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10 places must visit in Seoul, Korea

10 Places Must-Visit in Seoul, South Korea

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Relaxing Guest Stay in Busan South Korea

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When fall approaches, the streets will transform from a greenish grass field into a yellowish red flower garden. It seems like foliage is metaphor with multi-colored wild flowers in summer. At this time, autumn breeze will start to whistle gently overwhelming hot steaming wind. It is an ideal season for strolling along the sandy beaches while experiencing the fragrant of twilight breeze with your family or friends.       

If you are looking for a pleasant accommodation in Busan for this coming season, you are on the right page! Your guest's stay, The New Day hostel could be your choice to have comfortable and cheerful time in Busan, No only there are variety of room to choose, but also the owner of the hostel is simply sociable, treat all guest like a VIP and kindly introduce the amazing things to do in Busan! If you do not have any ideas on what to eat or where to go, he is absolutely helpful.
The New Day's Relaxing Rooftop Garden
The New Day hostel has the good conditions of being one of the pleasant hostels in Busan due to its good security, clean facilities, strategic location near to noted tourism attraction, convenience of public transportation, and in term of comfort with affordable price. The type of rooms ranging from single room to 8 beds dorm and the price of per night for a person starting as low as 17,000 won. Room rate will be slightly different depending the date and the season. Worth for a stay!

Comfy Room for family trip
Many of the cheap hostels have a small toilet which is inconvenience to move around in the toilet. The New Day hostel has a wide shared shower room and toilet for both man and female. Private toilet is also available for certain room type. There is also a cosmetic room for only women to make up or wash off your make-up before going to sleep. 

Every morning from 7am to 10am, you can have your breakfast with aromatic coffee in the wide kitchen and there is a refrigerator which you can buy your drink without going out to convenience store if you are with your pajamas.  
The New Day's large cozy Kitchen
No one will ever want to miss the chance to visit Haeundae beach when travelling to Busan. The New Day Hostel is just 5 minutes walk from the Haeundae beach where you can purchase some snacks along your walk to the beach. Eating snacks while sunbathing is just simply relaxed and amazing,         

What is more exciting to hear is that you can relax yourself by looking up to the sky while sitting in the rooftop garden of The New Day hostel on 7th floor. This is what we call “travel with relaxation. Isn’t it?” Another marvelous space in the hostel is the Book Café! You can surf internet, read books, drink coffee, chit-chat with your buddies and even play games in the café beside the rooftop garden! Book café in the hostel is cool right?  
The New Day's adorable Book Cafe
You will surely have a safe and exhilarating guest stay with The New Day hostel in Haeundae beach. If you are interested to reserve your booking at The New Day hostel, don’t hesitate to send us a request at Places to Stay in Korea or email us. Stay tuned with LeX Paradise for more comfortable accommodations in South Korea!

Enjoyable Stay at The New Day
The New Day guesthouse detail: 
Address: 632, Haeundae-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan Korea (U-dong, GGaegguitan building 5F) 

By subway: 
Take the subway, line No.1 → Transfer at Seomyeon Station to Line No.2 → Get off at Haeundae and take Exit 1. [Time: 50mins / Fare: 1,300KRW] 

By City Bus:   
Take Bus 1001 at the bus stop in front of Busan Station → Get off at Haeundae Station → A 1 minute walk towards the subway Exit 1. [Time: 40mins / Fare: 1,700KRW] 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

SHINee & Lee Taemin Live Airing new album "Everybody"

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SHINee Comeback Special is airing through SMTown live channel! SHINee included Lee Taemin performed 1st time ever live show. Check this out [HD VIDEO] 131006 SHINee Comeback Special ‘2013 Gangnam Hallyu Festival’ – ‘Symptoms’ + ‘Everybody’.

