Saturday, June 5, 2010

2PM 1st Concert Ever !!

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Hi guys, heard about Korean Famous Boy Band "2PM" ? 
Their producer JYPE announce 2PM will hold their 1st solo ever concert in Seoul and Busan this coming July and August !  

The concert schedule : 

Seoul Concerts

Dates: July 31, 2010 (Sat) 7PM
August 1, 2010 (Sun) 5PMVenue: Olympics Gymnastics StadiumTicket Price: 
Section R 88,000 won / Section S 77,000 won / Section A 66,000 won

Busan Concerts

Dates:: August 7, 2010 (Sat) 7PM
August 8, 2010 (Sun) 5PMVenue:: Busan BEXCOTicket Price: : Section R 88,000 won / Section S 77,000 won

Ticket Reservations: Auction Ticket (1566-1369)

Ticketing Schedule

* Ticketing Schedule for 2nd HOTTEST Fanclub Members

Seoul Ticket Sales (Fanclub)
5/26(Wed) 7PM ~ 5/27(Thurs) 5PM

Busan Ticket Sales (Fanclub)
5/26(Wed) 8PM ~ 5/27(Thurs) 5PM

* Ticketing Schedule for the General Population

May 28, 2010 (Fri) 8PM

* People who are not 2nd HOTTEST members can get tickets during the ticketing schedule for the general population.

How to Purchase Tickets?

- Everyone must log in to Auction Ticket.
- When you click the "Reserve" button, a window for fanclub confirmation will pop up.
- Confirm by typing in your name and ID.

* All names and IDs used to confirm will be checked with the names and IDs that were used when applying to the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub no matter what.

For example: 

The name used when joining the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub: Hwang Chan Suk
Real name: Hwang Chan Sung
The name that should be used for ticketing confirmation: Hwang Chan Suk
* When typing in a Korean name, do not put any spaces in between character.

* For foreigners: You must type in the name and ID used when joining the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub to be confirmed.
Also, if you applied with an English name, a Chinese name, and a Japanese name at the same time, only the English name will be confirmed, so please fill out the form with your English name.

For Example : 

Name used when joining the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub: Kelly
Real name: Kecy
The name that should be used for ticketing confirmation: Kelly
* Your purchase will not be confirmed if you type "Kelly" in Korean.

If you joined the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub with a foreign name typed in Korean, please fill out the ticketing form in Korea.

For Example : 

Name used when joining the 2nd HOTTEST fanclub: 사쿠라
Real name: さくら
The name that should be used for ticketing confirmation: 사쿠라

- You can finish reserving your tickets by selecting your seat. 
(Maximum 4 reservations under 1 name)

This is to give fanclub members a chance to reserve tickets in advance. Those who cannot can reserve tickets during the general ticket sales.
Please read the concert notice carefully and be always on the lookout for possible changes.

Source: HOTTEST Daum Cafe

You can reserve the ticket here 2Pm Concert Ticket

If anyone need some help on the tickets issue, please let me know though my email on my profile page. See what can I do for you. 

Hope you can enjoy the 1st ever 2PM concert.

Thank you

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  1. hi alex..nice to see malaysian here in korea.actually i just know about the 2pm concert today. do u have any idea if i can still purchase the ticket or not??plzzzzzzz

  2. Hi Suzaimi,

    Actually I am LeX,

    you are currently in South Korea? which province?

    unfortunately, the tickets had long time sold out. So sorry about it. 2PM is too hot!


  3. owh really?so sad to hear bout it..dont u have any chances for me to get the ticket?btw,r u goin for the concert?well,i'm from daegu, yeungnam university(Masters degree)..

  4. halo, i've heard that 2pm will be having a concert at malaysia on nov. did u know anything on how to purchase the ticket? thank you