Friday, December 10, 2010

Traditional South Korea Festivals!

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Korean Culture
In society today, the people of Korea follow the Gregorian calendar.  However, where traditional festivals are concerned that are rooted in Korean culture, they follow the lunar calendar for these annual events.  Banks and offices typically close when these events fall on public holidays but many other venues such as amusement parks, museums, palaces, and the majority of restaurants open for business.  With the exception of the months of April and November, there are events and festivals that occur in every one of the calendar months including the following:

Traditional Festivals
January 1st – Solar New Year
February – Seollal (Lunar New Year-3 days)
March 1st – Independence Movement Day
May 1st – Labour Day
May 5th – Children’s Day
May 24th – Buddha’s Birthday 
                (where Lantern Festival held)
June 6th – Memorial Day
July 17th – Constitution Day
August 15th – Liberation Day
September – Chuseok (3 days)
October 3rd – Foundation Day
December 25th – Christmas

As a general rules, the festivals that follow the Gregorian calendar during the year occur on the same day every year.  Conversely, those that follow the lunar calendar will fall on different dates each year. These festivals made Korea the country that rich with culture! Please remember that, these are just the festivals that will celebrate in Korea, there are hundred more of festivals in South Korea, like Mud Festival during the summer, Ginseng Festival, Music Wave Festival, Asia Song Festival, Dream Concert Festival, Gyeongju Liquor & Rice Cake Festival, Hot Balloon Festival, International Film Festival and many more!

The Scene of autumn in South Korea 
There are plenty of festivals through out the year but what about the best time to visit Korea then? Well, the climate in South Korea goes from one extreme to the other with hot humid summers and dry, bitterly cold winters.  Typically, the best time to visit the country is in the fall months of September, October, and November as the climate is mild to slightly cooling off periods occurring in the last month of the three.  The skies are a brilliant shade of blue while the autumn colours are nothing short of spectacular!

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Well, if you able to spare sometime in this period, please do not hesitate to visit Korea! You will never regret!  

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  1. Wow,Lovely tradition of the south Korea festival. This provides the visitor with some excellent photographic opportunities.

  2. Lex,
    You've got some good suggestions for south Korea. The autumn foliage looks very beautiful inthe picture.

  3. I like these traditional festivals are concerned that are rooted in Korean culture, they follow the lunar calendar for these annual events.

  4. However, reservation and fees are much more expensive during feasts and festivals.

  5. Great list!...Plenty of great festivals to attend...

  6. Wow -- one for every month even if that's not how they occur. Great to know about these.