Monday, June 29, 2009

1st day Internshp in Korea, KINS

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KINS, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety

Period 2 months.

7:15 am we all Daejeon Interns depart from Dormitory.

and it was a rainy morning... have to bring umbrella.
then me and others ( Clyde and Pap ) went to subway station to government complex and take another bus to KINS. We arrived there 815am, wow we were so early, so, we call Ms choi(international officer) to ask what to do now.. but she said we not supposed to be such early. Then we went to KAIST ( beside KINS only) and have a tour there. poor us start our internship with visiting KAIST 1st rather than KINS. hehe

later around 10am we guide by Professor Park Assistant to his office. She can speak chinese well!! very well!!

we saw Professor Park with new hair style!! HOHO..

then i been took by a Korean to my division thats called "Emergency Preparedness & Environment division"..

And thats the building i will be always inside there for my internship.

And all of them are the professors in my division.. that all really friendly and helpful!! Some of them we met them in JeJu island before in the Mobile security Bus.

Then i been ask to take lunch with them.. we ate LengMyon.. quite ok,, it was the Baseball Restaurant near KINS.. really special.. hehe

then thats my office seat.. really nice.. but still empty.. hehe

I be assign to do research on "Robot nuclear/ radiation safety" and learn C sharp to develop their system too.. seem like i gonna enjoy more and more.
Then back to Daejeon University.. what a day..
Feel free to leave some comments.. thanks.

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  1. vryhong great exp for u at der...after u work der den u can cum bec here to do the thesis dat related to wat u do ur final exam?wow so nice the prof can speak chinese...ur other fren fro m'sia oso doing intern der?the lunch, der treat u ah? semm soon lol..enjoy ur intern der...take care guy..=>

  2. Haha!! thanks Hong, actually Professor Park dunno how to speak chinese, but his assistant ( the korean girl in the pic) know how to speak. hehe, yeah my division treat me , was like a welcoming party. Maybe i can do something related to my internship( hopefully ) about others malaysain, they do got internship but they do at others place, USM malaysian do at United Nation Sub organization that call UN-APCICT and UMP malaysian do in KIST ( Korea Institute Science & technology) is a research center!! My Final exam all quite good except Korean language.. -_- .. good luck to you too!! enjoy ur new semester.. !! hehe!! ; ) ^_^

  3. nice sharing~
    keep update ya...

  4. Hi,

    Let me introduce myself for you my name is Ali Shukri, I am an electrical engineer from Jordan.

    In my country there is a plan to build first Nuclear Power Plant, Jordan Atomic energy Commission (JAEC) start a plan to build human resources in this field, I received from JAEC in my country an opportunity to study a program "International Nuclear Safety Master’s Degree Program" at KINS-KAIST.

    I am confused, my major in BA is Electrical engineering, JAEC is a regulatory body here in jordan, I see in KINS website that KINS have electricity and control department and instrument and control department, what are the duties of theses departments? and what are the responsibilites of the employess in these departments?

    Also if you have any information related to KINS-KAIST, advices...

    I am looking forward for your reply.

    Best Regards,

  5. Hi, Ali

    I got your msgs.
    I will reply you directly through your email.

    I am glad to help you. ; )



  6. Wow..Yih Liang..dat's nice..sound so high tech huh your company?hehe... so ur supervisor speak ang mo wif u lo?all the best for ur work there!i know u can do it!

  7. i thought it's only confined to daejeon university but am surprised when i see those pix at kaist. it must be really fun there. get me there haha.