SHINee’s new mini album ‘Everybody’ is on the queue! For this new album, SHINee included Lee Taemin would present you 7 tracks to impress the you with their new look. The title track of the album ’Everybody’ will present you a funky yet cool rhythm that everyone can follow along easily. SHINee upcoming album’s teaser is now available in Youtube SMTOWN channel, SMTOWN facebook, and SHINee Line account.  
SHINee included Lee Taemin new album "Everybody"
SHINee Comeback Special will be launched on the 6th October, 8pm at Samsungdong, Seoul, in “Gangnam Hallyu Festival’ where they will reveal their new mini album ‘Everyone’ on the spot before their official mini album is released on Oct 14. You can watch the SHINee and Lee Taemin streaming live on the scene below. Never ever miss this :)

SHINee Everybody

SHINee Symptoms

Fan of SHINee and Lee Taemin? Put your hands in the air! Tell us why you love SHINee!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A comfy stay in Busan Korea

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Autumn is coming! The scorching summer has almost come to the end and I could not wait for this coming refreshing autumn! Why beaches such as Haeundae and Gwangan-ri are the favorite spots for tourists in summer? Tell me, I would like to hear your opinion.  

Frankly, I would like to recommend traveling in spring or in autumn because you won’t get sunburn easily and of course, the wildflowers are absolutely gorgeous! Accommodation is a big matter to be considered if you want to have a comfy place to re-energize yourself for the next day. In Busan, I would like to recommend Mr. Egg Hostel Original, a comfy stay for you. It is near to BIFF square and Jagachi Market. For the information of BIFF and Jagachi, you can check out my previous post “10 places must-visit in Busan, Korea”.         

Why you should choose a comfy stay at Mr. Egg Hostel Original? 

Mr. Egg Hostel Original
First, their price rate is relatively constant and affordable. Second, the locations are near to subway station and many others tourism attractions. Actually, you have 3 choices of hostel’s location to choose according to your travel destination and convenience. Mr. Egg Hostel Original owner has three similar hostels at hotspots in Busan which are one near to Haeundae beach, another two in Nampo-do that you can go to International market, Jagachi fish market, Bu-byong market, Busan Tower, Busan Book Allay, Nampo shopping street by walking. Also, you can visit the nearest Song-do beach by bus.  

Rubber Clay making at Mr. Egg Hostel Original
Third, the hostel owner is extremely generous and always gives you a friendly smile while trying to help you on the reception. Lastly, their interior design is cute where you can use rubber clay to make a miniature and their room is simple and clean. In addition, every room has a private toilet for taking shower and shared toilet too on the first floor! Every morning from 8~10am, you can prepare a light breakfast with the ingredients provided such as bread, jam, egg, juice and etc.   

Mr. Egg Hostel Original comfy rooms are ranging from dorm type - 8 beds to 4 beds, 2 beds and single bed. Price ranging from minimum 23,000 won - dorm type to 120,000 won - family type.  

Rooms at Mr. Egg Hostel Orginal
**All comfy rooms have a private toilet and are equipped with A/C, heater, floor heating system, clean linens, FREE WI-FI and bathrooms. (plus FREE towel, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and hair dryer)  

Sean, the owner of Mr. Egg hostel Original and his friendly workers always try their very best to guide you so that you will have the most wonderful days during your stay here. To make your trip more excited, Sean sometimes will have a BBQ party with all the visitors staying in this hostel and this is definitely an experience to remember. This is the reason why there are so many visitors from all over the world and even Korean choose Mr. Egg.  


For your convenience, Lex Paradise could help you with the hostel booking and reservation. Drop us a date that where you would like to stay in Busan and we will secure your comfy stay in Busan, kindly make your reservation at Places to stay in Korea. More conveniences and fewer burdens will make your trip to Busan, South Korea more colorful! Every place has its own charm according to the season changes. So does Busan.

Detail about comfy stay at Mr. Egg hostel Original in Busan: 

Mr. Egg Hostel Original Haeundae Address:
Mr. Egg Hostel Original U-dong 618-41 Haeundae-gu Busan Korea 

Direction: From the Haeundae subway station, get out at Exit No. 3, and walk straight until you see NongHyup (NH-Bank) on your left, then turn left and go straight. You will see a church on your right and an alley on your left. Turn left into the alley and follow the one-way alley. You will see Mr. Egg Hostel Original on your left. 

