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Halal Restaurants in South Korea

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In Seoul

This restaurant is part of the worldwide Islamic restaurant chain Ashoka. The first Indian restaurant to open in Korea, the restaurant imports all materials directly from India and has all types of food belonging to the 27 provinces of India. Choose from a variety of Indian curry, tandoori, and freshly baked naan. Also provide desserts and lassi.
Directions: 3rd floor, Hamilton Hotel, 119-25, Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Its name reminiscent of the great Islam empire, Moghul imports all of its materials from Pakistan. The menu is diverse and includes chicken, beef, and lamb barbecue and an assortment of curry. There is also an outdoor terrace section.
Directions: Itaewon, Seoul. Next to Hamilton Hotel

Muslim Restaurant in Korea
Kashmir Restaurant
A Pakistani restaurant that prepares the entire menu in Halal style. Lamb barbecue and curry are popular dishes. The owner and Pakistani chef prepare the dishes themselves and the workers are very friendly, making you feel at home. Compared to Indian food, Pakistani Halal dishes use less spices.
Directions: Itaewon, Seoul. Next to entrance for Pyeonghwa Apt.

Pakistani Osmania restaurant, It serves lamb as a main menu and incorporates 11 different spices for a spicy, deep flavor. For those that have not tried Pakistani cuisine, it is similar to Indian food, but a little spicier. Chicken tandoori marsala is a specialty.
Directions: Itaewon, Seoul

Located near the Seoul Central Masjid, this Indian restaurant is famous for its tandoori chicken, which is basted with a spicy sauce and baked in an oven. It also has a wide selection of curry and naan.
Directions: 732-151 Hannamdong Yongsan-gu, Seoul / Next to the Yongsan Police Station

This Turkish restaurant plays Turkish traditional music and even has the famed Turkish water cigars. Main dishes on the menu are kebabs, with your choice of lamb, beef or chicken. There is also Patlican Musakka, a kind of Turkish stew with eggplant and lamb. Homemade yoghurt or strong coffee awaits you for dessert.
Directions: Itaewon, Seoul, Inside Seoul Central Masjid

Evergreen Halal Food Restaurant
The buffet is a favorite for foreign traveler and Muslims at this traditional Pakistani restaurant. It is also equipped with a salad bar that has about 25 different choices. On Saturdays and Sundays, only the buffet menu is available. You can try all the Halal dishes, which can be seasoned to be spicier for Indians and less spicy for Pakistanis or Arabs.
Directions: Itaewon, Seoul , Across from the Hamilton Hotel. Iwon Bldg. 2nd Floor

Halal Food Restaurant in Korea
Pasha serves traditional Turkish cuisine prepared by skilled chefs. Its specialty kebabs are roasted in a Turkish oven. The stylish décor adapts Turkish lattice motifs and the employees are always very friendly. The chefs have 20 years of experience under their belt.
Directions: Seochodong, Seoul. Near Gangnam Subway, Line 2.

Alsaba offers Indian, Pakistani, and Arab cuisine using fresh seasonal vegetables and traditional herbs. The menu includes the representative dishes from each culture such as Turkish kebab, Pakistani barbecue, and Indian vegetable curry. On the whole, the dishes are quite spicy with a lot of seasoning and onions.
Directions: Itaewon, Seoul. Near Noksapyeong Subway Station, Line 6.

