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10 places must visit in Seoul, Korea

10 Places Must-Visit in Seoul, South Korea

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Discount & free tickets to R-16 International B-boy Festival at South Korea !

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The R16 World Bboy Championships & Urban Arts Festival was created in 2007 as a grand experiment to see if through the support of the government and a nation as a whole, youth created grassroots cultures like Hip Hop and B-boying can become a profitable and self sustaining industry that can embed itself within society and culture and maintain relevance in the minds of the mainstream and mass media here in Korea and the rest of the World. Through the generous support of the Korea Tourism Organization, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and this year the whole of the Metropolitan City of Incheon, a World Class festival and World Bboy Championships has been designed to celebrate and demonstrate the power of youth and the positive possibilities a gathering of this nature can create. We can show through this event and our through our dedication and passion, that while the rest of the world is embroiled in conflicts caused by prejudice and an inability to overcome their differences, we have come to settle our differences, unite ourselves and DANCE.

 R-16 x KANGOL Warm-Up PartyJuly 2nd (Fri)18:00~24:00LOTTE HOTEL WORLD / MEGA CC
 R-16 KOREA 2010 solo B-boy
 /Poppin/ Lockin Battle Contest
July 3rd (Sat)18:00~21:00OLYMPIC PARK / OLYMPIC HALL
 R-16 KOREA 2010 Crew B-boy
 performance& Battle Contes
July 4th (Sun)18:00~21:00 OLYMPIC PARK / OLYMPIC HALL
 R-16 KOREA 2010 Urban
 Arts Festival
July 3rd(Sat)
~ July 4th(Sun)

As for each event venue, is shown below: 

For more detail map on each location, please click below : 

Are you a international visitor or international students in South Korea? Planing some trip to South Korea? Available on 3-4 July? If  Yes! you are eligible to get discount & free passes for R-16 B-boy festival 2010! 

If you able to attend on both of the day, please log to R-16 International B-boy Festival website to register yourself! don't wait and do it now before it last!

Feel free to email me or leave some comments ; )  Thank you. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pottery I made in Ceramic Village, Korea

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Hi guys, had you browse through my previous post about Ceramic Village in Korea ? If you not yet, feel free to take a look how I manage to produce my own poetry with all my writing on the surface. I believe you see my nick name "LeX", chinese name "陈奕良" on the poetry. My hand writing somehow not that neat, but kind of artistic, Hahaha ! 

As for this photo is the another side of the pottery with my full name "Tan Yih Liang" Korean name "랙스" and at the bottom "soju" (Korean famous traditional alcohol drink). Actually this is the soju bottle, I slowly liking to drink soju with all my friends in Korea because is cheap and with high concentration of alcohol @_@. 

So, drop by at Korea to visit some exciting festival ( you can check it here ) , take a break to drink soju and make your own soju bottle  in Ceramic Village.  

If you do plan to make one for your-self too while you in Korea, please visit Icheon Ceramics Village 

Feel free to leave some comments. ; ) 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lonely Planet Featured Travel Blogger !!

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Need some advice? guideline to travel? want to know some travel experience before you go to the place? Then, you are coming to the right place! These all are the best world travel blogger! Relax and take your time to browse it ^_^
  • A Lady in London - The adventures of a 20-something Californian living a fabulous life in London     and traveling around the world.
  • Inside the Travel Lab - Exploring the art and science of unusual journeys. Professional writer Abigail King travels around the world.
  • Unpopped Collar - Travel, Social Entrepreneurship and my random adventures.
  • Ever The Nomad - Lonely Planet author based in New York but always on the road, blogging about all things travel.
  • Sophies World - Sophie wanders the world, mostly with kids, sometimes solo.
  • Big City Blog - Sold it all - house, car, (not my soul though) - and am now based in Amsterdam, travelling throughout Europe.
  • Freewheelings - Travel - Adventure - Life outside the box - Currently in Alaska.
  • I Moved To Africa - I moved to Africa, traveling, experiencing life on  a US Embassy compound and waiting for the recession to end.
  • Broke-Ass Stuart - We write for busboys, poets, social workers, students, artists, musicians, magicians, mathematicians, maniacs, yodelers and everyone else out there who wants to enjoy life not as a rich person, but as a real person. Namely, we write for you.
  • Brooke vs. the World - Brooke vs. the World is the rtw travel blog of a girl fulfilling her travel dreams one phase at a time.  Travel/living in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Guatemala and Australia (and more!).
  • Coconut Radio - Lonely Planet author based in French Polynesia but covering everywhere from South America to Southeast Asia & more.
  • My Bella Vita - A site about living and traveling in southern Italy, with a main focus on Calabria.
  • First Time Travels - This travel blog was created to help first-travelers as they embark on something different. It is an assurance for every tourist and traveler that even the most seasoned one has started out as a neophyte.
  • Send The Bugger Back - The travel log of a bugger ... this site covers my adventures in 30+ countries in 3 continents so far. 
  • Museum Chick - I am a expat New Yorker living in Paris. I visit museums, art and special events around the world. I share my travel photos, stories about museum visits and art spotting with cultural information. I also have a MuseumKid section for parents. 
  • The Planet D - The world is one big adventure playground and Dave and Deb want to prove to other travelers that you don't have to be an elite athlete to have an adventure. Their motto is "Anyone can do it!"
  • Travel With DenDen - About slow travel and sometimes expat experiences. At the moment focusing on Europe, mainly Switzerland.
  • Destination Anywhere - Sshiksa blog is a travel and photography blog, covering so far Mexico, Cuba, UK & Ireland and Morocco. I'm a 27 year old Estonian woman and the blog is about my travels the way i experience them, not so much as a guidebook or "how-to".
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  • A Traveler's Library - Travel and books and movies that inspire travel;2nd blog: Quincy Tahoma, Navajo artist.
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  • Jeroxie - Addictive & Consuming - All about food and reviews in Melbourne and our travels around the world. happy to take travellers around on an eating adventure. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

2PM 1st Concert Ever !!

