April to see the cherry blossom,I wish we could see them in bloom,plan to go busan and jeju.,I find your post very helpful

  29. greeting from malaysia,

    will visit south korea this coming 07/10-17/10..can you advise itinerary for this 8 days trip..i also dream to going to jeju to reach jeju from seoul..since me and two others of my friend planning backpackers style, can you also advised strategic guesthouse or hostel in seoul and jeju..will really appreaciate your advised since three of us were all girls going there (6_^)

  30. Greeting from Jakarta,

    Hi,I and family (3adult+2old children) confirmed to Seoul
    in winter season arriving Dec. 26, 2012, we will stay for 7 nights.

    Refer to my previous questioned asking for local tour guide, can you help to introduce local tour guide, english speaking.

    If you don't mind kindly inform me
    direct to my email ;
    so that I can make contact correspondence with him/her.

    Much appreciated if you could help me, because we are going without tour from Jakarta.

    Thank you very much for your help !

    Kind rgds,

  31. Hi Rina,
    I will get you with your email.

    Hi Maria,

    Really glad to hear that you and your friends going to Seoul soon!

    If you interested to visit Jeju island as well, you could book a flight with ASIANA AIRLINE, fly from Seoul to Jeju :)

    Since you all girls, it is better to stay in these places in Seoul strategically, for guesthouse is a little more to pay.

    - Astoria Hotel 
    - Uljiro Co-op Residence 
    - Doulos Hotel 
    - Hotel Ibis Seoul 
    - Hotel Sunshine 
    - BEST WESTERN Premier Gangnam 

    As for in Jeju Island,
    - Backpackers in Jeju 

    For itinerary, I could briefly listed down as below:

    Night time:
    - Seoul Tower
    - Hongdae
    - Jim-jil-bang

    Day time:
    - Gyeongbok Palace
    - Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, Insadong
    - Theme Park
    - Itaewon Street- Shopping & Food Paradise

    - Cheonggyecheon
    - Daehangno- Seoul's Lively Theater District

    You could flexibly change according to your schedule :)

    I wish you plan well your trip, if you have more detail question, you could email me, and we could discuss about it :)


  32. all the way from vegasMarch 22, 2012 at 3:21 PM

    9 of us are mosy-ing over to seoul in couple of weeks..

    1) at seoul metro station, where's the must eat restaurants or food there
    2) where can we go eat a "official" korean meal like they serve at that president hotel. alas, we don't want to spend $$$$ to each but still want the experience, do you have any suggestions? it'd be nice if it's close to a metro exit too..

    3) for the jim-jil-bag, is that dragon one good for us? we got like 4 kids all below 10 with us LOL.

    4) over at the wolmido island near ICN airport, there's a lot of restaurants to eat seafood, which ones are reccommended that korean nationals go..again, we on a budget.

    5) at the korean fish and seafood auction market, which restaurants is good and also do we have choices on how our seafood is cooked or do they just do whatever they want? and if we have choices, which one should we tell them?

    5b) only 1 want to eat live octopus from fish market, is there a way for me to do that without buying entire octopus?

    5c) which fish is good to buy for eating raw at the fish market? i know of ahi/tuna, but dunno what is good in korea

    6) what other place we must eat at in seoul that the korean nationals all want to eat at that's not "touristy"..

    comme-sammi-daaaa LOL

  33. Hi Joe,

    Really glad that you coming to South Korea soon!

    I could recommend some places for your questions.

    1)you probably like it Myoungdong Kyoja,

    2)This is what i could suggest for the question, Hansongjun Restaurant (한송정) located in Anyang, south of Seoul.

    3)Yeah, dragon hill is the good one, all of you can get it. :)

    4) In Wolmido Island, I couldnt recommend which is the best one, but you could look around in the famous list :)

    5a)I am not sure which restaurant is good but I can say that most of the restaurant allow the way you choose to cook, they will suggest some ways to cook but if you like you could ask them to cook less spicy or soup or fried. I recommend you follow their suggestions.

    5b)I think you could buy the small octopus or go to other restaurant that you could order by portion.

    5c)You could try spider crab but not for raw eating. For horse crab, it is in small size, you can eat it raw with spices, the chef will make for you.

    6) CHAM SUT GOL - one of the Best korean beef in Seoul - located: 19 2nd floor, Mugyo-dong, Jung-gu 140-749, Seoul

    if you like, you could check out this or or or

    all these are quite famous :)

    I hope these will be helpful for you and all the readers and wish you enjoy your trip in Korea ;)

  34. Hi Lex
    Thanks for your information really useful just want to ask You as i am going to Seoul next week for exhibition but I will take 3 days free time for me to look around seoul and enjoying the city as I am alone can u recommend me personal tour guide to bring me around as I hv check few travel agency and they always require for two persons to go.