Mr. Egg Hostel Original Nampo Address:
Mr. Egg Hostel Original Nampo Donggwang-dong 3-ga 6-1, Jung-gu, Busan, Korea 600 

Direction: Get off at 'Jungang' station (Next stop of Busan Subway Station) at exit No.5 and go straight until you see KBD bank, then turn left and go straight for a while. You will see Mr.Egg Hostel Original sign and turn right. Mr. Egg Hostel Original Entrance will be on your left.  
*From visitor who comes along with heavy luggage, you can find an elevator at Exit 13 of Jungang station.    

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Win a trip to Busan, Korea this season with LeX Paradise!

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LeX Paradise again calling for entries in an amazing "Trip to Busan, Korea Contest". This is the 2nd contest ever being held in LeX Paradise! If you dream about going to Korea or miss your family and friends in Korea? Then this is a chance for you!

The competition is to give away a Zero Fares Busan, South Korea round trip ticket ( worth about RM 1000+ = US$300+) and 3 days hostel stay at Busan to the best competition entry of " Trip to Busan, Korea Contest"

The contest starting now until 10th August 2013, on 23:59,GMT +8
Deadline extended to 15th August 2013 on 23:59,GMT +8 
Contest officially ended, check out the video below for the winner announcement :)

Who can participate in this competition?

Everyone can participate in this contest, either you are
     - Staying in Malaysia 
     - Staying in South East Asia 
     - Traveling in South East Asia 
     - Plan to travel to South East Asia 
     - Plan to travel to South Korea 
     - Planning a trip (but yet to decide where to go)    
     - Currently in Korea and want to visit Malaysia or Southeast Asia.
     - Korean Fans
     - For World Traveler in Oceania, you can still participate in this contest
       if you plan to go to South Korea or Southeast Asia.
       (You can get very budget flight with Air Asia from Oceania to Malaysia)

And must be aged 18 or above.

Check out the past LeX Paradise contest "travel to Korea Contest" and the winner.

How to win the round trip ticket to South Korea?

Step 1: Subscribe LeX Paradise > Subscribe
            (click Subscribe then enter your email and verify your email address)

Step 2: about this announcement and follow LeX Paradise on Twitter > @LeXParadise
            (If you do not have twitter, you can create on here)

Step 3: Share this announcement in facebook here and Like LeX Paradise Facebook Page :). 

Step 4: Write a quote on your facebook timeline "@LeX Paradise I wish to win a round trip ticket to Busan, South Korea because... (not more than 20 words excluding initial texts)" make sure you choose Lex Paradise from the drop down menu when you type in @Lex Paradise .

Sample Quote entry:
Make sure you tag Lex paradise in the post

And make it public :)

Copying your facebook quote link 

Get your friends SHARES your quote will help you win :)

Final Step: Fill in the form below, then you are done :)

The winner will...

- Be notify via email on 11th 17th August 2013
- Win a Zero Fare round trip ticket to Busan, South Korea from Malaysia or vice versa
- 3 days stay at Busan, Korea
- A free World Travel Blogger E-book
- A LeX Paradise blog post entry about your traveling experience in South Korea  

Criteria of the winner: (in order - starting with the most-important)
1. An attractive quote
2. Completed all the steps mentioned above
3. The number of shares of your quote on facebook. 
    (Ask your friends to help you win :] )

Competition term and condition:
  1. Once an entry is submitted, you are agreement with all the term and condition below.
  2. Entrants must be aged 18 or above.
  3. Closing date of the contest is 10th 15th August 2013, on 23:59, GMT +8
  4. Only one entry per individual is permitted.
  5. Only one winner will be selected.
  6. Additional expenses not cover by prize are sole responsibility of the winner.
  7. The winner will be notified by email and must respond to the email within 2 days or else a new winner will be selected.
  8. The winner's name and location may be published on LeX Paradise.
  9. The winner agrees to write a blog post in LeX Paradise of traveling experience in South Korea.
  10. The prize is strictly non-transferable or redeemable for cash or exchange.
  11. Flight Departure: Winner flies from LCCT in Sepang, Malaysia
  12. The prize is only valid for the travelling period before 1st of January 2014.
  13. The prize is subject to availability at time of booking. 
  14. The prize does not include airport tax, fuel surcharge, counter checking fee, insurance, baggage, meals and amenities which will have to be borne by you.
  15. Automated/bulk entries and entries from third parties are not permitted and will be disqualified.
  16. Term and condition subjected to change without prior notices.
Privacy Statement:
By entering this competition, your contact details will not be used by us or passed on to any third party.