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Hi guys, heard about Korean Famous Boy Band "2PM" ? 
Their producer JYPE announce 2PM will hold their 1st solo ever concert in Seoul and Busan this coming July and August !  

The concert schedule : 

Seoul Concerts

Dates: July 31, 2010 (Sat) 7PM
August 1, 2010 (Sun) 5PMVenue: Olympics Gymnastics StadiumTicket Price: 
Section R 88,000 won / Section S 77,000 won / Section A 66,000 won

Busan Concerts

Dates:: August 7, 2010 (Sat) 7PM
August 8, 2010 (Sun) 5PMVenue:: Busan BEXCOTicket Price: : Section R 88,000 won / Section S 77,000 won

Ticket Reservations: Auction Ticket (1566-1369)

Ticketing Schedule

* Ticketing Schedule for 2nd HOTTEST Fanclub Members

Seoul Ticket Sales (Fanclub)
5/26(Wed) 7PM ~ 5/27(Thurs) 5PM

Busan Ticket Sales (Fanclub)
5/26(Wed) 8PM ~ 5/27(Thurs) 5PM

* Ticketing Schedule for the General Population

May 28, 2010 (Fri) 8PM

* People who are not 2nd HOTTEST members can get tickets during the ticketing schedule for the general population.

How to Purchase Tickets?

- Everyone must log in to Auction Ticket.
- When you click the "Reserve" button, a window for fanclub confirmation will pop up.
- Confirm by typing in your name and ID.

* All names and IDs used to confirm will be checked with the names and IDs that were used when applying to the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub no matter what.

For example: 

The name used when joining the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub: Hwang Chan Suk
Real name: Hwang Chan Sung
The name that should be used for ticketing confirmation: Hwang Chan Suk
* When typing in a Korean name, do not put any spaces in between character.

* For foreigners: You must type in the name and ID used when joining the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub to be confirmed.
Also, if you applied with an English name, a Chinese name, and a Japanese name at the same time, only the English name will be confirmed, so please fill out the form with your English name.

For Example : 

Name used when joining the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub: Kelly
Real name: Kecy
The name that should be used for ticketing confirmation: Kelly
* Your purchase will not be confirmed if you type "Kelly" in Korean.

If you joined the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub with a foreign name typed in Korean, please fill out the ticketing form in Korea.

For Example : 

Name used when joining the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub: 사쿠라
Real name: さくら
The name that should be used for ticketing confirmation: 사쿠라

- You can finish reserving your tickets by selecting your seat. 
(Maximum 4 reservations under 1 name)

This is to give fanclub members a chance to reserve tickets in advance. Those who cannot can reserve tickets during the general ticket sales.
Please read the concert notice carefully and be always on the lookout for possible changes.

Source: HOTTEST Daum Cafe

You can reserve the ticket here 2Pm Concert Ticket

If anyone need some help on the tickets issue, please let me know though my email on my profile page. See what can I do for you. 

Hope you can enjoy the 1st ever 2PM concert.

Thank you

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Korea Supermarket

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The Blogsherpa Travel Carnival #3: Foreign Food Finds

After I was few weeks staying in Daejeon, everyday taking the meals in the cafeteria, I think me and my friends should try to cook something by ourself and learning some Korean recipe. However, where should we go to shop for grocery? where is the best place to shop? 

HOME PLUS is one of the best Korea Supermarket to shop for grocery. As for the nearest Homeplus from Daejeon University is Tambang-dong. So, firstly we take a bus to Dae-dong subway station and take the subway to the Tambang station. After we arrive we can see the building of HOMEPLUS.  

Well, inside the homeplus have varieties of grocery to shop.




Different kind Vegetables too.


Meat Section : 


Big Squids

Shell Fish

This is special, it is cut squid with sweet and a little spicy source.  Customer allow to freely taste it before decided to buy. What a good service!  

As for us, we taste non-stop because it is delicious! yummy! There also different kind of side dishes can be taste before any purchase. 

The Chef is making the side dishes, they seem really expert.  

Haha! this is noodle with sup! But is cold x_x This was my 1st time to taste the cold noodles. It taste really weird for me. But at least we get to know this noodles for cold style cook. 



This one are some of our favourite, soju!! The Korean alcohol drink. It selling cheap in Homeplus!   

Finally, Ice-cream ; )

By comparing the Korea Supermarket to Malaysia Supermarket, some of the grocery is more expensive and some are more cheaper. Especially, Banana in Korea is very expensive ; alcohol drink in Malaysia is very expensive. Korea Supermarket is more bigger as for the grocery section, its also offer more choice. Particularly, more taste testing for Korea supermarket. 

Anyway if you interested about the Homeplus Korea Supermarket  please browse it ; ) 

For more interesting stuff about Foreign Grocery Market,
Please visit Jennifer Lo Prete at OrangePolkaDot.com   

The Blogsherpa Travel Carnival #3: Foreign Food Finds

Please stay tune with LeX Paradise .