Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Muslim Traveler to South Korea

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Any travelers no matter who’s the traveler is, Chinese Traveler, American Traveler, European Traveler or African Traveler somehow they might worry about the foods, place of worship, cultural different in those countries that they intended to visit especially for 1st time travelers. How about Muslim Traveler?

South Korea is a non-Islamic country somehow Muslim Traveler might have some concern about especially for the 1st time Muslim Traveler to South Korea. So, today I am going to end the worries for Muslim Traveler to Visit Korea. ^_^

But why they so worry about it?

In Islam, pork, meat of carnivorous animals, the blood of dead animals, and meat not properly slaughtered or slaughtered in any name other than Allah are prohibited for them to consume. Even among herbivorous animals and birds, only halal meat is allowed. A part from that, every Muslim Male is recommended to do worship in mosque on Friday weekly. Yeah! That’s why ^_^  

Muslim Food in South Korea
Beside, in South Korea, many dishes are made with pork and it is very common in Korea to drink alcohol during or after a meal and this may be offensive to Muslim Traveler. So, Muslim Traveler usually brought packaged instant food with them on their trip to Korea, it is kind of inconvenience for them to do this if they come for more than 3 days.  

In fact, actually there are about 100,000 of local Muslim community in Korea and also Islamic countries and Korea have had ties for more than a thousand years through cultural exchange! Believe it or not? So, this is why I said there will be no worry for Muslim Traveler to South Korea! Alright! Below are the list of Halal Restaurants and mosque in South Korea, You can check it out!

IF, you need some halal instant foods in your trip, you still can easily get it in Muslim Grocery shops near any Masjids or the Islamic centers.  

Well, that's all from me! If you have something to add, some suggestions or correction, please do not hesitate to leave comments! 

Thanks and always stay tune with LeX Paradise! Muslim Traveler to South Korea!

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  1. There are seafood dishes in South Korea that you can eat. Their noodles are the best you should try those.

  2. wow that's nice.
    I am dying want to go to Korea.
    and this is great information.
    thanks lex :)

  3. Thanks!

    I wish all Muslim Traveler will have no worry anymore to visit Korea!

    Cheer for 2011!

  4. Kamsahamnida for the information Lex, hehe.. really appreciate it.. =D

  5. Aniyo! :)

    Thanks to you as well!

    I am ready to share ^_^

  6. really good post lex....hope get more info next time

  7. Thanks for info, do you know about any halal restaurants in Bundang?

    Thank you.

  8. At the moment there are no information about Halal Restaurant in Bundang.

    But you could easily located halal restaurants in Central city of Seoul.

  9. Wah really useful information for me as a Muslim who wants to travel to South Korea, thank you so much! This article is great! I will share this info to my friends. Greetings from Indonesia ^^

  10. Hi Lex, am i thankful that I stumbled upon your blog. It's very commendable that you took the time & trouble to answer every query...kudos for a job well done. I hope you can help me out. Me and doter are planning to visit S Korea end of this year for 4D/3N. She's into KPop & theme park. She also wants to see / play in the snow. What itinerary do you recommend? Where do you suggest we stay? Can you suggest a guesthouse that's safe & muslim-traveller friendly. TQ much

  11. Hi JanZain,

    Great to hear from you! Please kindly send an email to me at alextyl[@]gmail[.]com or fill up the electronic form through here. Then I will get back to you soon :)


  12. Is in Itaewon has a korean muslim food, which is a real korean, not Indian,Nepal,Pakistan. If I stay near Itaewon station or near masjid, Is it easy to find halal food?