Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LeX Paradise in Lonely Planet Travel Bloggers Ebook

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Lonely Planet Travel Blogger Photo EBook
Proudly present "Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers" Press Release

Today, 40 Lonely Planet travel bloggers come together as a group to release their first free photo ebook. "Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers" takes readers on a world tour featuring almost 70 countries, and introduces the world of professional travel blogging. Within it, each blogger, hand picked by Lonely Planet, shares a collection of stunning photos that capture the essence of their travel.  

The gathering of this eclectic group of travel experts was born out of Lonely Planet’s effort to broaden content for their audience. 

“The concept was simple – get the best 10% of travel bloggers out there to share their thoughts and ideas…shining a light on the very best travel writing and photography on the planet,” tells Matthew Cashmore, former Innovation Ecosystem Manager at Lonely Planet on the creation of the BlogSherpa Program.
Uniting from across the globe, the BlogSherpas, as they are called, share their adventures and travel lifestyles through the photo ebook. 

“Managing 40 bloggers perpetually traveling in and out of jungles, cafes, monuments and ruins, and internet free zones (gasp!) was not an easy task” says Todd Wassel, the blogger who headed up the project. 

In addition to an eye-popping collection of photographs, the book is a rich resource for anyone with a passion for travel who wants to learn from the experts. 

“The 40 BlogSherpas showcased in the ebook specialize in travel modes ranging from solo to couples to family travel, road trips, budget travel, expat living, voluntourism and even perpetually traveling digital nomads,” explains Karen Catchpole, one of the featured bloggers. 

An accomplished group, the BlogSherpas have reached beyond their own blogs, having been published in the likes of National Geographic Traveler, Huffington Post, Travel + Leisure, AFAR and more.

Lonely Planet BlogSherpas

Myself, as one of the Lonely Planet Travel Blogger in this community! I am proud and excited about it! After a long year of Effort by 40 of them especially Todd Wassel! Our effort finally pay off with this tremendous Photo Ebook! I believe this is the good motivation for all of the World travelers. There will be more to come from Lonely Planet Travel Bloggers. 

Front Cover of " Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers "
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