Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fly to South Korea this coming winter with AirAsia X !

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Hi guys! Winter is coming in South Korea. Have you make a plan for this coming holiday? I believe South Korea will be your right choice for you to spend your holiday in winter season! But then, do you know about AirAsia X? 

AirAsia X, Malaysian long haul budget airline, an associate company of AirAsia. Now AirAsia X is offering flights to South Korea and they will land their planes on land of culture, South Korea on 1st November 2010! FINALLY! AirAsia X flies to South Korea! I feel really bless about it because now all family and friends, world travelers, Korean Fans and students can enjoy low fare flight to South Korea! Now AirAsia X offering as low as 130USD or RM399 (inclusive tax) one way flight to South Korea! I am totally amazed by the airfare! Not to mention, this is non promotion price! If you book your ticket on the promotion period, you probably can get it as low as 32USD or RM99 (inclusive tax) or even free! Sound crazy right? 

So, either you are Malaysian, South-East Asia Citizen (Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Cambodian and etc), you can start to plan a trip to South Korea now with very low price with AirAsia X. 

For any world travelers who currently in Malaysia, plan to visit Malaysia, Please plan a trip to South Korea with AirAsia X! For world traveler that plan to visit South Korea and yet to buy air tickets, please fly to Malaysia for couple days and then fly to South Korea! You probably will save couple of bucks or more compare to direct flight and yet you can look around in Malaysia in the mean time! 

I think I get too excited about AirAsia X! Anyway, what we can do on winter holiday in South Korea? One thing that is very special about South Korea is there have many special festivals just for Winter season! I am going to introduce several festivals that you shouldn't miss during the winter season.

Hi Seoul Winter Festival !

Interesting festival located in Korea's capital, let's gleams and glistens at the Hi Seoul Winter Festival with colorful lighting displays on landmark building and sculptures around the city! Haha! 

You also can glide across Seoul Plaza's Ice rink and pin your New Year hopes on the gigantic wish trees! A highly recommended festival you shouldn't miss! Starting on December! 

Boseong Tea Fields Festival of Lights !

A magnificent festival of lights starting December that will take place in the green tea fields of Boseong, one of the Korea's most well-known tourist destinations. A large tree will be set up and carious other places will be decorated with light in the Hoecheon-myeon, Yeongcheon-ri regions. The festival will send a message of hope for the New Year to tourists and residents who visit Boseong during the winter period!   
Boseong is the green tea capital, will present the nation's largest green tea field tree, which will strike a beautiful image of Boseong into the hearts of all its winter guests. If you visit the festival, you will wish to stay longer in Boseong and participate in all the events, it is the great place to relax your mind!

For transportation information, please visit here Boseong Tea Fields Festival of Lights!

Hwacheon Sancheoneo (Hwacheon Mountain Trout) Festival !

Hwacheon Sancheoneo (Hwacheon Mountain Trout) Festival is an annual winter festival in Hwacheon County, South Korea, held every January, which attracts over a million visitors each year. The festival taking place in Hwacheon in Gangwon province. A virtually untouched region is known as the first area in Korea that freezes over in winter and the river is covered with a thick layer of ice!  

You all can try out the ice fishing, experience drilling small holes into the ice and those who are feeling brave can try to catch mountain trout with their bare bands. As well as fun activities and performances there is also an exhibition of ice sculptures that took 20 weeks to prepare. Helpful staff is available to ensure that even first-timers get a catch! Enjoy the bounty right on site as sashimi on the grill by locals! Delicious!

Please check here on how to get to  Hwacheon Sancheoneo (Hwacheon Mountain Trout) Festival

So, do not wait more and plan your trip right away to Seoul this coming winter, and remember save your money, fly with AirAsia X, the budget airline. Visit

AirAsia X also collaborated with LeX Paradise organized "Win a Round Trip Ticket to South Korea" contest. If you interested, could check it out our past competition.

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Thanks ^_^

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  1. i love your blog..really give many interesting information to someone like me that really fall in love with korea...continue your good work fighting

  2. Hi KakCik,

    Thanks for your support! I will continue to do so.

    Korea is a very interesting place, I want to let everyone know about it.


  3. if u dont mind iwant to it easy to find Halal food in Korea?

  4. Hi KakCik,

    No problem, I am Malaysian and I have Muslim friends as well. In Seoul, especially in Itaewon area, you can find those international restaurants like Malaysian, iranian, Indonesian, Turkey Restaurant and others..

    So, you can find Halal food easily in Itaewon. :)

    Hope this help.

    You are coming to Korea? :D

  5. me and my friend planning to visit korea next year around june..but still not sure yet..

  6. Hi Kakcik!

    Way to go! I wish you can get to Korea :)

  7. Sounds interesting!
    By the way my friend recommend me to go Korea during winter time instead of summer for skiing.
    But I doubt when I would be free to do that...

    P.S. Oh... my internet traffic to this page is being tracked...

  8. Hi Tze Ling,

    Winter is a good time for you to experience the snow, skating and skiing too!

    You can go there during the chinese New year period, because that time Korea still in WInter season :)

    Cheer! Hope you will have the chance :)

  9. OOh - that's good new! Air Asia is one of my favorite low cost airlines - we've gotten some great deals through them.

  10. Indeed guys! Airasia make everyone can fly ;)




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