Saturday, March 13, 2010

Impressive !! Dream Concert Festival in Korea l!!

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The largest concert ever in Korea, 2009 Dream Concert Festival which held in Seoul World Cup Stadium same as the ASIA SONG FESTIVAL 2009. The concert packed with popular Korean Idols with the length of 3.5 hour in the stadium. It was held on October 10, 7pm. 

Actually this was my 2nd time step on this Seoul World Cup Stadium if some of you all read my previous post ( Asia Song Festival 2009 ), and it was as crowded as previous concert.   

The atmosphere that I can feel was all the fans and spectator so desperate walking around and waiting for the entrance to open, I have the same feeling too.  ; )  

After I managed to get into the stadium, I realised that my 5ooowon ticket was really far from the stage. Haha however, reasonable since it was the cheapest ticket that I managed get it on G-market.  

Wait for half an hour finally it started but too far from the stage, cant really see the performer at all but I can heard it very clear what the speakers talking about and the sound effect is perfect awesome!!

Ha! this was the more closer stage view from my seat with the camera. Acceptable quality. Few more minute the concert start. 

Let Enjoy Dream Concert at LeXParadise with live concert video!!
(just click on the song title you can enjoy the concert!)

All Korean Idols included:

Big Bang & G-Dragon (right most) 
Big Bang performed "Lies"
G-Dragon Performed "Heartbreaker" (MV only)

Super Junior
Performed "Sorry Sorry"

Girl Generation
Performed "Genie"

Performed "Mister" and "Wanna"

Performed "Again & Again"

 Performed "I don't care"

Performed "Juliette"

Performed "Vari2ty"

 Performed "Hot Issue"

Chae Yeon
Performed "Shake" ( drag to 3:40min)

Performed "Trickling

Park Hyo Shin 
Performed "After Love" (drag to 4:00min)

Performed "TTL Listen 2" with Supernova

Performed "TTL Listen 2" with T-ara

Performed "Chocolate Love" and "La Cha Ta"

Kim Tae Woo
Performed "Love Rain" (drag to 4:20min)


MC Mong 
Performed "Indian Boy"

Super Junior-M
Performed "Super Girl"

All their performances really amaze me and entertained me as well. I am satisfied with the concert even though I sat really far from the stage but the atmosphere of crazy fans and supporters really drive my feeling up!!  
The concert ended almost 1045pm and we went back with a smile. 

Dream Concert full artists photo

Finally, how to locate Seoul World Cup Stadium? 
Actually it can be locate easily by using subway, any subway station in Seoul can easily stop by at Seoul World Cup Stadium. 

Please do not miss the chance to experience the grant concert in Korea. The concert usually will start on every year Autumn Season, and the ticket can be book on summer season starting at 5000won per seat. So, keep on update with the Korea entertainment news.  

Why not let's take a look on Dream Concert Festival 2010

Feel free to leave some comments.. ; ) Thanks 

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  1. Technical problem.. link not link to concert video..

  2. Finally, the Concert links fixed.. please enjoy ; )

  3. hi! where can you buy the tickets for the 2010 dream concert?

  4. Hi Mary, nice to meet you...

    Probably this year will be same as last year which the ticket can be get from G-Market as well...

    But I suggest that you must stay tune with Gmarket everyweek in case it announce.

    When The dream concert ticket release from website.. i will post it in My blog... stay tune.. ; )

  5. Hi!
    May i know where i can get the tickets for dream concert 2010? I really wish to be there because i'll only be in seoul at that time! I did check on g-market but not sure if i checked the correct page but i couldnt find any. Please email me at or post it on your blog once the dream concert tickets are available for purchase. me and my friend want to go for this concert really badly. Thanks soooooo much!!!

  6. ; )
    Hi Ky.. nice to meet you here..

    yeah sure..
    Don't worry.. when the concert ticket release in next second.. the post will be here.. and is going to be selling very fast..

    stay tune.. ; )

  7. Hi nice to meet you :)
    i managed to found in on gmarket. ticket sales will start on 22 april 7pm from what i heard. however, the whole site is in korean and i do not understand. do you happen to know how to read korean and can teach me where i should click? also do you have any idea what are the prices for the tickets? also do you know where i can collect the tickets? i'm not living in korea :) here is the website i found:
    thanks so much for your help :)

  8. Thanks for your information so much!!

    Don't worry. I will get back to you as soon as possible... ; )

    Sure.. I read basic Korean..

    Please stay tune.. ; )

  9. Hi,
    I just want to say thank you for the info about the dream concert!
    I was just wondering since you're helping a couple people out here with the 2010 concert, if it would be possible for you post how to purchase tickets here if you do have time to help us out (:

    thanks for your time!

  10. n/m, I just saw your other post! haha thanks for the info!