Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My next destination: Daejeon University,Korea

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Hello all!

I will go to Korea for students exchange program upcoming month
(21st March 09).

Basically, this is an application that started on the Dec 2009 and I only notice the application on this year January. When i get to know about the application, i just leave 7 days to apply for it. During the process of completing the application, it is the busy week that I never had in my life for the application. Even it is just a simple application but actually I'm racing against the time. During the process, there are two friend that helping me on the grammar checking. I'm very thank you to them!! My exchange officer also help a lot on my application, she advice and motivate me to complete the application. Thank You.

With all the time, effort and hard work spend on the application, at last i get it!! worth it!
To be honest, I not really expecting to get selected on this program, i just give a best shot on it.
It is a extremely Shock moment when i getting a call from my exchange officer, i still remember that the call i received is after the Dr. Yang Lecture. But after that moment, there is lot of thing and feeling going through my mind about 1 week. My parent, course mate, college mate, school mate, lecturers, teachers, relatives, roommate, close friends, Matric mate, my study and so on, all of them going through my mind about 1000 time.

The next day, i been inform that i need to sign the contract to accept the offer and send to the Program coordinator by 20 Feb. Later i get some advice from my parents and friends about the decision that i have to make. Even i have advice from them, but i still feel it is a tough decision to make. This decision probably will be my another turning point of my life and it will be some slightly change in my future. After 3 hour of thinking, i decided to sign the contract and accept the offer.

The Next day, i decided to anounce about it to my course mate and college mate. and i get all of their response are in a SHOCK/ SURPRISE . if i am 1 of them i will feel shock as well. Thier response make me think about past experience that i have spend with them in Assignments, Lab, Presentation, projects, Class representative, argueing, having meal together, celebration, Swimming, Soccer, play around, Climb mountain together, drunk together, sleep together, shopping together, share hard feeling together, count down together and so so on. Actually all of the pass experienced really mean a lot to me and there is no chance for me to forget it.

Dont worry about me, i will do my best to adapt in korea. ; )
After 9 month i will be Back to University. so, is just 9 month, not a big deal. we will meet after 9 month time.
BUT dont forget to wish me luck!!

Thank You!! Miss and Love you all!! Muaaaaaa........

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  1. Yih Liang all the bes in Korea!
    oredi start missing u

  2. Thx Wei Yun!! me too..
    but anyway.. good luck for your Coming mid sem test!! ; )

  3. Hey...
    Long long time no c nchat le.
    How r u?

    I get to knoe your news from ky.
    Wish u all d best in Korea.
    U make me miss d time we spend together too
    Take care :)

  4. Hi, Ah Kiang!! How you doing recently?
    i have long time not hear from you.

    ya, i'm fine.. i wish you fine too..

    thx for your wish..
    my msn

    do keep in touch!! ; )