Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Malaysia Hospitality, Malaysia Airline!!

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maHi all,
this days i'm quite busy with application of my Alien Card (foreigner ID card), Bank account card, deciding the course that want to be taken, Internship getting around in Daejeon City and also Campus.

Well talking about MAS, this time i wanna share some of my experienced in MAS airline.

This is the outside view of the plane through Plane window.

This is my MAS ticket and it worth RM1300 per way. This flight actually not directly to Korea Airport, this flight will land on KOTA KINABALU 1st before to Incheon International Airport.

This is inside of MAS plane, 2 seats at the Left and right side, 4 seats at the middle.

A Radio and TV audio at every seat in the plane. It got 12 channels, volume control button, service button, light switch, and TV audio button. When you need assistance, you just press the service button.

Some amazing view from Plane after the plane take off from KLIA.

he is the uncle that i have meet in the plane, and he have been to Korea fews year ago. He revisit Korea to relax his mind with his son and daughter after his wife just pass a way. Anyway i believe he will enjoy very well in Korea.

The LCD, it play the video of safety instruction before the plane take off. During the flight, it play movies. We can use TV audio device that beside seat to hear it.

My 1st meal ever on the plane, dinner and it is a great meal as well. the meal consist of Fried Rice, Satays, Jagung Jelly, Mineral water, orange juice, Ferrero Rocher And And

Unlimited Baskin Robbin!! and others Drink, Beer, Juice and so on. hehe so GOOD!!

and a special Box (just the box) of the meal set!! WOW!!
my 2nd meal on the plane, Breakfast. haha got Fruits, Yogurt, orange juice, bread, tea, Jam, butter, noodles, vegetable, and Beef. Hoho. After eat it all, i'm full!!

Here is some sunrise Pic that taken from the plane.

Incheon international airport, you can see there is lots of Korea airline plane.

and this is the last pic i take on the plane. This special for Ah Chai, My coursemate!! wakakaka
Actually i have more photo, if anyone interested in those kind of photo, just leave some comments and email. i will send you all if possible. ; )

Thats all from me.
The next post will be my 1st day in Korea and Daejeon University.
Stay Tune.

; ) ; )

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  1. yoo...y no pic for me ooh??
    i wan!!!

  2. you wan?
    come to korea!! then your pic will be inside.. haha

  3. wa... so nice ur flight... I think mine one is not expensive, so the service not so good... Erm... next time i oso want to take international one... Got so good meal... haha...
    All the best in Korea lar... we will miss u d...:P

  4. wow...good one Lex! for your info, regarding your first meal (meal box), you are so lucky to get this satay, normally they only serve in business/first class. Due to promotion of March, Malaysia Airlines decided to serve it in economy class too, and you got it! lol.

    I wan more pics of your flight. upload it to your FAcebook, so that everything can check it out! :D

    take care~

  5. Hey guy!!so nice in Korea!!do u learn Korean language?i've been to Korea by MAS,but i never know Baskin ROBIN is served@@!!so nice....

  6. Haha, if dun have any budget problem, shld try out MAS!!

    WOW, i'm so lucky and the organizer pick the promotion on time!!
    Now i realize, i ate the upper class meal!! wakakaka.

    Oh! Baskin Robin probably just for upper class seat and i got the promotion!! hehe

    Thx you all and good luck to u all too!!

  7. Wow..both ur meals really nice..
    Ferrero Roche n BR. fuyoh..
    Too bad the photo for ah chai kinda blury.
    Now u r the alien there?Haha..
    Btw, u r goin to do internship there?

  8. Yeah!! the meals on the plane were better then i expected!!

    yeah!! kinda like alien!! wakakaka
    but thank god i look like Korean!! hahaha.

    Ya, i will do internship at korea, and i will request to university to accept my internship in korea!!! hopefully it will success!!

  9. i don't want anything.... i want you!! :P

  10. Alright!!
    after i back from Korea, you can have me (secretly)!! ; P

  11. muz b great..intern over der...

    ~vry hong~

  12. Yeah!! and it is intern with a well know organization. so, i am very lucky, i have to say!! hehe

    Good luck to you too!!
    for final and everything!!

  13. OMG... nice nice nice...
    I long time no eat satay d lerr...
    wish u have a very enjoyable life there..
    and we all miss u here...
    take care and see u soon ya.

  14. ohya, if u interested to know how ur 1st meal's satay cooked.. u can visit this website

    A very nice website I discoverd recently.
    hoho... it reveal the caterer in MAS...

  15. hehe, the satay in the plan was damn huge!! and i'm total full after the meal!!

    yeah!! dun worry i will enjoy my life in korea!! i always miss u all!! fighting!!

    Oh i c.. Maybe i gonna make some satay for korea food festival!! hopefully malaysia team manage to make it!! hehe

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. when i saw it.. i m missing all my memories while i hav been there... South Korea is a nice place...

  18. Always so interesting to visit your site.What a great info, thank you for sharing.