Special Thanks to:
AirAsia X

Mr. Egg Hostel Original

If you have further question and inquiry, please leave comment here.

Check out 10 places must-visit in Busan, Korea and Summer trip to Busan Korea.

Looking forward for your entry!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer trip to Busan Korea with AirAsiaX

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여름방학! If you are planning on a mid-year break or summer vacation, AirAsia X has good news for you! AirAsia X has started a new route from Kuala Lumpur to Busan, Korea offering fares as low as RM 269 (one way). Either you are going for, business travel, vacation travel, honeymoon travel, conference travel or world travel, you can enjoy the low fare flight to Busan with your family and friends today!

Busan is South Korea's second largest metropolis after Seoul, located on the southeastern border of the Korean peninsula. Let’s discover the Top 5 must-visit attractions in dynamic Busan

Gamcheon Culture Village    

Gamcheon Culture Village
Nested high in the hills of Saha-gu, this quirky art-filled suburb has emerged from the dust of poverty and war to become one of Busan's most unique architectural and cultural offerings. Some of the empty homes were used to do up themed rooms and art galleries for your viewing pleasure. Embark on an adventure by walking from one house to another where artists were invited to paint murals and sculptures to adorn the colourful house. The rooftop of the houses gives you the most amazing view of the whole village, sea port, ocean and mountains.  

Gukje Market, Gwangbok-dong Market and Nampo-dong Market    

Gukje Market, Gwangbok-dong Market and Nampo-dong Market   
Show off your bargaining skills at any three of these major shopping districts which are connected to each other with shops catered for the young and old with famous and local brands.  

Jagalchi Fish Market    

Jagalchi Fish Market 
Experience the selling of freshly caught fish at the largest seafood market in South Korea. Choose and buy your catch then bring it to the restaurants on the 2 cook and serve you your seafood platter. The market opens 5am to 10pm every day.  

Haeundae Beach    

Haeundae Beach
Haeundae Beach is the most popular beach in South Korea. During summer, deck chairs, lounges and floats are available for rent. For the more adventurous, surfing and jet skiing is a must! Nearby, there’s a town scattered with a wide variety of shops and restaurants as well.  

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple    

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
This Temple with an amazing view is built beside the shore that faces the sea with various statues,     stone pagodas and sculptures scattered around the temple area. Tourists and locals flock to this     temple to pray for their family and get a glimpse of the sunrise. May or June is the best time to visit     the temple when the cherry blossoms are at full bloom.  

Not getting enough fun in Busan? There are other events or festivals you can join on this upcoming HOT summer!

Busan Sea Festival (부산 바다축제) 

Busan Beach Art Festival
It is Korea’s largest Sea Festival which attracts many visitors around the globe from Aug.1 to Aug 9. The Busan Sea Festival is held not only at Haeundae Beach, but also at other famous beaches such as Songdo Beach, Gwangalli Beach, and Songjeong Beach in Busan. During Busan Beach Festival period, several pleasant art performances and of course, a variety of water-sport programs such as windsurfing, beach volleyball tournaments are available. Also, don’t forget to enroll yourself with the free lessons in canoeing, kayaking, banana boat rides, scuba diving, and so on. If you are a fan of art, you will like to visit Sea Art Festival 2013 which is expected to be held on the Songo Beach, another beach in Busan from Sept. 14 to Oct. 13 in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Songdo beach under the theme of "With Songdo: Remembrance, Marks, People." along with 35 outstanding artworks from Korea and oversea. 

Haeundae Beach  
#[Subway] Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 3 or 5. And walk straight about 500m to Haeundae Beach. 
#[Bus] From Busan Station, take bus 1001 or 1003 to Haeundae.  

To learn more about it check out Haeundae Sea Festival

Songdo Beach 
#Busan Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 7. Take Bus 17, 26 or 61 and get off at the entrance of Songdo (송도입구). 