  35. Hi,

    I might can help you, please email me about where you wanted to go, we could discuss.. :)

  36. Hi Lex,
    I'm planning to purchase ground tour from my local agent. A 6days 5nights package which include places as follows:
    Day 1: incheon china town, incheon landing operation memorial hall, nami island and chuncheon myeongdong.
    Day 2: to Mt Sorak national park, shinheungsa temple,teddy bear farm, Daepohaeng fish market, Hajodae Light House and Odaesan Ginseng Spa.
    Day3: visit everland + safari and Dongdaemun market.
    Day 4: Deoksugeum palace, sarangchae, National ginseng shop, herbal shop, kimchi making session.
    Day 5: in Jeju island for Youngduan rock, Mysterious road, Seongsan ilchulbong, Seongeup Village, Oedolgae, Orange farm and Cheonjiyeon waterfalls.
    Days 6: return to Incheon, visit Shinchon lady market.

    What do you think about the above itinerary? I'm thinking of extending stay and would like your reconmendation where/whatelse i must not miss. And how many days do i need to cover all those places?
    Appreciate your soonest reply as my flight is on the 16May12.


    1. Good sharing. Ginseng is used in traditional and herbal medicine to improve energy levels and concentration. Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer is one of the most well-studied species of ginseng with more than 70 published papers citing its various health promoting benefits. Read more at:

  37. Hi Sandra,

    I am glad to hear that you are heading to Korea soon.

    Your itinerary is well planned, and it look really good. thanks for sharing the itinerary, it will be helpful for others reader.

    I suggest that you could extend one more day in Seoul, so that your trip will be more relax and you could enjoy the most. Please remember you can just hop in to Korean Sauna & spa, Jim-jil-bang when you get tired ;)

    If you have another half day, it is worth for a visit to Korean Demilitarized Zone, that might be interesting for you.

    You could take a visit to Busan by express train from Seoul. It is a great city around the amazing beach. you could spend another 2 or 3 days at there, enjoying the seafood, fish market, light house, the ocean & beach, the awesome bridge view, temple, nightlife around the beach.

    I hope you going to have a great trip to South Korea.


  38. Hi Lex,

    Your blog is useful! =)
    i am going to Seoul this Sept with family (parents and kids). we are into eating (authentic Korean food) and sightseeing and shopping.

    we have one 10mths old baby with us. not sure whether is advisable to bring baby to jjimjilbang, palace and also, jeju island? i would love to try the Dragon hill jjimjilbang!

    where to get ginseng?

  39. Hi,

    Nice to know that my blog is benefit you =)

    I am glad that you are coming to Korea as well! A 10months old baby, I think it is quite important to have a good time with photo and video with baby! Even you couldn't really rush your itinerary, but worth it =)For Jimjilbang, if you take care the safety of the Baby, that would be fine.

    You could get ginseng in Seoul Ginseng shop but if you have time, I suggest you go to Geumsan Insam (Ginseng) festival, located at
    "Chungcheongnam-do Geumsan-gun Geumsan-eup Sindae-ri 392
    Geumsan Insam(Ginseng) Museum"
    You could get and taste different kind of ginseng in that festival.

    Check this out

    Plan well your trip and have a great family vacation in Korea!

  40. Hi Lex, thanks for the recommended places for visit:)
    Im visiting seoul 6th august this year for a week. Is the weather goin to be as hot as it is in singapore? Also, i wil be travellng with hubby and a 2 year old and 4 year old. We wil be staying in Somerset palace apartments, how wld you suggest we plan our itinery? Many thanks:)


  41. Hi Lex,

    Thank you for your review.

    I would be heading for Korea on the 10 of sept 2012 - 14 Sept tgt with my hubby.

    Would like to know where can I get the fresh raw seafood/crab?
    And where are the local fish markets in seoul?

    Would like to have an English speaking guide that can navigate us around.

    If you have any contacts do let me know. :)

    please email me at

    Thank you.

  42. Hi Sheryl,

    Great to hear that you heading to Korea soon.

    I will get back to you soon. :)

    Hi Stephanie,

    You too.

    I will get back to you soon.


  43. Hi Lex!
    My name is Zayda and I am from Colombia, I currently live in the US and I'm moving to Seoul next month. I want to thank you for this blog, reading it has made me very excited to go there. Thanks!

  44. Hi Zayda,

    Great to hear from you that you moving to Seoul soon!

    I strongly believe that you going to love it ;)

    Take your chance to explore Seoul, the soul of Asia ;)


  45. Hi Lex, any local guide that can help bring us around who speaks english ? It will be great as I have difficulties planning the itinery .. haha my email is , feel free to contact me on the details of the local tour.

  46. Hi Lex,

    We are planning for our trip to Seoul in Dec and thinking where to stay.
    Any 4-5 star hotel and any good shopping or warehouse shopping area to recommend?