In Busan

Kebab House
The Kebab House is probably one of the few, if not the only Turkish restaurant in Busan. It features traditional Turkish cuisine such as kebabs and Turkish pizza. The owner and head chef are all Turks and the interior is decorated with beautiful carpets and fabrics brought in directly from Turkey.
Directions: 30-1 Geumjeong-gu Namsandong, Busan (next to the Busan Masjid)

In Chuncheon

This café/restaurant was the filming location for Winter Sonata, an extremely popular
TV drama in Asia. The café was designed to look like a 1960s set. The main menu is the
“dosirak”(lunchbox) which does not have any meat.
Directions: Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, located on Namiseom (Nami Island)

In Gangneung

Chodang Sundubu
Muslim Food Restaurant in Korea
Using the salty seawater of the East Sea and beans grown in Korea, the tofu offered at Chodang Sundubu is sweeter and firmer than regular tofu. You may also want to try the uncurdled bean curd stew.
Directions: 472-2 Eunjeongdong, Gangneung City / Next to Gyeongpodae parking lot

Seunghwa Restaurant
Located in downtown Gangneung, this restaurant brings fresh seafood from Jumunjin Fish Market. It is famous for its specialty haemuljeongol (seafood stew), which it has\ been doing for 30 years.
Directions: 270 Okcheondong, Gangneung City, Downtown Gangneung, next to Gangneung Girls’ High School

In Sokcho

This raw fish restaurant is popular with Sokcho locals. Along with raw fish, the restaurant serves fresh seafood side dishes such as squid and steamed crab. The wonderful view of the ocean from the picture windows is another attractive feature of the restaurant.
Directions: 74-3 Daepodong, Sokcho City/ Next to Geubae Hotel in Daepodong, Sokcho

In Pyeongchang

Sanmaeul Punggyeong
This place serves as a traditional tea house as well as a lodging place in traditional Korean house-style. Located near ski resorts, many foreign visitors stay here. The restaurant receives its beef from halal butchers in Itaewon, Seoul for Muslim guests. Its bulgogi jeongsik is popular and is served with bibimbap and mountain greens.
Directions: 233, Yongpyeong-myeon Nodong-li, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do Province, Next to Lee Seung-bok Memorial Hall in Pyeongchang

Odaesan Sanchae Restaurant
This restaurant has run for over 30 years on one menu: the sanchae jeongsik. This extraordinary menu is comprised of a bowl of rice and about 30 other side dishes, including an assortment of vegetables, mountain greens, and other delights.
Directions: 17-5 Jinbumyeon Dongsan-li, Pyeongchang-gun, Next to Woljeong branch of Jinbu Elementary School

In Inje

Yongdae Hwangtaechon
Yongdae Hwangtaechon’s popular dishes include hwangtae jeongol (a stew that involves boiling hwangtae) and spicy hwangtaegui. The dishes are accompanied with about 10 side dishes, comprised of mountain greens harvested from the local mountains.
Directions: Bukmyeon Yongdae 3-ri, Inje-gun, Yongdae-ri, before Jinburyeong Pass

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  1. Please visit this below website to find out halal restaurants in different cities in asia http://way2halal.com/restaurant

  2. How about in Jeju? Is there any halal restaurant available?

  3. Hi Yantie,

    At the moment there are not specific halal restaurant other than kebab. You can always go to seafood restaurants or Vegetarian restaurants in Jeju ;)

    Let me know if you need more details.



  4. Hi,

    I am coming to South Korea next year for vacation. what are good vacation places you would recommend?

    Thank you

  5. Hi :)

    Kindly check out those recommendation in Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island :)

  6. Salam Alaikum,

    Informative piece but you MUST UPDATE...
    Half of the halal restaurants of your list in Seoul have closed down or have moved to other neighborhood such as Kasmir - which is now in Myeong-dong by the name of Saffaron!

    Usmania has changed its location and also its owner and so on...

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your notification, Appreciated it.

    Will keep it updated :)

  8. Is there any Halal Korean Restaurant/foods in South Korea (Busan to be specific). Of course I would to try Korean foods when I am in Korea, instead of those Middle Eastern dishes.. =)

    1. It is hardly to find any Halal Korean Foods in Busan. But one Korean Restaurant that came to my mind is the Namsae Buffet Restaurant. They serve vegetarian Korean foods. I think in this way, you can taste Korean cuisine :)

  9. hi, are there any indian restaurants in pyeongchang and sokcho ?