To learn more about it check out Songdo Art Beach Festival

Busan International Magic Festival (부산국제매직페스티벌) 

Busan International Magic Festival
Busan International Magic Festival is the largest magic festival in Asia, planned to hold from Aug. 2 to Aug. 5 on Busan Cinema Center. This year, more than 30 remarkable magicians from 14 different countries such as Andost (America), Eun-kyoung Park (Korea), Netcheporenko (Russia), Nagisa Haruhiko (Japan) David Stone (French) and others have confirmed to perform on the Busan stage! What excite me the most is you will have chances to interact with your favorite magicians and well, learn a few tricks from them to show off! Admission fee is subjected according to the section you are interested. Chill up your summer with this fascinating magic festival in Busan. 

#Haeundae Beach (Opening Ceremony) 
Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 3 or 5 and a 10min-walk from the station. 

#Busan Cinema Center (Main Events)  
Centum City Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 6. Then, go straight 270m and turn left onto Centum 5-ro Road. Continue to walk 250m, until you see the Busan Cinema Center on your right.  

To learn more about it check out Busan International Magic Festival  

Busan International Rock Festival (부산 국제록페스티벌) 

Busan International Rock Festival
Busan International Rock Festival is a leading rock festival in Asia, will take place on this summer from Aug.2 to Aug 4 at Samnak Riverside Park. Busan Rock Festival has played a crucial role in assembly of world’s popular rock bands started in the year 2000 and will celebrate its 14th anniversary this year. Objectives of this festival are to introduce new trend of rock music, celebrate latest indie bands and rock with cool rock artists! For those who have a strong passion in rock music shouldn’t miss this priceless chance to participate in this exciting rock festival. No admission fee, it is totally FREE! You will be able to feel the openness, youth, and the beauty of Busan through this festival. Let’s rock this together. 

#Sasang Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 3. Samnak Riverside Sports Park (삼락강변공원) is a 15min walk from the station. 

To learn more about it check out Busan International Rock Festival  

After visiting Busan, many travelers often visit Jeju Island as it’s just a short 50 minutes flight from Busan! For your information, Jeju Island is a majestic island is one of the 7 Wonders of Nature in the world that comprises various rare yet incredible species of flora and fauna. Several unique collections of museums can be seen in  Teddy Bear Museum, Glass Museum, Sex Museums. To experience the fullest of nature beauty in Jeju, Hallasan Mountain, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, Geomunoreum Lava Tube System  which were listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO (2007) also could be your next destination after Busan. Don’t forget to visit Submarine Tours, Cruises, Night Markets, Seafood Restaurants since they are truly awesome! Other attractions of natural wonders are Sangumburi Crater, Jeongbang Waterfall, Jungmun Daepo Columnar-Jointed Lava.  

Sounds interesting? Then hesitate no more! Log on to AirAsia.com and discover Busan today!

Any thought? Do let me know :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

An ideal guesthouse to stay in Seoul Korea

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It’s pretty hard to find a comfortable and affordable guesthouse during your stay in Seoul if you have never been to this particular place before. Your travel won't be perfect unless you find a pleasant place to rejuvenate yourself after a tiring day. Boa guesthouse fulfills all the conditions you might be looking for in terms of service, comfort, transportation, convenience, entertainment and strategic location in Seoul.  