  47. Dear Lex,
    Thank you so much for your useful info. and time spent in making your info. available.
    Plan to visit Seoul next month, 7 adults (one senior) and 3 young children (1, 5, & 7 yrs old).
    Can we fit into 2 International Taxi?
    (First time using Blogger!)
    Thank you again.

  48. Hi Sunny,

    Great to hear that!

    You could shop in any places like Hongdae area, Namdaemun, Dongdaemun, Insadong or even itaewon.

    For Korea's trendiest shopping area,Myeong-dong is the place to go! Take subway line no. 4 and get off Myeong-dong station.

    For luxury hotels, I urge you to look into this list,
    - Lotte Hotel Seoul
    - Fraser Suites Seoul
    - The Westin Chosun Seoul
    - Ramada Hotel and Suites Seoul Namdaemun
    - Park Hyatt Seoul
    - The Shilla Seoul

    Wish you have a great trip to South Korea! ;)


  49. Hi Sunee,

    Great! Welcome to Korea soon!

    For your casa, probably not going to fit with 2 international Taxi!

    I suggest you all to take Jumbo Taxi and only one Jumbo Taxi could fit all of you!

    You could locate the Jumbo Taxi at incheon Airport Platform 5C.

    I wish you all the best for your Korea Trip!


  50. hye lex!
    i'll be going to seoul this friday.may i know how is the weather there?and what should i wear?i know that the temperature is between 16-25 but i really need to know is it really cold since im from malaysia and im not used to cold weather.i cant even stand the cameron highland's weather at night.i shivered and worse,i got fever during the last visit to cameron highland.seems like i really cant stand cold weather.thank u very much.

  51. Hi Waniey,

    I am glad you are coming to Korea soon!

    Well, for day time I suggest you to wear at least a sweater or jacket with long sleeve shirt and you will be fine with it but sometime in noon you might feel hot, then long sleeve Shirt would be more than enough.

    For the night time you need more cloths as night time will be colder and sometime windy. Make sure you wear sock too :)

    Also get an umbrella in case is rain.

    I wish you have a great trip to Korea this Friday :)


  52. Hye LeX!

    thanks for the info.really appreciate it =)

  53. hai iam fron sabah malaysia and i am going to seoul in march 2013... where and what do you suggest i do there....i travel with suggest places to stay and eat.

  54. Hi Nana,

    Good do hear that you coming to Korea soon!

    As for the strategic place to stay, I suggest,
    - Astoria Hotel
    - Uljiro Co-op Residence
    - Doulos Hotel
    - Hotel Ibis Seoul
    - Hotel SunShine
    - Best Western Premier Gangnam

    For the good meal, I suggest you can go to Itaewon street, there are so many restaurants, included international restaurant.

    I wish you and your kids will enjoy the stay!

    Do remember to take them to EVERLAND or LOTTEWORLD! ;)


  55. Hi Lex.

    This is the best review I have ever read.

    My family and I (4 adult and 1 infant) are travelling to Seoul from Malaysia for the first time end of this Dec. Should be winter at this period right?

    Currently I'm doing some homework for our 5 days vacation want to make the most of it. Can you advise itinerary for this 5 days trip? I was planning to go to Jeju island too!

  56. Hi Emi,

    Really glad that it help your planning to Korea soon! :)

    I believe it will be one of the best trip for your family and yeah! you right, it will be winter - winter cloth is needed.

    Good trip need a good plan as well, you can send me your itinerary and I will be happy to advice and give suggestions on your planning :)

    Yes! Jeju island!


  57. Hi Lex!
    Excellent post and great reccomendations! I'll be visiting Seoul and jeju island in December for 8 days with a tour but I'll extend my stay there for 3 more nights and it'll be great if you could enlighten me with the mode of public transport there and the charges?
    I'm also planning a visit to Yoido, is there anything to see there or neighboring towns with interesting places to visit?

  58. Hi Calamaari,

    Great to hear that you are heading to Korea soon ;)

    Is good if you extend your stay to explore more about Korea.

    You could go around Seoul with bus, subway, taxi and even walking.
    Subway cost 1000won without traffic card and 900won with traffic card.
    City Buses cost from 1000won or below without traffic card and 900won or below with traffic card.

    The best is to use subway go around Seoul ;)

    As for Jeju? Rent a car is the best way ;) Cost about 70000won

    Yoido or Yeouido, you could take a walk in Yeouido park, relaxing your mind after tired travel, evening enjoy the view of sunset with building 63 ;) you could visit building 63 as well ;)

    You shouldnt miss the streets of Hongik University, Hongdae ;)

    I bet you will enjoy Korea!

    Happy Travel!


  59. I like south Korea too much and i wish i could travel their specially the destination which you have mentioned if you are able to get flights for pakistan i invite you to visit hilly areas of Pakistan which are famous for hiking trails and climbing on glaciers.

