Monday, April 6, 2009

My Comfortable Room in Korea, Daejeon University.

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Hi! guys!
sorry for the such a late post. It is busy than I expected.
This can be consider my 1st day in Korea but this all about the room only.
The experienced of 1st day will be the next post, hopefully.

Here are the picture of my Korea Room!! what a wonderful room that i gonna stay for 9 months!!This is the door entrance of my room.

Inside there are two room,a wash room (leftest door)and small kitchen. my room is the room with door open.

Kitchen with a micro oven, Refrigerator and cupboard. There is a Window in rectangular shape ( a special window) !!
Wash room.

Actually it is quite a luxury wash room for me!! WOW!!

The room is fantastic!! i have my own room, with a high standard office chair ,fair desk size, some snacks & drinks for us on the table!! see it?very huge cupboard!! 3 Column!! wow!comfortable Bed with tight Blanket !!

Have quite a good view as well.. haha.
Air conditional too!!
The left side switch is light switch, the middle 1 is heater switch-we can adjust any temperature we want-the heater is all around the floor of the room- and the floor is made from wood and the right side is the air conditional switch. SO HIGH TECH!! In Malaysia we call it Hostel ( the place we live in campus) but in Korea they call it dormitory. The dormitory that i live is the brown colour building.

Thanks you for you reading. please stay tune for up coming post.
Feel free to leave comments.

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  1. Hey Yih Liang~ ur room is....damn....LUXURY and BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the toilet, the microwave and fridge!!! ><

    So envy you now...make sure you make use everything there~~~ hehee

    Yih Liang, you are the 'dai-ko' lo such great room! hahaa....

  2. wow luxury dormitory.the wash room is better than 1st world hotel u hv living room?but the best thg is got refrigerator, air-con n microwave oven.for lazy person lik me it's very convenient...u say nex post is abt ur 1st day exp...fro the photo at fb, isnt u guy go drinks??? is ur study der?

  3. yih liang the anonymous is me ~vryhong~

  4. haha.. yes!! i will utilize the facilities that provided!!

    Dai Ko? how come? haha

    yeah, actually i'm quite amazed by the wash room!! especially the shower part!!

    Ya.. the drinks!! wakakak.. i will post it as soon as possible.

    It started to busy already, almost every week will go test! ! but, as for now still can cope as well as coming weeks.

    Wish u all good luck too for ur final exam!! hehe

  5. wah......msia de hostel cant compare wf korea one....

  6. wahhhh i want the room!!!! :(

    btw, wats that special window?

  7. ya, the special window quite weird. it only able to open in 30degree. and it seem like useless. maybe just open for some air circulation. hehe.

    come to korea. u can have the room.. hehe

  8. Wooow....
    its realli fantastic man!!!
    keep update ur status,
    we r waiting ur sharing!
    enjoy ur life man....

  9. thx man!! and a very interesting Malaysia F1 GP!!

  10. if u r sure u will join us to Sepang...
    ooo...i miss u yik liang....

  11. yaya..
    i like the toilet too!!
    jus 'wow....'
    enjoy your life there
    n keep updating us lo..
    all d best
    take care :)

  12. well well... Enjoy as much as you can!! haha... wish that i have my own house better than that in the future!!!

  13. hey! :) very nice room. Hope you enjoy korea!

  14. omg.. wat a luxury room.. i wan tat as well!!! good to c u enjoying ur life there...:)

  15. Sure!! maybe next year u can apply on this program!! then u can have it !! hehe .. thx!!

  16. How much does it cost the Dormitory in Daejeon University? Is there any type of room?

  17. Hi Murielle,

    Daejeon University provided 2 types of dormitory, local dorm and international dorm.

    Local dorm cost about 500kwon per semester and international dorm cost 1,400 kwon per semester.

    4 beds in each of the local dorm's room. A small apartment style of room for international dorm included private shower, toilet, sink, refrigerator, desks and basic items.

    Murielle, are you going to Daejeon University?


  18. Hi! Lex.. Thank you for the response. :) Yes, I am planning to study in Daejeon University. Can we be friends in facebook or email.. So that I have a communication with you when I have some questions about the University. I really love to study there. kamsahamnida :) :) :)

    1. Hi, did you get to study at Daejeon University? If yes, would it be okey to ask you some questions about the university. I'm applying to join this year. Thanks in advance.

  19. I had been sent you a friend request in fb. please accept. Kamsahamnida

  20. Hi Murielle,

    Please kindly send me an email for further discussion and communication at alextyl[a]gmail[dot]com