Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Korea Supermarket

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The Blogsherpa Travel Carnival #3: Foreign Food Finds

After I was few weeks staying in Daejeon, everyday taking the meals in the cafeteria, I think me and my friends should try to cook something by ourself and learning some Korean recipe. However, where should we go to shop for grocery? where is the best place to shop? 

HOME PLUS is one of the best Korea Supermarket to shop for grocery. As for the nearest Homeplus from Daejeon University is Tambang-dong. So, firstly we take a bus to Dae-dong subway station and take the subway to the Tambang station. After we arrive we can see the building of HOMEPLUS.  

Well, inside the homeplus have varieties of grocery to shop.




Different kind Vegetables too.


Meat Section : 


Big Squids

Shell Fish

This is special, it is cut squid with sweet and a little spicy source.  Customer allow to freely taste it before decided to buy. What a good service!  

As for us, we taste non-stop because it is delicious! yummy! There also different kind of side dishes can be taste before any purchase. 

The Chef is making the side dishes, they seem really expert.  

Haha! this is noodle with sup! But is cold x_x This was my 1st time to taste the cold noodles. It taste really weird for me. But at least we get to know this noodles for cold style cook. 



This one are some of our favourite, soju!! The Korean alcohol drink. It selling cheap in Homeplus!   

Finally, Ice-cream ; )

By comparing the Korea Supermarket to Malaysia Supermarket, some of the grocery is more expensive and some are more cheaper. Especially, Banana in Korea is very expensive ; alcohol drink in Malaysia is very expensive. Korea Supermarket is more bigger as for the grocery section, its also offer more choice. Particularly, more taste testing for Korea supermarket. 

Anyway if you interested about the Homeplus Korea Supermarket  please browse it ; ) 

For more interesting stuff about Foreign Grocery Market,
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The Blogsherpa Travel Carnival #3: Foreign Food Finds

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  1. Nice Post Lex...
    The cut squid sounds almost tempting.
    Jason (AlpacaSuitcase)

  2. I feel like I stepped into the grocery store myself with your blog. It's very comprehensive...and great photos, too!

  3. Thanks...

    If you all have chance go to S.Korea, should go to homeplus to have a try.. ; )

  4. It was really like walking around the grocery store...

  5. Yeah... thanks..
    you could try the real one when you visit Korea.. ; )

  6. Hi Everyone--HUGE NEWS. ALL Costco's in South Korea are now selling 2 lbs of Whole Bean House Coffee from the famous
    " The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf "
    Supperior coffee beans at Best price at Costco. If you love coffee, this is the best there is.

  7. Love this - one of my favorite things to do when traveling is to check out the local grocery stores...

  8. My visit to a Korean grocery store was an eye opener. I had never been to a store where they didn't give you bags to carry the groceries. I didn't know you could buy them and wound up walking back to the hotel with like 10 things in my hands!