  60. Hi LeX. Thank you so much for the post ! It helps a lot. I'm from Msia and I'll be visiting Seoul this coming Sunday. Since my flight is on Saturday, so I'll be arriving on Sunday morning. I've been searching a lot and since the map is in Korean so there are not much that I can understand. I'll be staying at a hotel somewhere near Olympic Park therefore I've been thinking if the place is quite near to all of the places that you have been listed especially the Daehangno ?
    Thank you. (:

  61. Hi Farah,

    Thanks and good to hear that was helpful.

    I think staying near Olympic Park is great as long as it is accessible to Subway.

    I wish you have a great trip.


  62. Hi there Lex!

    I'm really amazed by not only the reviews you did, but most importantly you've been so helpful with the questions that has been asked all these time. Kudos to you! i will be visiting korea in Feb. my wife has been bugging me to buy more heat-retaining inner shirt and inner pants. i keep wondering, are they really unnecessary? is it REALLY that cold at that time? do most ppl wear inner-pants during winter in korea?

  63. Hi,

    Great question!

    Honestly, it depend. I do understand sometime is uncomfortable to wear inner clothes but for people that not used to below 0 degree celcuis is recommended to wear it. For those that used to old, they may skip inner pant.

    Or you not going to spend so much activities outdoor, you may skip inner pant.

    Do remember to bring some medicine for flu too. :-)

    i bet you will enjoy korea!

    wish you have a great trip in korea soon!
    stay warm.


  64. Hi,

    Stumble upon ur blog as I was searching for tips. Great work. I m planning for a Korea trip on this April and I heard bout the yellow dust. Was wondering whether will it affect the travel period. I don't wan to go and end up stay in hotel for most of my trip.

  65. Hi,

    Really great question!

    It usually happen during Spring season between March to May.

    The yellow dust usually only last for 2 to 3 days.

    It happen quite random in Spring but is predictable.

    I suggest you to check the forecast at
    The forecast will available starting March.

    Wish you have a great trip in South Korea this coming spring. :)

    Spring is one of the best season!



  66. Dear Lex,

    Thank you so much. oh ya, if you don't mind .. would you able to advise whether should i make a trip down to Jeju or Busan as i would be in Korea for 8 days.

    If yes, where should i go? Jeju or Busan?

    thank you so much :)

  67. Hi Lex,

    I will be travelling to Seoul from 28 Mar till 6 April. I am wondering what to wear as i heard the weather can be very cold in early morning and night...

    Are those winter jacket with padding required? or a wool jacket will be sufficient?

    Btw,I'm from Singapore so not very used to cold weather. Thanks!

  68. Hi there,

    Travelling 8 days to Korea, wanted to visit Jeju or Busan?

    It depends on your travel interest.
    Jeju would be the one of the best if travel in the Spring season. I suggest you choose Jeju if you very interested in see the beauty of mother earth nature and hike a little.

    Busan would be best if you visit in Summer. Busan have one of the largest beach, great sea view, night life city.

    I hope my suggestions are helpful :)

    Wish you all have a great trip in Korea!


  69. Hi,

    Since you are travelling in Spring season to South Korea. It is temperature expected to be in the range of 0 - 13 Celsius.

    I suggest wool jacket, leather Jacket or thick sweater would be enough and if at that time you feel is not enough, you could wear more layers before the jacket. A pair of grove, inner clothes would be helpful especially for people from tropical countries :)

    Please enjoy Spring in Korea and stay warm.



  70. Hi,
    lex,i n my wife are coming down to korea this 27april n it should be in spring season..i saw a picture of uleung island seaside road n daedun mountain suspension bridge n it look im staying near samgakji station izit far n how can i get to this nature places n do i need any tour guide as im going to korea free n easy..
    best regard Bobby from spore

  71. Hi Bobby,

    Good to hear that you heading to Korea soon!

    Those two places are attractions! But Daedunsan and Ulleung Island are quite far from Seoul.

    Daedunsan is located between Daejeon and Jeonju while Ulleung Island is located on the sea between Japan and Korea.

    To go to Daedunsan, from Seoul you need to go to Daejeon Seobu intercity bus Terminal and take a bus to Daedunsan. The journey going to take about 3 to 4 hours.

    To go to Ulleung Island, you need to get to Pohang Ferry terminal and take a ferry to the island. It will be a very long trip.

    Please let me know if you need more detail.

