Friday, November 5, 2010

Win a round-trip ticket to South Korea with LeX Paradise !

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The Contest Officially ended. Thanks for your participation!
Deadline Extended to 22th November 2010, 23:59, Malaysia time!

LeX Paradise calling for entries in an amazing "Travel to South Korea Contest". This is the first ever contest being held in LeX Paradise! If you dream about going to Korea or miss your family and friends in Korea? Then this is a chance for you!

The competition is to give away a South Korea round trip ticket (Sponsor by AirAsia X worth about RM 1000+ = US$300+)  to the best competition entry of " Travel to South Korea Contest "! 

The contest starting now until 19 November 2010, on 23:59,GMT +8 (Same as the clock on LeX Paradise) > Change to 22th November 2010, 23:59, Malaysia time!

Who can participate in this competition?

Everyone can participate in this contest as long as either you are
     - Staying in Malaysia 
     - Staying in South East Asia 
     - Traveling in South East Asia 
     - Plan to travel to South East Asia 
     - Plan to travel to South Korea 
     - Planning a trip (but yet to decide where to go)    
     - Currently in Korea and want to visit Malaysia or South East Asia.
     - Korean Fans
     - For World Traveler in Europe or Oceania, you can still participate in this contest
       if you plan to go to South Korea or South East Asia.
       (You can get very budget flight with Air Asia from London or Australia to Malaysia)

And must be aged 18 or above.

How to win the round trip ticket to South Korea?

Step 1: Subscribe LeX Paradise for free > Subscribe
            (click Subscribe then enter your email and verify your email address)

Step 2: Follow LeX Paradise on Twitter > @LeXParadise
            (If you do not have twitter, you can create on here)

Step 3: Click Like LeX Paradise Facebook page > LeX Paradise Fan Page

Step 4:  Answering 6 simple questions:
  1. What is the famous travel website that LeX Paradise affiliate with?
  2. Which Ceramic Village has LeX been to? Name the ceramic village.
  3. What was the horrible experience that LeX faced in South Korea? 
  4. Name all the Asian stars that performed in Asia Song Festival 2010.
  5. What is the festival that deals with MUD in South Korea? What Season usually it held?
  6. What Festivals that available in this coming winter season in South Korea? 
     You can easily find all the answers in my blog posts below:

Step 5: Write a quote " I want to win a round trip ticket to South Korea because... (less than 20 words)" 

Final Step:  Send an email entry to subject to "LeX Paradise Contest" 

       An email entry should included:
  • Twitter ID
  • Facebook ID
  • Email that you Subscribed LeX Paradise
  • The answers of 6 simple questions
  • A quote of " I want to win a round trip ticket to South Korea because... (less than 20 words)" 

The winner will...

- Be notify via email on 21 November 2010 > Change to 24th November 2010
- Win a round trip ticket to South Korea from Malaysia or vice versa - sponsor by AirAsia X
- A free World Travel Blogger E-book once it released
- A LeX Paradise blog post entry about your traveling experience in South Korea  

Criteria of the winner:
Main Criteria
- Subscribed LeX Paradise
- Followed LeX Paradise on Twitter
- Liked LeX Paradise Fan Page
- Answered all 6 questions with the best answer
- An attractive quote

Additional Criteria: 
- Suggested LeX Paradise Fan page to friends
- Tweeted and Shared LeX Paradise site on Facebook and Twitter

Competition term and condition:
  1. Once an entry is submitted, you are agreement with all the term and condition below.
  2. Entrants must be aged 18 or above.
  3. Closing date of the contest is 19th November 2010, on 23:59, GMT +8 > Change to 22th November 2010, 23:59, Malaysia time!
  4. Only one entry per individual is permitted.
  5. Only one winner will be selected.
  6. Additional expenses not cover by prize are sole responsibility of the winner.
  7. The winner will be notified by email and must respond to the email within 2 days or else a new winner will be selected.
  8. The winner's name and location may be published on LeX Paradise.
  9. The winner agrees to write a blog post in LeX Paradise of traveling experience in South Korea.
  10. The prize is strictly non-transferable or redeemable for cash or exchange.
  11. The prize is subject to availability at time of booking. 
  12. Automated/bulk entries and entries from third parties are not permitted and will be disqualified.
  13. Term and condition subjected to change without prior notices.
Privacy Statement:
By entering this competition, your contact details will not be used by us or passed on to any third party. Only in the event of you winning will you receive any communication. 

If you have further question and inquiry, please leave comment here.

Looking forward for your entry!

Thank you 

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    1. Seems COOL, but unbelievable :) Anyway, I want to Malaysia!!!!

    2. Hi Gulnoz,

      You can participate it as long as you fulfill all the requirements.

      This is a real competition. Winner will be announce on 21 November 2010.

      Hope to receive you entry soon.

      Cheer! :D

    3. Hey Lex, awesome contest! Hope you get LOTS of entries too and have a great one!

      David @ Malaysia Asia

    4. Hi David,

      Thanks for your Greeting :)


    5. cooolll...
      Great choice to choose South Korea as a Gift!!! let's rock on.. nice blog eniwei..

    6. Nice post. We want to participate This contest.

    7. i'll try to spread it from my social network...
      i hope ur contest will be glorious.... :D

    8. Yeah!! Looking forward your notification of the winner!!

    9. Only in my dreams To be the winner of lex paradise quiz..

    10. This is so cool. When is the next one? I'd wish ti win badly.