Monday, March 14, 2011

The Central of Entertainment for traveler: South Korean

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South Korea is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists, with Seoul the arrival point for most vacationers. South Korea provides plenty of modern conveniences (including numerous free activities as well as world-class hotels, restaurants, and shopping) and easy access to historical palaces and temples, natural parks, animal sanctuaries, other popular sightseeing stops and the central of entertainment. Travel tours are available for those looking for a guided experience but it's also easy to chart your own path as you explore South Korea.

When talk about entertainment, there are sorts of ideas and illusions will be appeared in our mind. For example, people tend to think about singing, dancing and playing songs when mention about entertainment. So, South Korea is a paradise which you can enjoy not only physically, but also mentally unwinds yourself from the stress of bustle cities and tiredness. Therefore, the fields of entertainment in South Korea will be listed below: 

Asia Song Festival
In South Korea, many concert hold annually and the most popular are the Dream Concert and Asia Song Festival which are performed by well-known singers (2pm, 2NE1, Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, etc) not only from South Korea but also singers from Asia such as China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and so forth. Besides, different entertainment companies organize different kind of concert, like as well like SM Town Concert by SM Entertainment, YG Family Concert by YG Entertainment and JYP Nation Concert by JYP Entertainment. So, do make this in your travel itinerary!

Live Stage Performance
Have you ever heard about “NANTA” and “JUMP”? Both of it are the most popular non-verbal comedy stage drama performances in South Korea! “NANTA” perform about the story of four crazy chefs who have been set the impossible task of making wedding banquet in just one hour! As for “JUMP”, it is a Comic Martial Art Performance that tells the story of a family of martial arts specialists who defending their house from robbers with many amazing stuns and a mixture of an ancient Korean Taekwondo and Acrobatics act. Attend these two live stage performances, you not going to stop laughing.

T-Express, Everland
Theme Parks
In California, they have Disneyland. So does South Korea, Everland is a biggest theme park where we can spend our time with the ones we love and create our lifetime childhood memories. Besides that, you can experience the fantasy of being thrown up on the air when riding roller coaster. Don’t feel hesitate to try ‘T Express’ roller coaster which has the slanted 77 degree. Get prepared before you try it!

Night Clubs
Clubbing in HongDae
Moreover, South Korea is also noted for Night Club. For example, the most renowned night club is at Hongdae. Therefore, for those who like night life in South Korea, don’t miss it. Hongdae area is one of the most popular night life spots for Koreans and foreigners to hang out at night. This area has a disco underground music, many clubs showcasing live bands on weekends. Well, there are also many pool halls, Noraebangs for singing, and movie rooms for those who prefer singing, playing pools and watching movies.

Casino in Korea
If you're looking for a little more fast-paced action, casinos are plentiful in South Korea, with most based in and around Seoul. Kangwon Land Resort and Casino is currently the largest casino in South Korea, with nearly 1,000 slot machines and over 100 table games which located at Gangwon-do. You can have free beverages as much as you wish. In addition, the casino also provides a buffer restaurant and VIP lounge in order to give the most pleasant stay for the visitors. If you prefer more peaceful atmosphere and to avoid the hassle altogether, you could play blackjack online, as well as all other favourite casino games with high speed internet connection in South Korea.

So, do include all these in your travel itinerary and please feel free to leave any thought here!


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  1. Thanks for this informations ..really when i call it dream land ..i mean that ..spaecially this "T-Express, Everland" i think that the fun that you will have it here you never dreamed of ..thanks a lot lex..^_^

  2. Thanks for the great write up. i never knew there was so much to do in South Korea.

  3. Do you know which clubs in Hongdae are worth visiting? Which are the more popular ones and foreigner friendly? :)

  4. Hi Piggielaine,

    I recommend "Vera". Is quite new amount others and The DJs are great! :D

    You also can try The Q-Vo Club! Quite interesting :)

  5. Yes! do not miss the destinations I mentioned if you go to Korea.

  6. Everland -- who knew? A great post if you're looking for things to do in South Korea.

  7. Now I know what resource to use if I ever plan a trip to South Korea - thanks!

  8. Great all the awesome things in SK you're pointing out to do..

  9. We are going to travel to South Korea to teach English in maybe another year or so. Thanks for the tips!

  10. Thanks guys!

    There are so many things to explore in South Korea!

    Do enjoy your trip to South Korea soon!