    You can email me alextyl[a]gmail[.]com



  72. Hi lex
    I know that korea have alot of bbq outlet,i like to try 1 but im a muslim n cant eat what u suggest any bbq places without pork or did i choose what i want? N how the xpences in dondaemun isit xpensive?
    Txs rina

  73. Hi Rina,

    Really a lot of BBQ restaurants in Seoul. I think you can go to any restaurant that provide BBQ, then ask for beef, they will prepare everything without pork. :)

    I think the living expenses in Dondaemun is affordable. :)

    So, are you heading to korea soon? :)


  74. Hi Lex, I stumbled upon your blog and thought that you must be a very experienced person with South Korea. Could you please assist me in the following: 1) I have 14 days in South Korea - Taking 4 days to explore Jeju. For the remaining days, I do not just want to stay at Seoul. Any recommendations of other places?
    2) I would like to have recommendations of restaurants the local go to in Seoul and Jeju? - Do you have any listings? We want local food so that we can experience the culture first hand.

    Appreciate any help


  75. Hi Catherine,

    Great to hear from you.

    I suggest you to explore Busan, it is a dynamic place to visit! Learn more here

    In Seoul, I recommend
    - cutlassfish- 50years, KBS broadcasting in Namdaemun Market
    - Korean traditional Ginseng Chicken soup near city hall

    In Jeju, I recommend
    - GwangWon restaurant
    - Goendangne Restaurant

    Catherine, please enjoy your trip well in South Korea! I bet you will have a blast there!

    If you need more detail, please email me at alextyl[a]gmail[dot]com


  76. Hi Lex! Thanks so much for ur blog. My friend and I are coming to south korea on 1st of april for 3days and we'll sure try the 10things when we r there:) thank u so much.. Khadija

  77. Hi Lex,

    Come across your blog the 2nd time after searching quite a while.1st time i lost it. Now i had put it in my bookmark list.hahah..
    Need your and my siblings will be backpacking to Korea on 1st of Oct.There are 3 of us.So,we are planning to stay in 1 of the cheap hotel in Jamsil near to subway. May i know whether is it wise to stay in Jamsil in terms of the location?Cause other common places that are near to tourist attraction like Myungdong, Hongdae and Dangdaemun are quite expensive and lots of them are fully booked.
    Read through your blog on festival in korea,im really excited to go and watch the lantern festival which is in Jinju Namgang River.Can you suggest how we can get there from Jamsil? Is it far?Thought that its easier for us to take subway rather than bus..huhu...
    Our trip might be 8-9,after sightseeing in Seoul we are planning to go either to Jeju Island or Nami Island. May i know which one is better?Oh..btw,can u suggest where we can visit apple/orange farm? Cause im from KL M'Sia,im eager to pluck those fruit with my own much influenced by KDrama..Hope we are lucky to be able to met SNSD or Running Man cast while we are there..Really appreciates your soonest reply..Tqvm in for the great blog!-mie

  78. Hi Khadija,

    I am sure you will enjoy your time in South Korea! ;)



  79. Hi Mie,

    Thanks! I really appreciated your feedback! I am glad this article help your planning!

    In term of staying, I think I might can help you. Please email me alextyl[at]gmail[dot]com and let me know your budget, we could work around. :)

    Oh yes! Lantern festival in Korea is one of the colourful festival! but if you stay at Seoul, it will be very far since the location is at very southern of Korea! I would recommend visit there if you plan to visit Jeju Island.

    About the apple picking experience, I would suggest you all visit Yesan Apple wine festival which is nearly southern of Seoul. Very good atmosphere and experience how to make apple jam as well. email me if you need more details.

    If time is allow, I suggest you to go for Jeju island! You will be amaze by the beauty of nature!

    I bet it will be a great Korea trip for you and your friends! Anything else? email me. :)


  80. hi lex!

    I'm Sheila from Qatar and I'm planning to visit Seoul on Aug 2013 for 5 days. I really appreciate how you take time to answer the the things that they ask you. Hope you can also answer my questions.

    1. Is August a rainy season in Seoul?
    2. How safe is it to stroll around Seoul at night?
    3. How can i get to Nami island? or is it still possible for the 5 day trip?
    4. How can i get to seoul olympic stadium?
    5. can you recommend a hotel that also gives city tour or an agency that gives city tour
    6. do train stations operate 24 hours?

    Thank you very much Lex and i hope you can respond to my querries.

    Hope you can help more travellers who wish to visit South Korea.

  81. Hi lex,im goin to korea 25apr with my wife goin der for 8days..tot of goin busan n isit possible to go to these place for a day, goin in the morning n back at nite coz i already book 8days hotel in can i get to busan,tel me in details with transport price..n 1more thing isit realy cold during apr to may? Txs lex,imran

  82. Hi Sheila,

    How are you doing? Good to hear that!
    I will do my best to answer your queries.

    1. August might not a rainy season but it might be windy.
    2. South Korea is one of the safest country in the world. So, walking around in the night would be alright as long as walk on the bright path way.
    3. You need to take trains, bus and ferry to go Nami Island from Seoul. It is still possible but Visit Nami Island might take you more than half day.
    4. You could easily take line 2 subway to Sports Complex station
    5. Sure, please kindly email me for more details at alextyl[@]gmail[.]com
    6. Seoul subway operate from 530am to 1200am daily.

