Friday, January 14, 2011

Support KTO Buzz Korea!

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Korea winter will end soon and spring is coming soon! let's enjoy the winter and anticipating the spring! Since last month LeX Paradise is feature in Buzz Korea, "For the Tired and Weary traveller: The South Korean Jim-jil-bang" is selected as the one of the best post in the Buzz Korea site. If you yet to read the post, please kindly take a look and vote for it in Buzz Korea site. In the mean time, LeX Paradise also supporting Buzz Korea Campaign.

Below is the promotional video of the campaign starring David Choi :

Hope you enjoy! Happy 2011!

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  1. nice ^^
    Great job, pal :)
    have a nice time in Korea la ^^

    Anyway, miss Jim Jil Bang alot ><

  2. i will b travelling to seoul end of feb 2011 & wondr if u could suggest some places i can go while there. i will b there for 2 full days. i m interested in shopping, korean traditional meals & some sightseeing. anything for a budget traveller? thanks

  3. Hi there!

    2 full day! The list is here:
    - Insadong
    - Myeong-dong (night view)
    - Namsan Tower (night)
    - Gyeongbokgung Palace
    - Itaewon (all kind of cuisine)
    - Dongdaemun night market
    - Night Club (Hongik University neighborhood)
    - Korea non Verbal Performance (JUMP , NANTA and etc)

    here are some of the places you shouldnt miss!

    For more detail information, you can visit