Sunday, March 22, 2009

The time before my flight!! .

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Basically, talking about the time I spend on the airport is like the last time i spend with fews of my coursemates and everyone this year 2009. Because mostly i will be back in 2010.

The day before the flight day, I been invited to attend an ICT BBQ night. At there i spend time with ICT members and Seniors as well.

Later I spend with Terry and Jaron, and they said want to meet be before i go to Korea. so, i met them on 4am morning at kari Wantan Mee stall at Sea-park. and i think it is worth it, because it will be last time have the kari Wantan Mee this year 2009. Im so glad that both of they brought a Scarf for me as a present to Korea and I am very thankful even it is in a such an early morning.

In the morning after i wake up from bed, I talk to my roommate Soo Hee and Floormate Mr. Tiu Ken Yean. They told me lot of Korean thing, and some advice too!! I find it out useful as well..

During the afternoon, i get my ready with the baggage and i realise that i have a pair of Glove from my Buddy line!! ( 明福, Pheng Yoke and Chyee Tee), a poster from some of my course mate, Scarf from Terry and jaron, greating card from my close Martic Friend, Hung Wui!!

and others greating from Phone, Email and messenger.
thanks all of you!!

most of my coursemate send me till the K L Central station, i'm touch and understand your all situation. dun worry i'm fine with that. But there were 6 of my coursemate send me till KLIA!! i really cant believe it!! they were Shi Han, Choon Chet, Din Chai, Keng Hong, Pei See and Wei Yun and they all make me very touch till i still waving my hand to them till to the Pathform 8G. Thank you very much.

Here is the time before my flight.
The time in the flight Malaysia Airline will be post it later and will be some content related to the comparison of Air Asia and MAS.

stay tune!!

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  1. Hey LEX!
    Your most welcome, sending you to the airport was our pleasure!

    Looking forward for your inflight report~ you know I love airplane right? I hope you are going to give me some surprises! hahaa...

    BTW, Lex, there are no way to compare AirAsia and MAS as AirAsia is a budget airline, while MAS is a full service airline. Anyway, still looking forward for your next entry. :D

    Miss you!

  2. yih liang!!
    so fas..jus las nite v send u but tonight v r thousand miles apart..
    n u edi start ur first blog there.
    so nice to hear from u..
    keep it up n keep us posted bout ur being there..

  3. yik liang...

  4. Yes, Derik!! Air asia is a budget line.. but if u have some extra cash.. do try MAS airline!! hehe

    Yeah, weiyun, sure i will keep u all update!!

    Thx Kheng Yuen!! i will do my best. wish u too!!