    If you have more question, please email me.

    Happy Planning!



  83. Hi Imran,

    How is your planning so far?

    It is possible to visit Busan in a day but it maybe quite tiring to do that. It will cost about 45 USD in one way with high speed train and arrived in about 2.5 hours.

    It is Spring season in April and May, so it is not very cold but a jumper or jacket is necessary.

    If you could Spare another day in Busan, that would be better. There are so much to visit in Busan.

    Wish you have a great planning!



  84. Hi lex ,txs for the reply i would love to stay der more days bt it will be a waste for my hotel..hehe for the tickets where n how can i buy it..? Txs lex,imran

  85. Hi Imran,

    You could book your train ticket at

    Enjoy your trip in Korea!


  86. Hi lex,
    just wanna ask u im going to korea at end of april will it still be in spring n how is 15deg in korea izit cold or warm n if its warm do i still need a jacket? Txs

  87. Hi,

    Great to hear from you!
    15 degree is kind of cold especially for people come from Tropical countries. At least a jacket is necessary especially during early morning and night.

    Have a great trip!


  88. Hi,
    IM glad to chance upon your website and hope you can provide me some advise.

    IM looking at these 3 stay but not sure which is a better location. Fraser suites central, Fraser Place central or Fraser place insadong.

    Lotte and Everland which is more suitable for children?

    Is there any guesthouse to recommend near subway station at myeong song? Or a place situated near local shopping area?

    How long is the journey from ICN to Gimpo airport and the transport fees? And how long journey from Arex train to Seoul and fees.

    Is there a place where I can find info on airport limousine to hotels area?

    Greatly appreciate your advice with this.


  89. Hi Lynn,

    Great that you are heading to Seoul with your family!

    In term of location, Fraser Suites central is better situated and easy to locate any other place in Seoul with Subway.

    From my experience, Lotte world would be more suitable for kids since, the designs of the theme are very dramatic.

    For the guesthouse, I can give you a hand :) please email me at alextyl[@]gmail[.]com

    From Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport, it takes 34 minutes and cost only 3650 won per person. As to Seoul station, takes 55 minutes and cost 4050 won per person.

    Sure, this is the airport website that you could find buses platform. Just after get out of the arrival gate, follow the buses sign to the buses terminal.

    You are more than welcome, Lynn.



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  91. Hi Lex,
    I was planning for going to Korea in next year. Maybe on the end of February until March. About 1 week i guess. I'm planning for going to both Seoul and Busan (if possible). There's any transport for going from Seoul to Busan ? I'm a bit worried if I don't know which transport should I take when arrived at Seoul. There's any cheaper hotel that suit for a student/teenager like me ? The one that not very expensive. I'm planning for going there with my li sister and my friend too maybe. This is my email and I hope that you can give some info as many as you can :) ( )Thank you!

    Greeting for Malaysia,

  92. Hi Syeera,

    Great to hear that you will be Korea next year!

    I will get back to you through your email :)



  93. Hi Lex,
    I'm planning go to korea at 3july-10july. I'm planning for going jeju an seoul, 4days in seoul an 3days in jeju. Can you give me recommendations what place to go and what must eat and transportationi already booked hotel near myeongdong but havent booked hotel in jeju.. My email is Thank you..


  94. Hi! This is one the best guides iv'e seen. I think you got the namdaemun description and the dongdaemun switched up.. I visit korea often and have been to both places multiple times. Thanks just to inform you! ^^

  95. Hi Lex,

    I am exploring the idea to come to Korea for a family holiday. Few concerns i have that i hope you could advise me.
    1. i have a 7 months infant (10 months if i plan to come visit in October 13'). So may i ask is it child friendly for the places you mentioned? Are they nursing room in the malls?
    2. Pardon my ignorance, but can i ask if Seoul is affected by the Japan radiation? As in any such report of high radiation?
    3. How can we travel from Seoul to Jeju? Will it be very cold in mid october at Jeju?

    Please advise, and looking to visit korea.


  96. Hi,

    I'll be going to Korea (both Seoul and Busan) for 6 days this coming September and your blog has been very helpful! Got a lot of tips from here! :)

  97. Hi Celine,

    For infant friendly places, I would suggest Palaces, Mall, Tower, theme park and Jimjilbang. These places provides nursing room :)

    For the radiation, Korea is safe from it. :)

    The weather could be cold a little bit, sweaters could warm you up especially in morning and night.

    You could reach Jeju with flight or long travel to Busan and take a ferry.

    I hope you and your family going have a wonderful trip in Korea :)



    Thanks to Soc for your comment, I really appreciated it!