Boa Guesthouse
Boa guesthouse offers varied room types from individual to family members up to 6 people.  Your room will be fairly arranged according to the number of guest. The room rate for individual is 22,000won (22$) per night in 6 Beds Dormitory and 50,000won (50$) for single room with personal bathroom with toiletries (towel, hair dryer, shampoo, rinse, body shower gel), refrigerator, television, and etc. A bunk bed, double or twin bed is recommended for couple in range of 60,000won to 70,000won per night. For 3 people family package, a double and a single bed are recommended while 2 bunk beds are provided for 4 people family. Family package is range from 80,000won to 110,000won per night. Addition fee will be charged for each additional bed requested. For your convenience, all rooms have private bathroom, hot-shower system, and air-conditioner, floor heater only available in certain seasons. Laundry and detergent are provided on the rooftop of the guesthouse.
Laundry room in Boa Guesthouse
Although Boa guesthouse has been opened by Kim’s family themselves merely for a year, they are willing to help you whenever you need it even it’s in midnight. Boa guesthouse provides several free services that many visitors often give a smile of satisfaction when they leave the guesthouse. Don’t feel shy to ask them if you have any questions about the direction to somewhere as they do speak English. Besides, if you have any doubtful on the details of the attraction, they are more than happy to to guide you through. If you need any help for the booking of ski tour or Seoul bus tour, they are ready to help you. Kim’s families are indeed thoughtful and courteous people. They never stop improving their services to give their best to every visitor. They even set up a Muslim Prayer room beside the Roof Garden and prepared a private space to put the bowls, plates, pots especially only for Muslim Traveller to prepare their halal meals. Cereal, milk, egg, and coffee are provided for breakfast in dinning room where the aroma of coffee can be smell from outside of the guesthouse! 
Cooking and dinning tools for muslim visitor in Boa guesthouse
Visitor can also find the travel information or surf the internet for Free through the computer in the guesthouse. Forget to print your flight ticket to home? Don’t worry! Since you can use the printer and fax anytime you want free of charge. Video webcam and free international calls to almost all over the world are available too. This shows that distance isn’t a barrier for worldwide communication! It’s needless to worry about the transportation as Boa guesthouse is located near the subway station and bus station. Convenience store, International bank such as Standard Chartered, pharmacy, and restaurant are available around the guesthouse. If you are thinking on where to go at night, Hongdae downtown is recommended to you where you can go shopping or enjoying some random street performances played by spiritual, young people beside the walkway that touch your soul. Moreover, Hongdae downtown is noted for its nightlife where it lights up the spirit of youth to drink and dance till dawn. If you prefer staying indoor at nighttime, you can spend your time chit-chatting with Kim family.  
Comfy room in Boa guesthouse
Boa guesthouse offers numerous services to make sure you feel comfortable staying in their guesthouse even for a week or for a month! The longer the period you stay in Boa guesthouse, the more services will be provided especially just for you. Make your reservation earlier before holiday in order to avoid any inconveniences. I strongly recommend this guesthouse for your stay in Seoul, South Korea.

Still not convince enough? Kindly leave any comment that you may have. If you are interested, you could make a reservation with us.
Happy Visitor at Boa Guesthouse
Direction to Boa guesthouse from Incheon International Airport:
(Coming soon - video to guide you how to reach Boa Guesthouse)

Take the AREX (Airport Express Train) and get off at Hongik Univ. Station Exit no.4. Follow the way to K2 winter clothes shop and walk straight then crossing the pedestrian in front of LG building. Follow the direction to GS mart and walk straight until you see Paris Baguette bread shop then turn left and walk straight. Boa guesthouse will be on your left.  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Inspire Travel Young, Enabling Other Seeing

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I have been travelling for few years, seeing, exploring and experiencing activities and great landscapes. Recently, I have felt lucky that I could travel while I am still young. I found a video that created by Samsung about enabling others seeing with their product. This video helped me to me realize that there are a lot of people in the world still suffering vision problems and fighting to see.

For that reason, I have decided to be part of the charity campaign called "Inspire Travel Young" "Enabling Other Seeing" to help other seeing especially for those that still fighting for their vision. Seeing is Believing is a non profit organization doing a great job by helping other to see.     

People that live in the poorer countries have difficulty accessing eye-care and prevention programs due to financial constraints. As well, vision care is not always given the attention it deserves. Statistically, 80% of blindness is avoidable, and 60% of children die within a year of going blind, that's one of the strong reason why we should support this charity campaign. 

Joining me are 3 others travellers with different backgrounds, May is a social developer, See yuen is a mother, and Amornched is a software engineer. 
Inspire Travel Young & Enabling Other Seeing
The campaign's target is to achieve 1600 USD by 16th March 2013.

Learn more about this charity campaign at http://bit.ly/travelnseeing

  • US$5 you donate will buy Vitamin A treatment for a child for a year (the lack of Vitamin A is one of the leading causes of childhood blindness)  
  • US$16 you donate will provide an eye test and a  pair of glasses to correct refractive error  
  • US$30 is the cost for a cataract operation to restore sight 
"Inspire Travel Young" "Enabling Other Seeing"

Inspiring video by Samsung, Enabling Other Seeing

Show your support and be part of this charity Campaign at http://bit.ly/travelnseeing

Any questions, please feel free to comments.