Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LeX Paradise Contest Winner Announcement!

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Thank you all for participating in LeXparadise Contest "Win a round trip ticket to South Korea!" sponsor by AirAsia X. Many amazing response had received and I am speechless about it.

Obviously, many of you have been cracking your heads, answering all the LeXParadise questions and tweet & suggest Facebook page in the past few days. Please give yourself a pat on the back!

Well! let's take a look! who will be the only winner of  the1st ever LeXParadise Contest? Come on! 

Winner is based on the best answers of the questions and quote. If your entry match both of this, the tweets and suggests facabook page will be counted. 

Congratulation! The winner will be contacted individually for the prize redemption. You are required to get yourself ready to South Korea very soon!

Stay tune with LeX Paradise for more about South Korea traveling events, traveling experiences and Contest soon! 

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  1. Thanks Lex. I can't wait to meet you in Malaysia and to see South Korea. it looks incredibly awesome. Thanks. Video is coming soon.


  2. Finally! the winner show up! ^_^

    Congratulation! Vago! You are the one!

    I am anticipating for your arrival soon!


  3. Great post, love it! haha Anyway, today I had a big luck and want to share it with everyone - I finally found a way to make cheap calls to my cousin Becky in Australia:

    If you're in the UK like me, you can call cheaply to Australia and all over the world! :)

  4. Congrats vago... you beat everyone. I really thought I had a big chance of winning! I've never traveled anywhere before.. i thought this was the perfect opportunity for me to have my first travel experience. I made my own original music and lyrics just for Korea. I put a lot of heart and soul into it. I really hope you appreciate Lex and Korea!

  5. Hi Demise,

    Thanks for your interest! I think all the contestant did a great entry included you! But never give up! one day you will be the one !


  6. This is great. Congratulations to you. Job well done.