  98. As i was planning for my trip in South Korea, i got better tips from your blog,thanks a lot.

  99. Hi Lex,

    We will be heading Seoul fr 7-14 Sept, will it be autumn by then or still in summer phase?

    What is the latest timing that we should be back to our hotel? Like is it safe to stay out late?


  100. Hi Lex,

    Thanks for sharing so much wonderful information with everyone!

    Is it possible to visit JeonJu in one day? :)

  101. Hi Doris,

    Great to hear that you heading to Seoul soon :)

    At that time, it will be in the transition to Autumn. So, it probably going to be cold in the morning and night, warm in the afternoon. With jumper or sweater will be fine.

    Seoul is one of the safest cities in the world. It will be fine all night long as long as you are not alone and on the streets with light :)

    Hope this is helpful information for you.


  102. Hi there,

    Thanks for your comment, really appreciated it.

    For Jeonju, a day is possible. 2 days would be better to experience it with locals.

    I hope you could take a visit to Jeonju :)


  103. Hi Lex,

    Thank you for your great advice! Really appreciate it and hope to enjoy Seoul as it will be our first time travelling there! Still struggling with the last minute planning of itinerary!

    Thank you once again!


  104. Www.jenicejoy.wordpress.comSeptember 6, 2013 at 7:09 AM

    I love this post, i will definitely include this in our itinerary!

  105. Hi Lex

    I will be travelling to korea on 10th - 17th jan 14, is there any must-go places that you can recommend to visit during winter?
    I was thinking of going to jeju or busan for 2 days, but read your earlier comment that it is more suitable for spring n autumn. Your recommendation?

    Ps: is one layer of inner wear wear enough to keep warm? I am from singapore and really scare of cold.

    Thank in advance for your sharing !

    Marilyn (:

  106. Hi Marilyn,

    Great to hear from you!

    Skiing is a must in winter if you havent try yet! There are many festivals as well!
    Check this out :)

    If you have an option, spend do spend a relaxing time in Seoul and heading to Busan and Jeju next time.

    For the inner wear, you need more than an inner wear like winter jacket. Gloves and winter cap :) especially for those that live in tropical country.

    Really? Singapore is a very modern city!

    Sure, and I hope it help your planning :)


  107. Hi Lex,

    My friends and me are planning to go Korea this end May to early june. A couple of them will be spending their bdays and I am wondering if there are any recommended place to us to celebrate for them?


  108. Hi James,

    Good to hear that you going to Korea! I am sure that you all going to have a great birthdays celebration!

    For the celebration, I would suggest you all should go to Multi-activity room in Korean called 멀티롬. You all can sing, watch movie, eat, play games inside the room.

    These are the places you could try,

    - 엠플레이 (Mplay) - Hongdae, Gangnam, Sincheon station, Seoul Uni station
    - 스마일 멀티방 (Smile Multi-room)- Sincheon station, Seoul Uni Station, Si-rim station, Konkuk Univ. Station
    - 멀티플러스 (Multi-plus)- Hongdae, Konkuk Univ. Station

    You can find this kind of room at other place but you need to remember it in Korea 멀티롬! Then you can easily find it :)

    If you need recommendation on your stay in Korea, please check out here :)
    Stay recommendation in Korea

    Hope it helps and happy planning!


  109. Hi Lex!

    I'll be visiting Seoul and Busan during the first week of July. May I know how will the weather be like during that period? Does it usually rain very often or very heavily? Also, will it be very hot and humid, making it difficult / uncomfortable for outdoor activities?

    Thanks a lot in advance! :)

    1. Hi There,

      Good to hear from you that you are heading to South Korea this coming July.

      The weather in July and August usually is the warmest and humid months in Korea. However, the temperature and humidity are still not as high as the weather in Southeast Asia. If you are Southeast Asian, you will be fine with it.

      As for the rain, it is more likely to happen compare to other months but since you will be there only at the beginning of July, I think rainfall would be minimum.

      These advices are solely based on my experiences, for the best forecast, kindly check this

      If you need a recommendation on your stay in Korea, please check out here :)
      Stay recommendation in Korea

      Happy planning!


  110. Hi Lex,

    I'm planning a 1 week trip to South Korea either in July or September. Will be flying into Seoul. It's my first visit, what places do you recommend I should visit. Also please recommend places where local people go and eat and good places at night, i hear that Hongdae is good.

    Many Thanks Lex.

    1. Hi There,

      Good to hear that you are coming to Korea! if it is one full week, I would suggest you go to Busan as well :)

      In Seoul, Namdaemun, Dongdaemun and Insadong are where you will see a lot of local people as well as awesome local foods! And of course the Hongdae for shopaholic and night life owl! ;)

      In Busan as well, you can visit famous fish market and Haeundae area for night life! Check out 10 places must visit in Busan.

