Sunday, October 13, 2013

Relaxing Guest Stay in Busan South Korea

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When fall approaches, the streets will transform from a greenish grass field into a yellowish red flower garden. It seems like foliage is metaphor with multi-colored wild flowers in summer. At this time, autumn breeze will start to whistle gently overwhelming hot steaming wind. It is an ideal season for strolling along the sandy beaches while experiencing the fragrant of twilight breeze with your family or friends.       

If you are looking for a pleasant accommodation in Busan for this coming season, you are on the right page! Your guest's stay, The New Day hostel could be your choice to have comfortable and cheerful time in Busan, No only there are variety of room to choose, but also the owner of the hostel is simply sociable, treat all guest like a VIP and kindly introduce the amazing things to do in Busan! If you do not have any ideas on what to eat or where to go, he is absolutely helpful.
The New Day's Relaxing Rooftop Garden
The New Day hostel has the good conditions of being one of the pleasant hostels in Busan due to its good security, clean facilities, strategic location near to noted tourism attraction, convenience of public transportation, and in term of comfort with affordable price. The type of rooms ranging from single room to 8 beds dorm and the price of per night for a person starting as low as 17,000 won. Room rate will be slightly different depending the date and the season. Worth for a stay!

Comfy Room for family trip
Many of the cheap hostels have a small toilet which is inconvenience to move around in the toilet. The New Day hostel has a wide shared shower room and toilet for both man and female. Private toilet is also available for certain room type. There is also a cosmetic room for only women to make up or wash off your make-up before going to sleep. 

Every morning from 7am to 10am, you can have your breakfast with aromatic coffee in the wide kitchen and there is a refrigerator which you can buy your drink without going out to convenience store if you are with your pajamas.  
The New Day's large cozy Kitchen
No one will ever want to miss the chance to visit Haeundae beach when travelling to Busan. The New Day Hostel is just 5 minutes walk from the Haeundae beach where you can purchase some snacks along your walk to the beach. Eating snacks while sunbathing is just simply relaxed and amazing,         

What is more exciting to hear is that you can relax yourself by looking up to the sky while sitting in the rooftop garden of The New Day hostel on 7th floor. This is what we call “travel with relaxation. Isn’t it?” Another marvelous space in the hostel is the Book Café! You can surf internet, read books, drink coffee, chit-chat with your buddies and even play games in the café beside the rooftop garden! Book café in the hostel is cool right?  
The New Day's adorable Book Cafe
You will surely have a safe and exhilarating guest stay with The New Day hostel in Haeundae beach. If you are interested to reserve your booking at The New Day hostel, don’t hesitate to send us a request at Places to Stay in Korea or email us. Stay tuned with LeX Paradise for more comfortable accommodations in South Korea!

Enjoyable Stay at The New Day
The New Day guesthouse detail: 
Address: 632, Haeundae-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan Korea (U-dong, GGaegguitan building 5F) 

By subway: 
Take the subway, line No.1 → Transfer at Seomyeon Station to Line No.2 → Get off at Haeundae and take Exit 1. [Time: 50mins / Fare: 1,300KRW] 

By City Bus:   
Take Bus 1001 at the bus stop in front of Busan Station → Get off at Haeundae Station → A 1 minute walk towards the subway Exit 1. [Time: 40mins / Fare: 1,700KRW] 

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  1. I would like to go there again :)
    I miss haeundae so much

  2. Sounds like an amazing place! I love the book cafe!

    1. Oh, I love that book cave too! Looks like a lovely place to curl up and relax.

    2. Exactly! The best section to relax :)

  3. Looks lovely -- I hope to visit one day!

  4. What a delightful place -- and sounds like the price is right, too!

    1. The quality of the guesthouse is worth for the price! :) No doubt!

  5. Thanks for this tip! I went to Seoul in 2011, but really want to visit South Korea again and I've heard Busan is worth seeing - maybe I'll stay here :-)

    1. Yes, Annie.

      Please take a visit to Busan, especially in summer!

  6. Ohh, was there August 2...)

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