Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pottery I made in Ceramic Village, Korea

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Hi guys, had you browse through my previous post about Ceramic Village in Korea ? If you not yet, feel free to take a look how I manage to produce my own poetry with all my writing on the surface. I believe you see my nick name "LeX", chinese name "陈奕良" on the poetry. My hand writing somehow not that neat, but kind of artistic, Hahaha ! 

As for this photo is the another side of the pottery with my full name "Tan Yih Liang" Korean name "랙스" and at the bottom "soju" (Korean famous traditional alcohol drink). Actually this is the soju bottle, I slowly liking to drink soju with all my friends in Korea because is cheap and with high concentration of alcohol @_@. 

So, drop by at Korea to visit some exciting festival ( you can check it here ) , take a break to drink soju and make your own soju bottle  in Ceramic Village.  

If you do plan to make one for your-self too while you in Korea, please visit Icheon Ceramics Village 

Feel free to leave some comments. ; ) 

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  1. Well done! If it were me the bottle would be lop-sided and far rougher around the edges

  2. I love the idea of being able to make something to take home - well done!