Friday, April 6, 2012

Win A Kpop Trip to South Korea Now!

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Introducing 2012 Korea video contest  to win 1 week trip to South Korea plus Grand prize - Korean Brand Car! Winner will get a chance to experience the Kpop live show in the trip as well! How to win? 1st, make a video no longer than 3 minutes and share about "I love Korea, because...". You could talk about why you love about Korea, your impression, the traditional culture, Kpop, Festivals, trip experiences and be creative in this Korea video contest! You never know you will be the one who win the Kpop trip to South Korea! 

First: Make the video
Second: Upload the video to Youtube or other legal video sharing website.
Lastly: Fill up the application form and send it to or

Please download the application form here.

For more detail please take a look at the official promotional video and the official Korea video contest poster below.

Good Luck and Do your best!
Share to your friends that love Korea!

Official Video

Official Poster

The Korea video Contest is hosted by The Ministry of Foreign Affair and Trade of the Republic of Korea. 

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  1. Hmmm.. I wish I'm not late for this competition.

  2. Hi Kimura,

    You are not late, you still have 25 days time to participate it :)

    Do your best! Maybe you are the one =)


  3. hi! can i participate in this competition with my sisiter or is it an individual work? thank you~

  4. Hi,

    You could participate with your sister, if you make a good and creative video! You could only win a prize ;)

    Good luck and do your best ;)

  5. When is the deadline? Is it too late to submit a video? If so, how will the winners bo chosen? (most views, panel of judges)

  6. Hi there,

    The deadline is on 20th of May.

    You still have 8 days to go!

    The criteria to win is to make a creative, interesting and a special as possible video!

    I wish you good luck and do your best ;)

  7. Ah too bad I just missed the deadline for this. Haha. Luckily there will be plenty of concerts this year in Jamsil as Kpop popularity continues to grow!

  8. oh I missed it...:(
    but... will there be other chances for me... maybe...

  9. OMG...i missed it><

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