Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The horrible experience end up nicely in South Korea !

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One night, I am so desperately going with my ASEAN friends to taste the best Indonesian cuisine in Daejeon downtown. My feeling was so happy and exciting because I love to taste various kinds of delicious dishes. We went there by bus overwhelmingly and walk fast to the restaurant!

The name of the restaurant call "CINTAKU" mean "my love" and we step into the place then order the Indonesian dishes! SUDDENLY! I feel there is something missing at my back of my pant pocket!!! What! My wallet is gone!! @#$%^& My friends were shock with the drastic change of my expression!!

That time I have no ideas what to do, my mind went blank and only the words of "Search for it now!!" pop up in my mind! I went out the restaurant and search along the route I passed by, my friends help me as well... we went to bus stop ask people around with sign language (that time Korean not really good), but no one saw it. I am so scared! Then I realize it might drop in the bus, then my Korean friends call the bus station officers to check for my wallet when the bus off service. 

After few hours, the officer calls and told that nothing has been found. I am so sad... Because all the important documents inside my wallet are important, not only Korean ID card and others Korean documents but the Malaysian documents as well, it included Malaysian ID card, driving license, bank card, medical card, membership card and some others important stuff. I am totally freaky out! I can't really sleep well all night long and keep worrying! 

Well... next day after has report to international office, all of my Korean friends said " LeX, please don't expect your wallet will be back, almost impossible it will happen, cheer up man!" some said " LeX, I lost my wallet too, but as an advice please don't expect to be back!", my best buddy said " LeX, stay calm, you still have passport and the documents can be apply back! don't worry". So, it seem like I have to forget about my wallet, it will never return! It made me cannot really sleep well for a week. Is was horrible! !@#$^&*() 

Few days later I apply back my Korean ID card, bank card and others as well. As for Malaysian document, it needed to wait until I back to Malaysia and reapply again, so lame. Every night, I keep thinking how I drop my important item! Then I realize my wallet too thick due to too many documents inside it and not really fit into my pocket! Ah! Stupid mistake. 

My advices are, when you travel anywhere please!!  
- Keep your wallet as thin as possible.
- Put all un-relevant items out of your wallet or hand bag such as, (as of my case) Malaysian  
   cards or others  card which is not applicable in Korea.
- Put your wallet in zip pocket or zip hand bag. 
- Please don't expect to get it back if you lost your wallet! 

It was really terrible experience, and sad! However it ends very soon!

After one month, international relation officer call me “LeX, I have good news for you! An uncle found your wallet! You will receive it by next week!" then my responses is "Oh My God!! Oh My God!! My wallet is coming back!" it really surprises me! But I hope all the documents remain, as for the cash I don't mind if the he take all of it. 

When the week comes, I receive my wallet in a neat package. I quickly open it and check everything! You know what!!? Everything still there, even all the cash!! Oh my oh my! is miracle!! So, now I know why Korea recognizes as one of the safest country in the world. 

Anyway, this horrible experience end up with a nice memory and it was a lesson for me! Because this is the first time I lost my wallet!! and is last time!! So, anyone out there please take my advices! ^_^

The Blogsherpa Travel Carnival: Travel Safely

Please continue stay tune with LeX Paradise

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  1. Ya, U told me u lost all ur cash. but now u said u didnt lose anything. What was that la?? T_T

  2. Hi, Van

    Thanks for the comment, dude ; )
    Honestly, I didnt lost it... Was miracle man! Everything exactly there! Even your Cambodian Cash you gave me still inside the wallet!! Amazing man! ; )

  3. lexus, pls go down there..
    how could u forget name, dude??
    hik hik hik....

  4. Alright!
    lets go together... ; D
    Thanks for the comments again ; )

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  7. I still can't believe I lost my Nintendo DS on the KTO blogger tour last year...Very strange :-/

  8. Hi Jared,

    Long time never hear from you! How's you doing there?

    Really? You lost it in the tour? It is quite strange to me as well.

    I hope that you got a new one now? :)

    Thanks for dropping by and take care your stuff well ^_^

    Lost my wallet in Korea is really a horrible experience ! @_@!

  9. How awesome that you got it back in the end! I lost my wallet once when I was a kid and have always been protective over it ever since. I often carry it in my front pocket instead of my back one just for safety...

  10. No one took your money? Awesome! What an unexpected -- and uplifting -- travel tale.

  11. Yes! I was expecting only left the documents but end up everything still inside... What a miracle!