      If you looking for great places to stay as well, please fill in the form at Stay Recommendation. We will assist you :)

      Thanks and happy planning!


  111. Hi Lex,

    I'm going to Seoul on the 9th - 15th June. Other than visiting the Seoul Tower, Hongdae... I would also like to stay in a Jiimjibang too. Any recommendations for clean and friendly one?

    1. Hi Slim,

      Great to hear from you! I am sure you will enjoy your stay in Seoul!

      As for the Jimjilbang, it is a place that nobody would one to miss if visiting Korea! Dragon hill Jimjilbang is one of the best in Seoul! Check it out

      Thanks and happy planning!


  112. Hi there

    I enjoy reading your post and I need some advise from you. I am going to Seoul with a friend for 9 days this coming early July.

    I am planning my itinerary but got stress up with the train system as I plan to go Busan once we get off from the plan in the morning. Can you please advise on some tips to play around on the transports to get to Busan?

    1. Hi Penny,

      Thanks! Appreciated your comment!

      For the transportation from Seoul to Busan, you have 3 options:
      - Flight from Gimpo airport - can be easily get there by subway from Incheon airport (takes about same time going with train - a little expensive)
      - KTX bullet train from Seoul Station - easily get there by subway as well (take almost the same time as taking flight - cheaper)
      - Express Bus from Bus station - can be locate by subway but need to transfer subway stations ( cheaper but take longer time)

      Taking KTX is the best choice!

      Penny, what kind of trouble that you are facing? Please let me know and I will see how can i help you.

      Email me here ALEXTYL[a]

      Cheers and happy planning!


  113. do you think its better to get a travel package tour or explore korea on your own?

    1. Hi,

      It depends if you have time to do the planning or not.

      Taking travel package is a good option to go if you do not have time to do planning. The package help you arrange almost everything and you no need to worry about the schedule but, it is going to be less flexible and maybe will be quite rushed.

      While plan by yourself, it is necessary to spend some effort and time to make a good plan. In the mean time, you going to learn a lot more about Korea, you have a lot of flexibility and a hand on experience in exploring new places. If you travelling with friends or family, it may strengthen your bonding with them.

      I would suggest to explore Korea by yourself, take the challenge :)

      Cheers and happy planning!

      If you need recommendation on stays, kindly fill in the form below,


  114. Thanks for sharing your experiences, along with the pretty cool pictures!!

  115. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hi Allan,

      I am getting back to you.

      I have to delete your comment because you put your personal email in the comment, as to protect your identity. :)



  116. hi, Lex,
    planning to go to korea next yr. so, how many days will be enough in korea including going to jeju island?

    1. The best period would be 12 days or even more if you want to visit 3 major cities in South Korea :)

      If you need some advice, I am happy to help :)

      Kindly email me > alextyl[a]gmail[.]com

  117. Hi Lex, Super tips!!! I love Dragon hill spa, it's such a special place to go!

    1. Thanks! I believed you have tried the hot sauna and warm spa ;)

  118. Hi, Lex!
    Your guide helped me a lot! So this 19th December I will be visiting Korea for about a week or so. Yay! Lol okay, i am going with my family that includes me, my husband, and two teenagers. We are only visiting South Korea (Seoul) and Nami Island, I think. So can you give me suggestions to where I and my family should visit and how cold it is around 19 Dec? Ah, I also wanted to visit a mountain. I was thinking Mt. Sorak but, which one is near from Seoul and have a nice view, with snow possibly? Thankyou so much, Lex!

    1. Glad this article helps!

      These 10 places are the one you shouldn't miss in Seoul! The temperature will be around +5 to -10 degree, please make sure you have warm clothes for that :)

      I think you will see snow scenery around Mt. Sorak or you can visit Ski resort :)

      Hope these help :)


    2. Thanks for your help! And by the way, will it be snowing in Seoul?

    3. It may snow, but is un-predicable due to climate change and weather condition :) Fingers crossed that it will snow during your visit :)

  119. Hi Lex

    I am going to Seoul with my boyfriend from 6 to 12 May and I am thinking if there is enough time to plan a trip to Jeju or we should focus on Seoul.


    1. Hi Natalie,

      Great to know about it!

      It will depends on when you arrived and leave South Korea. If it is early morning, you still could do a 2 days Jeju tour. Else, I would suggest to focus on Seoul :)

      Hope this is helpful.


    2. Hi Lex

      Thanks for the reply.

      We would arrive seoul in the late afternoon close to evening and going back around late afternoon. We should just focus on seoul.

      Is there any advise on the clothings for this period?



    3. Hi Janice,

      Great decision! For the clothing, it can be quite cold at this period of time since it is in the transition of seasons. I would suggest you to bring something that can keep you warmer :)

      Enjoy Seoul!

  120. Seol Tower is the most beautiful place to visit in South Korea.

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