Thursday, August 18, 2011

Koreans Living in Canada Travelling Back Home

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I have many Korean friends around me. I remember one of my Korean friends actually went to Ontario, in Canada to learn English and spend some good times there. Suddenly, this incident drives some of my interest on how many Koreans are actually living in Canada. I started wondering about Koreans living in Canada and whether or not many of them travel home back to Korea. So, now I am going to share a little about Koreans in Canada.

In fact, Canada has the 4th largest population of Koreans in a Foreign Country in the world. China is in the 1st followed by US and Japan then Canada. Almost 300,000 Koreans currently live in Canada. I think this is a very interesting fact. For China, it is so true because China own the largest population in the world, while US are the most Foreign nation in the world, and Japan is nearest to Korea. However, how about Canada? 

Well actually, the largest number of Koreans in Canada is mainly due to the period when the weakness of the Canadian dollar relative to the US dollar helped Koreans migrant and save more in exchange rate. South Korea supplies the largest number of international students to Canada as well as Canada government granted VISA waiver for Korean Visitor. Since then the population of Korean in Canada boosted up. These are some pretty interesting facts.

I have another question! Do they really miss Korea? Do they ever miss their parent or friends in Korea? OH YES, they like anyone else that will think about their parents, friends and homeland. Even my Korean friends that live in Canada will back to Korea once or two annually. They often book flights or vacation packages back to Korea as they miss their parents, friends, Seoul, Traditional Culture, Korean Entertainment, festivals, Jim-Jil-Bang, Korean food and for family reunions as well! Koreans are really patriotic and love coming back to visit their country!

What I really wish is that all the Koreans living in Canada, China, US or any other countries, they could have chance to go back to their homeland. I believe most of their parents and friends really miss them!

This is the sharing of my thoughts; I hope you get to know about it.

Thank you. 

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  1. Here's an article on this type of family structure, called the wild geese family with an eagle or a penguin father/mother. I do not know if the Koreans find these terms derogatory but I have heard about it quite often.
    Another article about the wild geese family also mentioned why there are more and more Korean wild geese families in Canada instead of the US, noting that the American dream is now becoming more or less an American nightmare especially with all the violence, wrong international relation and financial crisis...

  2. Hi thank you so much for the insight!

    It seem to be quite true, let's hope for better world economy soon.

    Alright, hope you have the chance to visit korea in near future.


  3. Greetings Lex!

    What an informative blog! We will be travelling with our 3 year-old daughter early July next year. May i know the weather during the period? Is it possible for you to suggest any of friends studying there for ground arrangement.
    Please email me

  4. Hi Hidayah,

    Sure! I sent you an email!