Monday, December 1, 2008

1st Blog Ever!!

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For my sharing, let me introduce my-self first.
I'm Yih Liang and I prefer people call me LeX!! my hometown is Butterworth, Penang. Now currently at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am just a simple guy that always keep my self busy, i always find something to do when i have free time.. sometime i enjoy keep my self busy as well.. sound weird rite?

Anyway let me share with you all about my experience in A1 GP ( VIP pass in Sepang International Circuit. Wait a minute how i get the Pass? well i get from a Father's day contest at Malaysia A1 GP fanzone and i have two tickets, 1 for my dad and 1 for me!! i can say that it is an unforgettable experience for us!!

22 Nov me and my dad went in to the circuit at pit garage entrance and we get the pass from 1 of the A1 GP staff. We walk with others Father's day winner as well. it is a quite a distance from entrance to the Malaysia team pit garage, we all sweating all the way!!

when we all arrive at the pit garage, we all great by Mr. Azrai Razuan Malaysia A1 team public relation person in-charge, then all of us quickly rush to pit to take some photo, here is the 1st photo that i take. The chief engineer was adjusting the car setup and balance. WOW!! They look professional !!
Later on we went to behind to take photo with Aaron Lim (2nd driver of Malaysia A1).
Due to A1 team Malaysia got rule that " any person that not involve in car technical issue in the team, is not allow to get closer to the car". So, me and my dad went to others team to take some others team photo. We went to India A1 team, and we ask for get closer to take photo with the car and the staff allow us to do so and their staffs are very friendly.
The next team we went was New Zealand. The team is in black colour. Later we went upstairs to have buffets lunch and enjoy the qualifying session. You all know what! Malaysia A1 Team got 4th place in qualifying and Malaysia will starting at grid number 4 in feature race at Home GP!! WOW!! and Malaysia 1st ever to leading the championship at home GP. I'm Proud to be Malaysian!! hehe
ok after the qualifying we went to pit garage again to take some photo again. ( my god! we like some kind of photographer).

ya, in the qualifying session, Ireland got 1st place, so, here is me and the 1st place car! hoho.
below is me and the machine of Great Britain team, Switzerland team, Portugal team.and i also take a video of Monaco team that practicing pit stop. The pit stop of A1 GP is a little bit different from F1. A1 GP pit stop not refueling and they not standby at the pit box but standby at the garage, when the car stop at pit box, then they run out from garage to change the tyres. It is quite interesting!!

well then around 6pm after having buffets dinner at up stairs, me and my dad went back.
Anyone feel free to leave some comment..
I will be glad to answer it!!

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  1. Wow.. Now I know about the different way of pit stop for A1 and F1.

  2. haha, i just saw your comment.. anyway thanks!!
    at least you get it!! lolz