Friday, June 18, 2010

Discount & free tickets to R-16 International B-boy Festival at South Korea !

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The R16 World Bboy Championships & Urban Arts Festival was created in 2007 as a grand experiment to see if through the support of the government and a nation as a whole, youth created grassroots cultures like Hip Hop and B-boying can become a profitable and self sustaining industry that can embed itself within society and culture and maintain relevance in the minds of the mainstream and mass media here in Korea and the rest of the World. Through the generous support of the Korea Tourism Organization, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and this year the whole of the Metropolitan City of Incheon, a World Class festival and World Bboy Championships has been designed to celebrate and demonstrate the power of youth and the positive possibilities a gathering of this nature can create. We can show through this event and our through our dedication and passion, that while the rest of the world is embroiled in conflicts caused by prejudice and an inability to overcome their differences, we have come to settle our differences, unite ourselves and DANCE.

 R-16 x KANGOL Warm-Up PartyJuly 2nd (Fri)18:00~24:00LOTTE HOTEL WORLD / MEGA CC
 R-16 KOREA 2010 solo B-boy
 /Poppin/ Lockin Battle Contest
July 3rd (Sat)18:00~21:00OLYMPIC PARK / OLYMPIC HALL
 R-16 KOREA 2010 Crew B-boy
 performance& Battle Contes
July 4th (Sun)18:00~21:00 OLYMPIC PARK / OLYMPIC HALL
 R-16 KOREA 2010 Urban
 Arts Festival
July 3rd(Sat)
~ July 4th(Sun)

As for each event venue, is shown below: 

For more detail map on each location, please click below : 

Are you a international visitor or international students in South Korea? Planing some trip to South Korea? Available on 3-4 July? If  Yes! you are eligible to get discount & free passes for R-16 B-boy festival 2010! 

If you able to attend on both of the day, please log to R-16 International B-boy Festival website to register yourself! don't wait and do it now before it last!

Feel free to email me or leave some comments ; )  Thank you. 

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